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Eurasian Economic Perspectives

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Table of contents

Part I. Public Economics

1. Corruption in France: Characteristics of the Phenomenon and Statistical Data
Joanna Brzezińska

2. Economics, Competition and Coopetition of the Italian Private Welfare State: A Cluster Analysis
Angela Besana

3. Expenditure on Education in the Countries of the European Union in the Light of the Europe 2020 Strategy
Katarzyna Maj-Waśniowska

4. Permitted Modifications of Public Contracts in the EU Court of Justice Case Law and in the New Directives of Public Procurement Law
Krzysztof Horubski

5. Interdependence of Macroeconomic Indicators and Inequality in Kazakhstan and its Main Trading Partners
Bulat Mukhamediyev, Tatyana Kudasheva, Azimzhan Khitakhunov

6. Access to Public Procurement Contracts in EU: Perspective of SMEs
Sebastian Bobowski, Jan Gola, Wojciech Szydło

7. Control of Public Procurement in the European Union: Selected Problems
Jan Gola

8. Freezing of Assets as a Counter-Terrorism Measure in the EU After Al-Aqsa Judgment of the Court of Justice
Wojciech Szydło

9. The Impact of Pension Reforms on Public Finance in Poland
Katarzyna Owsiak

10. Cluster Policy in Japan: Experiences and Prospects
Marcin Haberla

Part II. Regional Studies

11. Complementarities of Innovation Strategies: Evidence from Transition Economies
Berulava George, Gogokhia Teimuraz

12. Housing Problem in CEE Countries: Similarities and Differences
Liudmila A. Guzikova, Ekaterina V. Plotnikova

13. How Generous Are Contemporary Pension Systems? A Comparative Study of the European Countries
Edyta Marcinkiewicz

14. Unemployment and Social Exclusion in the Republic of Macedonia
Remzije Rakipi

15. Britain and Its Colonies: Remembering the First World War (WWI)
Mallika Das, E. Wanda George

16. Trade Regionalism of Tomorrow: Entanglement of Mega-Regionals Versus WTO
Sebastian Bobowski

17. Poland and India in the Light of Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions
Aleksandra Kuźmińska-Haberla

18. How Did European Union Influence Business Environment in Czech Republic?
Dusan Litva

19. Impact of the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia on Regional Trade
Bulat Mukhamediyev, Azimzhan Khitakhunov

20. Regional Managerial Decision-Making Based on Housing Stock Assessment
Liudmila A. Guzikova, Ekaterina V. Plotnikova

21. The Types of Pathology in the Financial Markets in Selected Western European Countries: Analysis of Statistical Data
Joanna Brzezińska

22. FDI Determinants, Incentive Policies and FDI Effects in the Western Balkan Countries
Mamucevska Daniela, Nikolovska Natalija

23. Methods of Creating Innovation Indices Versus Determinants of Their Values
Ireneusz Miciuła

Part III. Growth and Development

24. Total Factor Productivity Growth and Capacity Utilization in Manufacturing Industries in India
Rajiv Khosla, Rajinder Singh Bawa

25. Relations Among Social and Economic Order in European Union Countries
Adam P. Balcerzak, Michał Bernard Pietrzak

26. The Mega Capitalism and the Contradictory Perspectives of the European Union
Nikolovska Natalija, Mamucevska Daniela

27. Innovation Catching Up for Developing Countries
Pawel Dobrzanski

28. Assessment of the Sustainable Development by Means of the Human Development Concept and the Footprint Indicators
Magdaléna Drastichová

29. Conditions for Development of Japanese Economy
Pawel Dobrzanski

30. The Role of FDI in the Economic Development of Transition Countries: The Case of Republic of Macedonia
Ljubica Kostovska, Jelena Tast

Part IV. Inequality

31. Social Economic Inequality from the Gender Perspective: Lithuanian Case
Egle Krinickiene

32. Socio-economic Inequality: Threat to Economic Growth and the Quality of Life of the Population (Lithuania’s Case)
Ona Gražina Rakauskienė, Vaida Servetkienė

33. General Equilibrium Simulations on the Income Distribution
Toshitaka Fukiharu

Keywords: Economics, Development Economics, Public Economics, International Economics, International Political Economy

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Eurasian Studies in Business and Economics
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