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Applied Computational Intelligence and Mathematical Methods

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Table of contents

1. Spatially Augmented Analysis of Macroeconomic Convergence with Application to the Czech Republic and Its Neighbors
Tomáš Formánek

2. Trend-Cycle Decomposition of Economic Activity in the Czech Republic
Ondřej Čížek

3. Parallel Matrix Multiplication for Business Applications
Mais Haj Qasem, Mohammad Qatawneh

4. Content Generation for Massively Multiplayer Online Games with Genetic Algorithms
Tiago Alves, Jorge Coelho, Luís Nogueira

5. An Autonomous Architecture for Managing Vertical Elasticity in the IaaS Cloud Using Memory Over-Subscription
Bouaita Riad, Zitouni Abdelhafid, Maamri Ramdane

6. A Security Framework for Cloud Data Storage(CDS) Based on Agent
Oussama Arki, Abdelhafid Zitouni

7. Proposal for the Design of a New Technological Infrastructure for the Efficient Management of Network Services and Applications in a High Complexity Clinic in Colombia
Leonel Hernandez, Humberto Villanueva, Sandra Estrada

8. Initial Centroid Selection Optimization for K-Means with Genetic Algorithm to Enhance Clustering of Transcribed Arabic Broadcast News Documents
Ahmed Mohamed Maghawry, Yasser Omar, Amr Badr

9. An Imperialist Competitive Algorithm to Solve the Manufacturing Cell Design Problem
Ricardo Soto, Broderick Crawford, Rodrigo Olivares, Héctor Ortega, Boris Almonacid

10. Optical Character Recognition System for Czech Language Using Hierarchical Deep Learning Networks
Arindam Chaudhuri, Soumya K. Ghosh

11. A Percentile Transition Ranking Algorithm Applied to Knapsack Problem
José García, Broderick Crawford, Ricardo Soto, Gino Astorga

12. SIAAC: Sentiment Polarity Identification on Arabic Algerian Newspaper Comments
Hichem Rahab, Abdelhafid Zitouni, Mahieddine Djoudi

13. Enrichment Ontology Instance by Using Data Mining Techniques
Kunyanuth Kularbphettong

14. Solving the Set Covering Problem Using Cat Swarm Optimization Algorithm with a Variable Mixture Rate and Population Restart
Broderick Crawford, Ricardo Soto, Hugo Caballero

15. Analysis of Students’ Behavior Based on Educational Data Mining
Kunyanuth Kularbphettong

16. Inference Algorithms in Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Semantic Classification
Wan Mohammad Aflah Mohammad Zubir, Izzatdin Abdul Aziz, Jafreezal Jaafar, Mohd Hilmi Hasan

17. Between Data Mining and Predictive Analytics Techniques to Cybersecurity Protection on eLearning Environments
José Manuel, Raul Cordeiro, Carla Silva

18. A Performance Evaluation of Chi-Square Pruning Techniques in Class Association Rules Optimization
Han Chern-Tong, Izzatdin Abdul Aziz

19. A Hybrid Method Based on Intelligent Water Drop Algorithm and Simulated Annealing for Solving Multi-depot Vehicle Routing Problem
Absalom E. Ezugwu, Micheal O. Olusanya, Aderemi O. Adewumi

20. Information Retrieval Based on the Extracted Social Network
Mahyuddin K. M. Nasution, Rahmad Syah, Maria Elfida

21. Strategic Decision Method Structured in SWOT Analysis and Postures Based in the MAGIQ Multicriteria Analysis
Sergio Alexandre Barreira Forte, Sergio Henrique Arruda Cavalcante Forte, Placido Rogério Pinheiro

22. Automatic Structuring of Arabic Normative Texts
Ines Berrazega, Rim Faiz

23. Computer Aided Analysis of the Mobile Crane Handling System Using Computational Intelligence Methods
Wojciech Kacalak, Zbigniew Budniak, Maciej Majewski

24. The Study of the Impact of Technological Innovation Network on Dual Innovation
Cheng Song, Longying Hu, Haiyan Yuan

25. Concept of Econometric Intelligence System: OLAP Applications in the Ambient Intelligence Environment
Jan Tyrychtr, Martin Pelikán, Hana Štiková, Ivan Vrana

26. Earthquake Ground Motion Attenuation Modeling Using Levenberg-Marquardt and Brute-Force Method
Edy Irwansyah, Bayu Kanigoro, Priscilia Budiman, Rokhana D. Bekti

27. Advanced Approach for Observability of Distributed Systems Using Internal Pointwise Sensor
Amine Bouaine, Mostafa Rachik

28. Using the Method of System Dynamics to Forecast Additional Manpower Needs in Murmansk Region
Vitaliy Bystrov, Svetlana Malygina, Darya Khaliullina

29. Ordinary Kriging and Spatial Autocorrelation Identification to Predict Peak Ground Acceleration in Banda Aceh City, Indonesia
Rokhana D. Bekti, Edy Irwansyah, Bayu Kanigoro, Theodorick

30. Multicriteria Problem Structuring for the Prioritization of Information Technology Infrastructure Problems
Carolina Ferreira Gomes Silva, Plácido Rogério Pinheiro, Odecília Barreira Silva Benigno

31. Agent Based Modelling Approach of Migration Dynamics
Samira Boulahbel-Bachari, Nadjia El Saadi, Alassane Bah

32. Applying of the Classifications Trees Method in Forecasting of Risk Groups of Intolerant Behavior
I. V. Vicentiy, S. M. Eliseev, A. V. Vicentiy

33. Prediction of Attacks Against Honeynet Based on Time Series Modeling
Pavol Sokol, Andrej Gajdoš

34. The Cognitive Approach to the Coverage-Directed Test Generation
Anna Klimenko, Galina Gorelova, Vladimir Korobkin, Petr Bibilo

35. An Agent Based Model to Study the Impact of Intra-annual Season’s Variability on the Dynamics of Aedes Vexans and Culex Poicilipes Mosquito Populations in North Senegal (Ferlo)
Python Ndekou Tandong Paul, Alassane Bah, Papa Ibrahima Ndiaye, Jacques André Ndione

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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14 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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