Prokopova, Zdenka

Cybernetics Approaches in Intelligent Systems

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Table of contents

1. Description and Analysis of Systems with Unstructured Additive Uncertainty
Radek Matušů, Bilal Şenol

2. Interactive Control Systems for Mobile Cranes
Maciej Majewski, Wojciech Kacalak, Zbigniew Budniak, Miroslaw Pajor

3. A Harmony Search Algorithm to Solve the Manufacturing Cell Design Problem
Ricardo Soto, Broderick Crawford, Rodrigo Olivares, Felipe Escárate

4. Decomposition Algorithms for Mathematical Programming and Generalization of the Dantzig-Wolfe Method
Nikolai Oskorbin, Dmitriy Khvalynskiy

5. Controllability of Evolution Differential Inclusion with Nonlocal Condition in Banach Space
Fan Guanghui, Yu Jinfeng, Song Qianhong

6. Lower Bounds on Linear Complexity of Digital Sequences Products of LRS and Matrix LRS over Galois Ring
V. N. Tsypyschev

7. Geometric Algebra, Extended Cross-Product and Laplace Transform for Multidimensional Dynamical Systems
Vaclav Skala

8. Balloon Based Communication to Improve Performance in Vehicular Delay Tolerant Network
Suhas Athani, Somashekhar Athani

9. Flow-Based Process Modeling: Application in BPMN and Process-Oriented Software Systems
Sabah Al-Fedaghi

10. Reliability Assessment of Safety Critical Intelligent Systems: Issues and Challenges
Richa Agrawal, Anjushi Verma, Tirthankar Gayen

11. Multiple Feature Extraction and Multiple Classifier Systems in Face Recognition
Azamossadat Nourbakhsh, Mohaddeseh Mohammad Hoseinpour

12. High-Level Control System for a Path-Planning Teaching Aid
Pavel Škrabánek, Filip Majerík

13. FIPA-Based Semi-centralized Protocol for Negotiation
Amjad Hudaib, Mais Haj Qasem, Nadim Obeid

14. Modelling and Analysis of Distributed Asynchronous Actor Systems Using Theatre

Libero Nigro, Paolo F. Sciammarella

15. Influence of Information and Communication Technology Development on Personal Information Environment
Pavel Valášek, Luboš Nečesal

16. Sizing of Wind, Solar and Storage Facilities Associated to a Desalination Plant Using Stochastic Optimization
Antonio Colmenar-Santos, Santiago Peñate-Vera, Enrique Rosales-Asensio

17. Event-Based Methodology for Real-Time Data Analysis in Cyber Physical Systems
Stein Kristiansen, Vera Goebel, Karl Øyri, Thomas Plagemann

18. Agent-Based Approach to Distributed Information and Control System Reconfiguration
Eduard Melnik, Anna Klimenko

19. A Multicriteria Model Applied to the Choice of a Competitive Strategy for the Printed Newspaper
Marcelo Francisco Vasconcelos, Plácido Rogério Pinheiro, Marum Simão Filho

20. Overview and Comparison of Machine Learning Methods to Build Classification Model for Prediction of Categorical Outcome Based on Medical Data
Andrea Peterkova, German Michalconok, Allan Bohm

21. Increasing the Efficiency of Logistics in Warehouse Using the Combination of Simple Optimization Methods
Milan Jemelka, Bronislav Chramcov, Pavel Kříž

22. AgileRE: Agile Requirements Management Tool
Vandana Gaikwad, Prasanna Joeg, Shashank Joshi

23. An Overview on Data Security in Cloud Computing
Lynda Kacha, Abdelhafid Zitouni

24. A New Framework of Authentication Over Cloud Computing
Megouache Leila, Zitouni Abdelhafid, Djoudi Mahieddine

25. Towards the Adoption of Software Engineering Principles for Assessing and Ensuring the Reliability of Digital Forensic Tools
Adedayo M. Balogun, Tranos Zuva

26. A Study on the Intention to Use the Wearable Device in Taiwan: A Case Study on Xiaomi Mi Band
Yi-Horng Lai, Fen-Fen Huang

27. N-version Software Module Requirements to Grant the Software Execution Fault-Tolerance
Denis V. Gruzenkin, Alexey S. Chernigovskiy, Roman Yu Tsarev

28. A Rough-Fuzzy Inference System for Selecting Team Leader for Software Development Teams
Jafreezal Jaafar, Abdul Rehman Gilal, Mazni Omar, Shuib Basri, Izzatdin Abdul Aziz, Mohd Hilmi Hasan

29. Multicriteria-Based Analysis and Evaluation of Business Processes Executed in Multi-Cloud Environment
Karim Zarour, Djamel Benmerzoug

30. Testing of Perceptual Discriminability in Workflow Diagrams by Eye-Tracking Method
Zdena Dobesova

31. A New Thermodynamic Equilibrium-Based Metaheuristic
Broderick Crawford, Ricardo Soto, Enrique Cortés, Gino Astorga

32. Internet of Things Location Services with Multi-platform Mobile Applications
Zdzisław Sroczyński

33. Designing a Tool for Evaluating the Quality of the Teaching-Learning Workflow of Distance Learning Universities
Bogdan Walek, Pietro Ducange, Oldrich Hosek

34. A DaaS Based Framework for IoT Data Provisioning
Elarbi Badidi, Hayat Routaib

35. Smart Grid Communication Protocols in Intelligent Service for Household Energy Use
Ivaylo Stoyanov, Teodor Iliev, Grigor Mihaylov, Elena Ivanova, Panagiotis Kogias

36. Erratum to: Sizing of Wind, Solar and Storage Facilities Associated to a Desalination Plant Using Stochastic Optimization
Antonio Colmenar-Santos, Santiago Peñate-Vera, Enrique Rosales-Asensio

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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14 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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