Wiedemann, Jochen

Progress in Vehicle Aerodynamics and Thermal Management

Wiedemann, Jochen - Progress in Vehicle Aerodynamics and Thermal Management, ebook


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Table of contents

1. A Coupled Simulation Approach to Race Track Brake Cooling for a GT3 Race Car
Will Hunt, Adam Price, Sacha Jelic, Vianney Staelens, Muhammad Saif Ul-Hasnain

2. A New Process to Evaluate the Risk of an Engine Power Drop Caused by Snow Particles
Christoph Huber, Heinrich Reister, Thomas Binner, Bernhard Weigand

3. Introduction of a New Full-Scale Open Cooling Version of the DrivAer Generic Car Model
Burkhard Hupertz, Lothar Krüger, Karel Chalupa, Neil Lewington, Brendan Luneman, Pedro Costa, Timo Kuthada, Christopher Collin

4. An Experimental Investigation into the Flow Mechanisms Around an SUV in Open and Closed Cooling Air Conditions
John Pitman, Adrian Gaylard

5. Evaluation of Unsteady Flow Phenomena Induced by the Tailgate Gap of a Production Car Using Simulations and Experiments
Georg Eitel-Amor, Sascha Riedl, Reiner Weidemann

6. Characterisation of Wake Bi-stability for a Square-Back Geometry with Rotating Wheels
Giancarlo Pavia, Martin Passmore

7. Investigation of Time-Resolved Nozzle Interference Effects
Christoph Schoenleber, T. Kuthada, Nils Widdecke, F. Wittmeier, J. Wiedemann

8. Mercedes-AMG GTR: Aerodynamics for the Record
Gustavo Estrada

9. The Aerodynamics Development of the New Land Rover Discovery 5
Sébastien Chaligné, Ross Turner, Adrian Gaylard

10. The Aerodynamics Development of the New Volkswagen Polo
Carsten Repmann, Mathias Hähnel

11. Aerodynamic Development of a New Coach Generation Based on Wind Tunnel Testing, CFD-Simulation and On Road Tests
Marius Hellmold, Stephan Kopp, Andreas Liebing, Stephan Schönherr

12. An Experimental Study of the Underbody Flow of a VW Golf VII Under On-Road and Wind-Tunnel Conditions
Johannes Haff, Sven Lange, Tarik Barth, Henning Wilhelmi

13. Some Aspects on On-Road Aerodynamics
Thomas Schütz, Hannes Vollmer

14. On the Influence of Underhood Flow on External Aerodynamics of the DrivAer Model
Christopher Collin, Jörg Müller, Moni Islam, Thomas Indinger

15. Potential of Porsche Reference Cars for Aerodynamic Development
Francesca Cogotti, Michael Pfadenhauer, Thomas Wiegand

16. Methodical Investigation of Vehicle Side Glass Soiling Phenomena
Thomas Landwehr, Timo Kuthada, Jochen Wiedemann

17. Design and First Test of the New Synchronous 200Hz System for Unsteady Pressure Field Measurement
Jakub Filipský, Jan Čížek, Felix Wittmeier, Timo Kuthada, Simon Meier

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering

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