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Cold-Spray Coatings

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Table of contents

Part I. Cold Spray Fundamentals

1. Fundamentals of Cold Spray Processing: Evolution and Future Perspectives
Bandar AlMangour

2. Cold Spray Applications
Victor K. Champagne, Victor K. Champagne, Christian Widener

3. Coeval Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing Variances and Innovative Contributions
Rija Nirina Raoelison

4. Low-Pressure Cold Spray (LPCS)
Roman Gr. Maev, Volf Leshchynsky

5. Structure–Properties Relations in High-Pressure Cold-Sprayed Deposits
M. Reza Rokni, Steven R. Nutt, Christian A. Widener, Grant A. Crawford, Victor K. Champagne

Part II. Future Perspectives

6. Cold Spray Additive Manufacture and Component Restoration
Shuo Yin, Barry Aldwell, Rocco Lupoi

7. Advances in Titanium on Aluminium Alloys Cold Spray Coatings
Felice Rubino, Valentino Paradiso, Antonello Astarita, Pierpaolo Carlone, Antonino Squillace

8. Characterization, Deposition Mechanisms, and Modeling of Metallic Glass Powders for Cold Spray
John Henao, Mala M. Sharma

Part III. Cold Spray Composites Coatings

9. Cold-Sprayed Metal Matrix Composite Coatings
Yik Tung Roy Lee, Tanvir Hussain, Gary A. Fisher, André G. McDonald

10. Metal Matrix Composite Coatings by Cold Spray
Min Yu, Wenya Li

Part IV. Wear Resistant Coatings

11. Tribological Coatings Prepared by Cold Spray
Richard R. Chromik, Sima Ahmad Alidokht, J. Michael Shockley, Yinyin Zhang

Part V. Corrosion Resistant Coatings

12. Fundamentals of Corrosion Mechanisms in Cold Spray Coatings
Niraj Bala, Harpreet Singh

13. Corrosion Resistance of Cold-Sprayed Coatings
Heli Koivuluoto

14. High Temperature Oxidation Performance of Cold Spray Coatings
Lingyan Kong

Part VI. Mechanical Properties

15. Understanding Adhesion
Daniel MacDonald, Aleksandra Nastic, Bertrand Jodoin

16. Residual Stresses in Cold Spray Coatings
Vladimir Luzin, Kevin Spencer, Mingxing Zhang, Neil Matthews, Joel Davis, Michael Saleh

17. Porosity of Ni-Based and Ti-Based Cold-Sprayed Coatings
Alessio Silvello

18. Fatigue Properties and Crack Behavior of Cold Spray Coatings
Pasquale Cavaliere, Alessio Silvello

Part VII. Biomedical Coatings

19. Cold Spray Coatings for Biomedical Applications
Sergi Dosta, Nuria Cinca, Anna M. Vilardell, Irene G. Cano, José Maria Guilemany

Keywords: Materials Science, Tribology, Corrosion and Coatings, Surfaces and Interfaces, Thin Films, Surface and Interface Science, Thin Films

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