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New Activities For Cultural Heritage

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Table of contents

1. On the History of the Theory of Plough
Vera Chinenova

2. The Plumb Board in the Missing Panel: A New Key for Understanding the Renaissance Symbolism in the Gubbio Studiolo

Vincenzo Ambrogi, Pier Gabriele Molari

3. Designing and Prototyping Reconstruction of Musician Automata
Yu-Hsun Chen, Marco Ceccarelli, Hong-Sen Yan

4. A Comparison Between Ancient Chinese and European Winnowers: Further Research on the Ancients’ Recognition and Application of the Centrifugal Principle
Huang Xing

5. A Study on the Early Chinese Steel Rails Heritage of Hanyehping Company, China
Yibing Fang, Lifang Lei, Zhiqiang Luo

6. Ordinary and not so Ordinary Theaters in Buenos Aires at the Beginning of 20th Century. A Study After Jose Maria Calaza’s Book Teatros. Su construcción, sus incendios y su seguridad

Eduardo César Gentile

7. Architectures and Fortified Settlement Systems of Ager Nolanus. The Avella’s Norman Castle
Riccardo Florio, Teresa Della Corte, Angela Colucci

8. Knowledge and Classification for the Interactive Dissemination of Chorizo Houses in Argentina
Fabiana Carbonari, Emanuela Chiavoni

9. Augmented Reality for Cultural Heritage. An Application in the Archaeological Area of Tusculum
Saverio D’Auria, Fabrizio Silla, Rodolfo Maria Strollo

10. New Steps of Social Learning by Dynamic Museums
Alberto Rovetta

11. Prototype and Testing of HeritageBot Platform for Service in Cultural Heritage
Marco Ceccarelli, Daniele Cafolla, Matteo Russo, Giuseppe Carbone

12. The HeritageBot Project. Putting Robotics into Survey
Michela Cigola, Arturo Gallozzi, Luca James Senatore, Roberto Maccio

13. Photogrammetry and Multispectral Imaging for Conservation Documentation – Tools for Heritage Specialists
Andres Uueni, Fabrizio Ivan Apollonio, Hilkka Hiiop

14. A Rotating Info-stele for Cultural Heritage Sites
Stephan Buerger, Dimitra Katsota, Eugenios Fainekos, Thomas Chondros

15. A Searching Robot for Cultural Heritage Tasks
Fernando Gomez-Bravo, Giuseppe Carbone, Pablo Villadoniga

16. Quality or Quantity: The Role of Representation in Archaeological Architecture
Carlo Bianchini, Michael Hess, Carlo Inglese, Alfonso Ippolito

17. Digital Technologies for the Documentation, Analysis, and Dissemination of the Etruscan ‘Stele di Vicchio’
Barbara Aterini, Alessandro Nocentini, Gregory P. Warden

18. Reloading Le Corbusier’s Architectures with New Technologies for Advanced Visualization of Cultural Heritage
Alberto Sdegno, Roberto Ranon, Pedro Manuel Cabezos Bernal, Silvia Masserano, Paola Cochelli

Sedile Dominova in Sorrento: Survey and Analysis of a Complex Architecture
Raffaele Catuogno, Francesca Porfiri, Gaia Lisa Tacchi

20. Web Spherical Panorama for Cultural Heritage 3D Modeling
Leonardo Paris, Michele Calvano, Carla Nardinocchi

21. Colorimetric Study on Optical Data from 3D Laser Scanner Prototype for Cultural Heritage Applications
Sofia Ceccarelli, Massimiliano Guarneri, Roberta Fantoni, Lucina Giacopini, Alessandro Danielis, Mario Ferri Collibus, Massimiliano Ciaffi, Giorgio Fornetti, Massimo Francucci

22. MUS.AQ: A Digital Museum of L’Aquila for the Smart City INCIPICT Project
Stefano Brusaporci, Mario Centofanti, Pamela Maiezza

23. The Valorization of Cultural Heritage Technology Transfer Through Entrepreneurial Discovery
Francesco Ferrante

24. A Framework for a Smart Cultural City
Marco Gaiani, Berta Martini, Fabrizio Ivan Apollonio

25. How to Design Citizen-Science Activities: A Framework for Implementing Public Engagement Strategies in a Research Project
Nello Augusto Colella, Francesco Bolici

26. Heritage by Dynamic Museums Project with New Artificial Intelligence Suggestions
Alberto Rovetta, Edoardo Rovida, Giulio Zafferri

27. Erratum to: New Activities for Cultural Heritage
Marco Ceccarelli, Michela Cigola, Giuseppe Recinto

Keywords: Cultural and Media Studies, Cultural Heritage, Building Construction and Design, Risk Management, Urban Geography / Urbanism (inc. megacities, cities, towns), Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design, Urban Economics

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