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International Conference on Applications and Techniques in Cyber Security and Intelligence

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Table of contents

1. The Fast Lane Detection of Road Using RANSAC Algorithm
Huan Du, Zheng Xu, Yong Ding

2. Face Detection and Description Based on Video Structural Description Technologies
Zhiguo Yan, Huan Du, Zheng Xu

3. Cloud Based Image Retrieval Scheme Using Feature Vector
Pan Gao, Jun Ye

4. Research on Security Outsourcing Privacy in Cloud Environments
Zhuoyan Wang

5. MapReduce-Based Approach to Find Accompany Vehicle in Traffic Data
Yuliang Zhao, Peng Wang, Wei Wang, Lingling Hu, Xu Xu

6. Research on the Architecture of Road Traffic Accident Analysis Platform Based on Big Data
Lingling Hu, Yuliang Zhao

7. Operating the Public Information Platform for Logistics with Internet Thinking
Changfan Xiao, Qili Xiao, Jiqiu Li

8. Deep Neural Network with Limited Numerical Precision
YuXin Cai, Chen Liang, ZhiWei Tang, Huosheng Li, Siliang Gong

9. Optimization Technology of CNN Based on DSP
YuXin Cai, Chen Liang, ZhiWei Tang, Huosheng Li

10. Fuzzy Keyword Search Based on Comparable Encryption
Jun Ye, Zheng Xu, Yong Ding

11. Risk Evaluation of Financial Websites Based on Structure Mining
Huakang Li, Yuhao Dai, Xu Jin, Guozi Sun, Tao Li, Zheng Xu

12. Word Vector Computation Based on Implicit Expression
Xinzhi Wang, Hui Zhang

13. Security Homomorphic Encryption Scheme Over the MSB in Cloud
Hanbin Zhang

14. Research on Performance Optimization of Several Frequently-Used Genetic Algorithm Selection Operators
Qili Xiao, Jiqiu Li, Changfan Xiao

15. A Novel Representation of Academic Field Knowledge
Jie Yu, Chao Tao, Lingyu Xu, Fangfang Liu

16. Textual Keyword Optimization Using Priori Knowledge
Li Li, Xiao Wei, Zheng Xu

17. A Speed Estimation Method of Vehicles Based on Road Monitoring Video-Images
Duan Huixian, Wang Jun, Song Lei, Zhao Yixin, Na Liu

18. Document Security Identification Based on Multi-classifier
Kaiwen Gu, Huakang Li, Guozi Sun

19. Collaborative Filtering-Based Matching and Recommendation of Suppliers in Prefabricated Component Supply Chain
Juan Du, Hengqing Jing

20. A Robust Facial Descriptor for Face Recognition
Na Liu, Huixian Duan, Lei Song, Zhiguo Yan

21. Multiple-Step Model Training for Face Recognition
Dianbo Li, Xiaoteng Zhang, Lei Song, Yixin Zhao

22. Public Security Big Data Processing Support Technology
Yaqin Zhou

23. A Survey on Risks of Big Data Privacy
Kui Wang

24. A Vehicle Model Data Classification Algorithm Based on Hierarchy Clustering
Yixin Zhao, Jie Shao, Dianbo Li, Lin Mei

25. Research on Collaborative Innovation Between Smart Companies Based on the Industry 4.0 Standard
Yuman Lu, Aimin Yang, Yue Guo

26. The Development Trend Prediction of the Internet of Things Industry in China
Li Hao Yan

27. Publicly Verifiable Secret Sharing Scheme inHierarchical Settings Using CLSC over IBC
Pinaki Sarkar, Sukumar Nandi, Morshed Uddin Chowdhury

28. A New Multidimensional and Fault-Tolerable Data Aggregation Scheme forPrivacy-Preserving Smart Grid Communications
Bofeng Pan, Peng Zeng, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo

29. Discovering Trends for the Development of Novel Authentication Applications for Dementia Patients
Junaid Chaudhry, Samaneh Farmand, Syed M. S. Islam, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Peter Hannay, Craig Valli

30. A Novel Swarm Intelligence Based Sequence Generator
Khandakar Rabbi, Quazi Mamun, Md. Rafiqul Islam

31. A Novel Swarm Intelligence Based Strategy to Generate Optimum Test Data in T-Way Testing
Khandakar Rabbi, Quazi Mamun, Md. Rafiqul Islam

32. Alignment-Free Fingerprint Template Protection Technique Based on Minutiae Neighbourhood Information
Rumana Nazmul, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Ahsan Raja Chowdhury

33. Malware Analysis and Detection Using Data Mining and Machine Learning Classification
Mozammel Chowdhury, Azizur Rahman, Rafiqul Islam

34. Abnormal Event Detection Based on in Vehicle Monitoring System
Lei Song, Jie Dai, Huixian Duan, Zheyuan Liu, Na Liu

35. A Novel Algorithm to Protect Code Injection Attacks
Hussein Alnabulsi, Rafiqul Islam, Qazi Mamun

36. Attacking Crypto-1 Cipher Based on Parallel Computing Using GPU
Weikai Gu, Yingzhen Huang, Rongxin Qian, Zheyuan Liu, Rongjie Gu

37. A Conceptual Framework of Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) System to Enhance Security and Privacy
Quazi Mamun

38. Frequency Switch, Secret Sharing and Recursive Use of Hash Functions Secure (Low Cost) AdHoc Networks
Pinaki Sarkar, Morshed Uddin Chowdhury, Jemal Abawajy

39. An Enhanced Anonymous Identification Scheme for Smart Grids
Shanshan Ge, Peng Zeng, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo

40. Shellshock Vulnerability Exploitation and Mitigation: A Demonstration
Rushank Shetty, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, Robert Kaufman

41. Research on Web Table Positioning Technology Based on Table Structure and Heuristic Rules
Tao Liao, Tianqi Liu, Shunxiang Zhang, Zongtian Liu

42. Research on Data Security of Public Security Big Data Platform
Zhining Fan

43. Deployment and Management of Tenant Network in Cloud Computing Platform of Openstack
Liangbin Zhang, Yuanming Wang, Ran Jin, Shaozhong Zhang, Kun Gao

44. The Extraction Method for Best Match of Food Nutrition
Guangli Zhu, Hanran Liu, Shunxiang Zhang

45. Extraction Method of Micro-Blog New Login Word Based on Improved Position-Word Probability
Hongze Zhu, Shunxiang Zhang

46. Building the Knowledge Flow of Micro-Blog Topic
Xiaolu Deng, Shunxiang Zhang, Hongze Zhu

47. A Parallel Algorithm of Mining Frequent Pattern on Uncertain Data Streams
Yanfen Chang

48. Research on Rolling Planning of Distribution Network Based on Big Data Analysis
Yanke Ci, Yun Meng, Min Dong

49. Effect Analysis and Strategy Optimization of Endurance Training for Female College Students Based on EEG Analysis
Li Han

50. Clustering XML Documents Using Frequent Edge-Sets
Zhiyuan Jin, Le Wang, Yanfen Chang

51. Analytical Application of Hadoop-Based Collaborative Filtering Recommended Algorithm in Tea Sales System
Li Li

52. Semi-supervised Sparsity Preserving Projection for Face Recognition
Le Wang, Huibing Wang, Zhiyuan Jin, Shui Wang

53. Animated Analysis of Comovement of Forex Pairs
Shui Wang, Le Wang, Weipeng Zhang

54. The Study of WSN Node Localization Method Based on Back Propagation Neural Network
Chunliang Zhou, Le Wang, Lu Zhengqiu

55. Research on the Application of Big Data in China’s Commodity Exchange Market
Huasheng Zou, Zhiyuan Jin

56. Research and Implementation of Multi-objects Centroid Localization System Based on FPGA&DSP
Guangyu Zhou, Ping Cheng

57. Smart City Security Based on the Biological Self-defense Mechanism
Leina Zheng, Tiejun Pan, Souzhen Zeng, Ming Guo

58. Induced Generalized Intuitionistic Fuzzy Aggregation Distance Operators and Their Application to Decision Making
Tiejun Pan, Leina Zheng, Souzhen Zeng, Ming Guo

59. New 2-Tuple Linguistic Aggregation Distance Operator and Its Application to Information Systems Security Assessment
Shouzhen Zeng, Tiejun Pan, Jianxin Bi, Chonghui Zhang, Fengyu Bao

60. Research and Analysis on the Search Algorithm Based on Artificial Intelligence About Chess Game
Chunfang Huang

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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15 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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