Al-Jumeily, Dhiya

Advances in Signal Processing and Intelligent Recognition Systems

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Table of contents

1. Removal of BW and Respiration Noise in abdECG for fECG Extraction
Jeffy Joseph, J. Rolant Gini, K. I. Ramachandran

2. Early Stage Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy Using an Optimal Feature Set
S. D. Shirbahadurkar, Vijay M. Mane, D. V. Jadhav

3. Exploring Cepstral Coefficient Based Sleep Stage Scoring Method for Single-Channel EEG Signal Using Machine Learning Technique
S. Rajalakshmi, R. Venkatesan

4. Non Linear Tracking Using Unscented Kalman Filter
P. Sudheesh, M. Jayakumar

5. An Analysis on the Influence that the Position and Number of Control Points Have on MLS Registration of Medical Images
Hema P. Menon

6. Component Characterization of Western and Indian Classical Music
Shivam Sharma, Seema Ghisingh, Vinay Kumar Mittal

7. Design and Performance Analysis of Step Graded Dielectric Profile High Gain Flexible Textile Antennas for Radiolocation Military and Aeronautical Radio Navigation Applications
Kirtan Kaur, Sneh Kanwar Singh Sidhu, Aman Nag, Raveena Bhatoa, Ekambir Sidhu

8. An Experimental Setup of DSA Algorithm Suitable for High Bandwidth Data Transfer Using USRP and GNU Radio Companion
S. Naveen Naik, B. Malarkodi

9. Influence of Filter Bank Structure on the Statistical Significance of Coefficients in Cepstral Analysis for Acoustic Signals
Akhil Jose, Justin Joseph, Glan Devadhas, M. M. Shinu

10. Particle Filtering Technique for Fast Fading Shadow Power Estimation in Wireless Communication
S. Jaiyant Gopal, J. P. Anita, P. Sudheesh

11. A Novel Cyclic Convolution BasedRegularization Method for Power-Line Interference Removal in ECG Signal
V. G. Sujadevi, K. P. Soman, S. Sachin Kumar, Neethu Mohan

12. Object Detection and Localization Using Compressed Sensing
Poonam Ashok Deotale, Preetida Vinayakray-Jani

13. Vehicle License Plate Detection Using Image Segmentation and Morphological Image Processing
Wasif Shafaet Chowdhury, Ashikur Rashid Khan, Jia Uddin

14. An Improved Approach for Securing Document Images Using Dual Cover
R. E. Vinodhini, P. Malathi, T. Gireesh Kumar

15. Dependency of Various Color and Intensity Planes on CNN Based Image Classification
Rajan Sachin, V. Sowmya, D. Govind, K. P. Soman

16. Epigraphic Document Image Enhancement Using Retinex Method
H. T. Chandrakala, G. Thippeswamy

17. Improved Microaneurysm Detection in Fundus Images for Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy
V. Dharani, R. Lavanya

18. Swarm Robots in a Closed Loop Visual Odometry System by Using Visible Light Communication
Dhiraj Patil, Kewal Shah, Udit Patadia, Nilay Sheth, Rahul Solanki, Anshuman Singh

19. An Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System Based Situation Awareness Assessment in VLC Enabled Connected Cars
P. Balakrishnan, Gnana Guru Ganesan, Ezhilarasi Rajapackiyam, Umamakeswari Arumugam

20. Speech Recognition Using Feed Forward Neural Network and Principle Component Analysis
Nusrat Momo, Abdullah, Jia Uddin

21. Machine Learning-Based Method and Its Performance Analysis for Occupancy Detection in Indoor Environment
Sachin Kumar, Shobha Rai, Rampal Singh, Saibal K. Pal

22. Identifying Issues in Estimating Parameters from Speech Under Lombard Effect
M. Aiswarya, D. Pravena, D. Govind

23. Classification of Alzheimer and MCI Phenotypes on MRI Data Using SVM
K. R. Kruthika, Rajeswari, Akshay Pai, H. D. Maheshappa

24. Real-Time Traffic Light Signal Recognition System for a Self-driving Car
Nakul Agarwal, Abhishek Sharma, Jieh Ren Chang

25. RGB-Depth Image Based Human Detection Using Viola-Jones and Chan-Vese Active Contour Segmentation
Puji Lestari, Hans-Peter Schade

26. Choice of the Scheduling Technique Taking into Account the Subcontracting Optimization
Konstantin Aksyonov, Anna Antonova, Natalia Goncharova

27. Feature Based Opinion Mining for Restaurant Reviews
Nithin Y.R, Poornalatha G.

28. Exploring the Significance of Low Frequency Regions in Electroglottographic Signals for Emotion Recognition
S. G. Ajay, D. Pravena, D. Govind, D. Pradeep

29. Tamil Speech Emotion Recognition Using Deep Belief Network(DBN)
M. Srikanth, D. Pravena, D. Govind

30. Unsupervised Auditory Saliency Enabled Binaural Scene Analyzer for Speaker Localization and Recognition
R. Venkatesan, A. Balaji Ganesh

31. Applying Machine Learning Techniques for Sentiment Analysis in the Case Study of Indian Politics
Annapurna P. Patil, Dimple Doshi, Darshan Dalsaniya, B. S. Rashmi

32. An Efficient Method for Detecting Electrical Spark and Fire Flame from Real Time Video
Sonia Corraya, Jia Uddin

33. Speaker-Independent Automatic Speech Recognition System for Mobile Phone Applications in Punjabi
Puneet Mittal, Navdeep Singh

34. ReviseOnTheGo – Immersive Mobile Applications for Accelerated Mathematics Learning
Atharva Kimbahune, Sanjay Kimbahune, Snehal Kimbahune

35. Analysis of the Electric Arc Furnace Workshop Logistic Processes Using Multiagent Simulation
Konstantin Aksyonov, Anna Antonova, Natalia Goncharova

36. Development of Intelligent Petrol Supplies Planning System
K. A. Aksyonov, A. L. Nevolina, H. L. Ayvazyan, O. P. Aksyonova

37. A Model for an Emotional Respondent Robot
Ayşe E. Sancar, Elena Battini Sönmez

38. A Combined Feature Extraction Method for Automated Face Recognition in Classroom Environment
Md. Shafiqul Islam, Asif Mahmud, Azmina Akter Papeya, Irin Sultana Onny, Jia Uddin

39. A Low Cost Intelligent Smart System for Real Time Child Monitoring in the School
Pruthvi Raj Myakala, Rajasree Nalumachu, V. K. Mittal

40. Optimized Cost-Based Biomedical Workflow Scheduling Algorithm in Cloud
N. Mohanapriya, G. Kousalya

41. Automated Electric Bill Generation System Using Internet of Things
Shreyas H.N., Nikhil Aatrei M, Sumesh S. Iyer, Prakash P

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Signal, Image and Speech Processing, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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14 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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