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Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2017

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Table of contents

Part I. Smart Sensors

1. Smart Sensor Technology as the Foundation of the IoT: Optical Microsystems Enable Interactive Laser Projection
Stefan Finkbeiner

2. Unit for Investigation of the Working Environment for Electronics in Harsh Environments, ESU
Hans Grönqvist, Per-Erik Tegehall, Oscar Lidström, Heike Wünscher, Arndt Steinke, Hans Richert, Peter Lagerkvist

3. Automotive Synthetic Aperture Radar System Based on 24GHz Series Sensors
Fabian Harrer, Florian Pfeiffer, Andreas Löffler, Thomas Gisder, Erwin Biebl

4. SPAD-Based Flash Lidar with High Background Light Suppression
Olaf M. Schrey, Maik Beer, Werner Brockherde, Bedrich J. Hosticka

Part II. Driver Assistance and Vehicle Automation

5. Enabling Robust Localization for Automated Guided Carts in Dynamic Environments
Christoph Hansen, Kay Fuerstenberg

6. Recognition of Lane Change Intentions Fusing Features of Driving Situation, Driver Behavior, and Vehicle Movement by Means of Neural Networks
Veit Leonhardt, Gerd Wanielik

7. Applications of Road Edge Information for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving
Toshiharu Sugawara, Heiko Altmannshofer, Shinji Kakegawa

8. Robust and Numerically Efficient Estimation of Vehicle Mass and Road Grade
Paul Karoshi, Markus Ager, Martin Schabauer, Cornelia Lex

9. Fast and Accurate Vanishing Point Estimation on Structured Roads
Thomas Werner, Stefan Eickeler

10. Energy-Efficient Driving in Dynamic Environment: Globally Optimal MPC-like Motion Planning Framework

Zlatan Ajanović, Michael Stolz, Martin Horn

Part III. Data, Clouds and Machine learning

11. Automated Data Generation for Training of Neural Networks by Recombining Previously Labeled Images
Peter-Nicholas Gronerth, Benjamin Hahn, Lutz Eckstein

12. Secure Wireless Automotive Software Updates Using Blockchains: A Proof of Concept
Marco Steger, Ali Dorri, Salil S. Kanhere, Kay Römer, Raja Jurdak, Michael Karner

13. DEIS: Dependability Engineering Innovation for Industrial CPS
Eric Armengaud, Georg Macher, Alexander Massoner, Sebastian Frager, Rasmus Adler, Daniel Schneider, Simone Longo, Massimiliano Melis, Riccardo Groppo, Federica Villa, Padraig O’Leary, Kevin Bambury, Anita Finnegan, Marc Zeller, Kai Höfig, Yiannis Papadopoulos, Richard Hawkins, Tim Kelly

Part IV. Safety and Testing

14. Smart Features Integrated for Prognostics Health Management Assure the Functional Safety of the Electronics Systems at the High Level Required in Fully Automated Vehicles
Sven Rzepka, Przemyslaw J. Gromala

15. Challenges for the Validation and Testing of Automated Driving Functions
Halil Beglerovic, Steffen Metzner, Martin Horn

16. Automated Assessment and Evaluation of Digital Test Drives
Stefan Otten, Johannes Bach, Christoph Wohlfahrt, Christian King, Jan Lier, Hermann Schmid, Stefan Schmerler, Eric Sax

17. HiFi Visual Target—Methods for Measuring Optical and Geometrical Characteristics of Soft Car Targets for ADAS and AD
Stefan Nord, Mikael Lindgren, Jörgen Spetz

Part V. Legal Framework and Impact

18. Assessing the Impact of Connected and Automated Vehicles. A Freeway Scenario
Michail Makridis, Konstantinos Mattas, Biagio Ciuffo, María Alonso Raposo, Christian Thiel

19. Germany’s New Road Traffic Law—Legal Risks and Ramifications for the Design of Human-Machine Interaction in Automated Vehicles
Christian Kessel, Benjamin Bodungen

20. Losing a Private Sphere? A Glance on the User Perspective on Privacy in Connected Cars
Jonas Walter, Bettina Abendroth

Keywords: Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Transportation, Transportation Technology and Traffic Engineering, Sustainable Development, Circuits and Systems

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