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Land-Atmospheric Research Applications in South and Southeast Asia

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Table of contents

Part I. Regional Initiatives

1. South/Southeast Asia Research Initiative (SARI): A Response to Regional Needs in Land Cover/Land Use Change Science and Education
Krishna Prasad Vadrevu

2. SERVIR: Connecting Earth Observation Satellite Data to Local Science Applications
Africa Flores, Dauna S. Coulter, Ashutosh S. Limaye, Daniel Irwin

Part II. Biomass Burning, Air Pollution and Impacts

3. Emission of Toxic Air Pollutants and Greenhouse Gases from Crop Residue Open Burning in Southeast Asia
Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh, Didin Agustian Permadi, Nguyen Phan Dong, Dang Anh Nguyet

4. Impacts of Biomass Burning Emissions on Tropospheric NO2 Vertical Column Density over Continental Southeast Asia
Syuichi Itahashi, Itsushi Uno, Hitoshi Irie, Jun-Ichi Kurokawa, Toshimasa Ohara

5. Observations of Asian Dust and Agricultural Fire Smoke Episodes: Transport and Impacts on Regional Air Quality in Southeast China
Yonghua Wu, Yong Han, Tijian Wang

6. Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Land and Forest Fires in Indonesia Using MODIS Active Fire Dataset
Israr Albar, I. Nengah Surati Jaya, Bambang Hero Saharjo, Budi Kuncahyo, Krishna Prasad Vadrevu

7. Severe Air Pollution Due to Peat Fires During 2015 Super El Niño in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia
Hiroshi Hayasaka, Alpon Sepriando

8. Forest and Land Fires in Riau Province: A Case Study in Fire Prevention Policy Implementation with Local Concession Holders
Bambang Hero Saharjo, Alex Yungan

9. Biomass Burning Emissions Variation from Satellite-Derived Land Cover, Burned Area, and Emission Factors in Vietnam
Kristofer Lasko, Krishna Prasad Vadrevu

10. Enhancement of Fire Early Warning System in Vietnam Using Spatial Data and Assimilation
Ba Tung Nguyen, Khac Phong Do, Nguyen Tran, Quang Hung Bui, Thi Nhat Thanh Nguyen, Van Quynh Vuong, Thanh Ha Le

11. Greenhouse Gas Budget of Terrestrial Ecosystems in Monsoon Asia: A Process-Based Model Study for the Period 1901–2014
Akihiko Ito, Motoko Inatomi

12. Simulations of Emissions, Air Quality, and Climate Contribution in Southeast Asia for March and December
Teerachai Amnuaylojaroen, Mary C. Barth, Gabriele Pfister, Cindy Bruyere

13. Study of Lower Tropospheric Ozone over Central and Eastern China: Comparison of Satellite Observation with Model Simulation
Sachiko Hayashida, Satoko Kayaba, Makoto Deushi, Kazuyo Yamaji, Akiko Ono, Mizuo Kajino, Tsuyoshi Thomas Sekiyama, Takashi Maki, Xiong Liu

14. Multi-scale Simulations of Atmospheric Pollutants Using a Non-hydrostatic Icosahedral Atmospheric Model
Daisuke Goto, Teruyuki Nakajima, Dai Tie, Hisashi Yashiro, Yousuke Sato, Kentaroh Suzuki, Junya Uchida, Shota Misawa, Ryoma Yonemoto, Tran Thi Ngoc Trieu, Hirofumi Tomita, Masaki Satoh

15. Project MANTRA: Multi-platform ANalysis of TRace Gases and Aerosols with a Focus on Atmospheric CO2 Measurements for Southeast Asia
Ronald C. Macatangay

16. Dry Deposition of Reactive Nitrogen Species in Tropics
Reema Tiwari, Umesh Kulshrestha

Part III. Aerosol Pollution

17. Aerosols and Climate Change: Present Understanding, Challenges, and Future Outlook
S. Ramachandran

18. Organic Aerosols in South and East Asia: Composition and Sources
Chandra Mouli Pavuluri, Kimitaka Kawamura

19. Shortwave Radiation, Climate Change, and Anthropogenic Aerosols in China
Tadahiro Hayasaka

20. Conceptualizing How Severe Haze Events Are Impacting Long-Term Satellite-Based Trend Studies of Aerosol Optical Thickness over Asia
Zhao Yang Zhang, Man Sing Wong, James R. Campbell

21. Aerosol Properties over Kuching, Sarawak from Satellite and Ground-Based Measurements
Arnis Asmat, Khairunnisa Abdul Jalal, Siti Noratiqah Mohd Deros

22. Investigating the Aerosol Type and Spatial Distribution During Winter Fog Conditions over Indo-Gangetic Plains
Muhammad Fahim Khokhar, Naila Yasmin

23. Satellite Aerosol Optical Depth over Vietnam - An Analysis from VIIRS and CALIOP Aerosol Products
Vinh T. Tran, Ha V. Pham, Thanh T. N. Nguyen, Thanh X. Pham, Quang Hung Bui, Anh X. Nguyen, Thuy T. Nguyen

24. Satellite Remote Sensing of Aerosols and Gaseous Pollution over Pakistan
Salman Tariq, Zia Ul-Haq

Part IV. Land Use/Cover Change and Impacts

25. The Impact of Land Cover and Land Use Change on the Indian Monsoon Region Hydroclimate
Dev Niyogi, Subashini Subramanian, U. C. Mohanty, C. M. Kishtawal, Subimal Ghosh, U. S. Nair, M. Ek, M. Rajeevan

26. Decadal Land-Cover Changes in China and Their Impacts on the Atmospheric Environment
Mengmeng Li, Yu Song

27. Analyzing the Influence of Urban Growth on Thermal Environment Through Demographic, Environmental, and Physical Parameters in Bangladesh
Yogesh Kant, Saiful Azim, Debashis Mitra

28. Ecosystem Carbon Stock, Atmosphere, and Food Security in Slash-and-Burn Land Use: A Geospatial Study in Mountainous Region of Laos
Yoshio Inoue

29. Spatial Modeling of Land Cover/Land Use Change and Its Effects on Hydrology Within the Lower Mekong Basin
Kel N. Markert, Robert E. Griffin, Ashutosh S. Limaye, Richard T. McNider

30. Land–Atmosphere Interactions in South Asia: A Regional Earth Systems Perspective
Venkataramana Sridhar, Prasanth Valayamkunnath

Keywords: Geography, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Atmospheric Protection/Air Quality Control/Air Pollution, World Regional Geography (Continents, Countries, Regions), Climate Change/Climate Change Impacts, Energy Policy, Economics and Management

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