Barker, Anthony

Personal Narratives, Peripheral Theatres: Essays on the Great War (1914–18)

Barker, Anthony - Personal Narratives, Peripheral Theatres: Essays on the Great War (1914–18), ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Personal Narratives of War

1. Leisure and Free Time in the Trenches of Flanders: Américo Olavo’s Account
José Barbosa Machado

2. Opening the Eyes of Memory: War Painting in Adriano Sousa Lopes and Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso
Maria Teresa Amado, Ana Rita Rodrigues

3. Remembering the War, Imagining the Nation: The First World War Memoirs of the “Portuguese Renaissance”
Ernesto Castro Leal

4. An Original Example of Exploring the Inner Self Through the Archives of a Diary: André Fontaine, Jean Corentin Carré, The Youngest Hero of the Great War (1900–19151918)

Laurence Olivier-Messonnier

5. Speeches and Letters From Enlisting Children (France, 1914–1918)
Daniel Aranda

6. Ambivalence and Opportunism Concerning the Great War in Céline’s Novel Casse-Pipe

Ilse Zigtema

7. Louis-Ferdinand Destouches’ Medical Writing: An Apologia for Industrial and Social Modernization
Ana Maria Alves

8. Sharing Grief: Local and Peripheral Dimensions of the Great War in Contemporary French, British and Canadian Literature
Anna Branach-Kallas, Piotr Sadkowski

William, an Englishman (1919) and the Collapse of Cicely Hamilton’s Pre-war Meliorism
Luísa Flora

10. Of Body and Mind, of Matter and Spirit: War and Melancholia in Dalton Trumbo’s Johnny Got His Gun (1938 and 1971)
Elsa Machado, Anthony Barker

Part II. Peripheral Theatres of War

11. The Pogrom of Jews During and After World War I: The Destruction of the Jewish Idea of Galicia
Jagoda Wierzejska

12. Franz Rosenzweig’s Mitteleuropa as a New Levante

Jörg Kreienbrock

13. Indian Nationalists’ Cooperation with Soviet Russia in Central Asia: The Case of M.P.T. Acharya
Lina Bernstein

14. The Population Exchange Between Turkey and Greece After the First World War and the Subsequent Problems
Selahattin Önder, Abdullatif Acarlioğlu

15. African Queens and Ice-Cream Wars: Fictional and Filmic Versions of the East African Conflict of 1914–18
Anthony Barker

16. “An Impossible Thing”: Danish Neutrality in the First World War, Its Causes and Consequences
David Schauffler

17. A Bestiary of War: Humanimalities in the Trenches
Márcia Seabra Neves

Part III. Coda

18. The Phrase “The Great War” in British Discourse During World War One
Paul Melia

Keywords: History, Modern History, Theatre History, Language Education

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