Mystkowska-Wiertelak, Anna

Challenges of Second and Foreign Language Education in a Globalized World

Mystkowska-Wiertelak, Anna - Challenges of Second and Foreign Language Education in a Globalized World, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Challenges of Language Teaching and Learning

1. Mission in English Language Teaching: Why and Why Not?
Anna Niżegorodcew

2. How to Deal with Applications in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching (FLLT)
Maria Dakowska

3. Evaluating Language Courses at Foreign Language University Centers
Danuta Gabryś-Barker

4. Emotion as the Amplifier and the Primary Motive: Some Theories of Emotion with Relevance to Language Learning
Rebecca L. Oxford

5. Speech and Its Silent Partner: Gesture in Communication and Language Learning
Hanna Komorowska

6. Tinker, Tailor…: Creativity in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching
Liliana Piasecka

7. Making the News: An ICC Simulation in the Erasmus + Context
Teresa Siek-Piskozub

8. Toward an Integrated Model of Teaching Business English in Tertiary Education
Paweł Sobkowiak

9. English Instruction in Polish and Norwegian Secondary Schools: Convergent Goals, Divergent Means
Paweł Scheffler, May Olaug Horverak, Anna Domińska

Part II. Challenges of Researching Language Classrooms

10. Individualized Categories of Verbal Reports in Classroom Think-Aloud Translation Tasks
Anna Michońska-Stadnik

11. The Influence of Ambiguity Tolerance on Willingness to Communicate in L2
Ewa Piechurska-Kuciel

12. Tracing the Motivational Trajectories in Learning English as a Foreign Language. The Case of Two English Majors
Mirosław Pawlak, Anna Mystkowska-Wiertelak

13. Trilingual Learners’ Awareness of the Role of L1 in Learning Target Language Grammar
Aleksandra Wach

14. The Effect of Strategy Instruction on English Majors’ Use of Affective Strategies and Anxiety Levels
Jakub Bielak

15. Characteristics of Good Foreign Language Educators Across Cultural Boundaries
Marek Derenowski

Part III. Challenges of Teacher Education and Development

16. The Contribution of Metaphor to University Students’ Explicit Knowledge About ELT Methodology
Joanna Zawodniak, Mariusz Kruk

17. Is There a Place for “Sowing” in Second Language (L2) Education at the University Level? Neoliberal Tenets Under Scrutiny
Hadrian Lankiewicz

18. The Dialogical Nature of Professional Identity: A Longitudinal Study of One EFL Teacher
Dorota Werbińska, Małgorzata Ekiert

19. Students Teachers’ International Experience and Their Beliefs About Developing Intercultural Communicative Competence
Anna Czura

Keywords: Education, Language Education, Applied Linguistics

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Second Language Learning and Teaching
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