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Geriatric Anesthesiology

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Table of contents

Part I. Fundamentals

1. Geriatric Anesthesiology: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?
Julie R. McSwain, J. G. Reves, Sheila Ryan Barnett, G. Alec Rooke

2. Theories and Mechanisms of Aging
Neal S. Fedarko

3. Ethical and Legal Issues of Geriatrics
Paul J. Hoehner

4. Basic Preoperative Evaluation and Preoperative Management of the Older Patient
Linda Liu, Jacqueline M. Leung

5. The Perioperative Surgical Home for the Geriatric Population
Gary E. Loyd, Anahat Dhillon

6. Improving Perioperative Functional Capacity: A Case for Prehabilitation
Francesco Carli, Guillaume Bousquet-Dion

7. Care of the Geriatric Surgery Patient: The Surgeon’s Perspective
Melissa A. Hornor, James D. McDonald, Daniel A. Anaya, Ronnie Ann Rosenthal

8. The Geriatrician’s Perspective on Surgery in the Geriatric Population
Thuan Ong, Joe C. Huang, Carol Crawford, Katherine Bennett

9. Medicare, Administrative, and Financial Matters in Caring for Geriatric Patients
Laura Tarlow

Part II. System Changes

10. Geriatric Anesthesia: Age-Dependent Changes in the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems
Anushree Doshi, Roberto Cabeza, Miles Berger

11. Cardiovascular System
Shamsuddin Akhtar, Thomas J. Ebert

12. The Aging Respiratory System: Strategies to Minimize Postoperative Pulmonary Complications
Ana Fernandez-Bustamante, Juraj Sprung, Rodrigo Cartin-Ceba, Toby N. Weingarten, David O. Warner

13. Renal, Metabolic, and Endocrine Aging
Sonalee Shah, Michael C. Lewis

14. Musculoskeletal and Integumentary Systems
Itay Bentov, May J. Reed

15. Perioperative Thermoregulation in the Elderly
Daniel I. Sessler

Part III. Pharmacology

16. Inhalational Anesthetics
Gary R. Haynes

17. Intravenous Sedatives and Anesthetics
Tracy Jobin McGrane, Matthew D. McEvoy, J. G. Reves

18. The Pharmacology of Intravenous Opioids
Stephanie Whitener, Matthew D. McEvoy, Steven L. Shafer, Pamela Flood

19. Local Anesthetics and Regional Anesthesia
Sylvia H. Wilson, Michael Anderson

20. Neuromuscular Blocking and Reversal Agents
Cynthia A. Lien

21. Anesthetic Implications of Chronic Medication Use
R. David Warters, Tamas A. Szabo

Part IV. Special Concerns

22. Anesthesia for Common Nonoperating Room Procedures in the Geriatric Patient
George A. Dumas, Julie R. McSwain, Sheila Ryan Barnett

23. Cardiothoracic and Vascular Procedures
Timothy L. Heinke, James H. Abernathy

24. Perioperative Management of Pacemakers and Internal Cardioverter-Defibrillators
G. Alec Rooke

25. Special Concerns of Intraoperative Management in Orthopedic Procedures
John P. Williams, Catalin Ezaru, Lynn Cintron

26. Geriatric Trauma and Emergent/Urgent Surgery
George Jospeh Guldan

27. Perioperative Care of the Elderly Cancer Patient
B. Bryce Speer, Vijaya Gottumukkala

Part V. Postoperative Care

28. Pain Management
Jack M. Berger, Rodney K. McKeever

29. ICU Management
Ronald Pauldine

30. Postoperative Cognitive Impairment in Elderly Patients
Michelle Humeidan, Stacie G. Deiner, Nicholas Koenig

31. Palliative Care for the Anesthesia Provider
Allen N. Gustin

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Anesthesiology

Publication year
3rd ed. 2018
Page amount
20 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode
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