J., Gabriele Gionti, S.

The Vatican Observatory, Castel Gandolfo: 80th Anniversary Celebration

J., Gabriele Gionti, S. - The Vatican Observatory, Castel Gandolfo: 80th Anniversary Celebration, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Planetary Science

1. 108 Years of Meteorites at the Vatican Observatory
Robert J. Macke

2. Near Earth Objects and Their Physical Characterization
Jean-Baptiste Kikwaya Eluo

Part II. Stellar Evolution and Stars

3. The Enigmatic Lambda Boötis Stars
Christopher J. Corbally

4. Mapping the Milky Way in the Near-IR: The Future of the VVV Survey
Dante Minniti

5. Some Recent Investigations in Stellar Evolution at the Specola Vaticana
David Brown

6. The Vilnius Photometric System—Studying Stars and Interstellar Matter at the Vatican Observatory
Richard P. Boyle, Robert Janusz

Part III. Galaxies

7. Clusters of Galaxies… and Some Jellyfishes in the Sky
Alessandro Omizzolo

8. Stellar Haloes of Galaxies
Richard D’Souza

Part IV. Cosmology

9. Aspects of Duality in Cosmology
Gabriele Gionti

10. Creation of Matter in a Noncommutative Universe
Tomasz Miller, Michael Heller

11. Testing New Physics with Polarized Light: Cosmological Birefringence
Matteo Galaverni

Part V. History of Astronomy, Education and Outreach

12. Showing the World: How Vatican Astronomers Interact with the Popular Press
Br. Guy Consolmagno

13. The Rome Historical Cauchoix Telescope Recovered
Aldo Altamore, Francesco Poppi, Tommaso Bosco

14. The Vatican Meeting on Stellar Populations
José G. Funes

15. The Leap Second Debate and the Lessons from Timekeeping History
Paul Gabor

16. Practicing Science and Faith: A Short History of the Vatican Observatory
Ileana Chinnici

Part VI. Science-Philosophy-Theology

17. Some Reflections on the Influence and Role of Scientific Thought in the Context of the New Evangelization
G. Tanzella-Nitti

18. The Philosophy of Expertise: The Case of Vatican Astronomers
Louis Caruana

19. Towards Furnishing the Universe
Paul Mueller S.J.

Keywords: Physics, Astronomy, Observations and Techniques, Cosmology, Classical and Quantum Gravitation, Relativity Theory, History of Science, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Religion

Publication year
Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings
Natural Sciences
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