Andrews-Larson, Christine

Challenges and Strategies in Teaching Linear Algebra

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Table of contents

Part I. Theoretical Perspectives Elaborated Through Tasks

1. The Learning and Teaching of Linear Algebra Through the Lenses of Intellectual Need and Epistemological Justification and Their Constituents
Guershon Harel

2. Learning Linear Algebra Using Models and Conceptual Activities
María Trigueros

3. Moving Between the Embodied, Symbolic and Formal Worlds of Mathematical Thinking with Specific Linear Algebra Tasks
Sepideh Stewart

Part II. Analyses of Learners’ Approaches and Resources

4. Conceptions About System of Linear Equations and Solution
Asuman Oktaç

5. Rationale for Matrix Multiplication in Linear Algebra Textbooks
John Paul Cook, Dov Zazkis, Adam Estrup

6. Misconceptions About Determinants
Cathrine Kazunga, Sarah Bansilal

7. Dealing with the Abstraction of Vector Space Concepts
Lillias H.N. Mutambara, Sarah Bansilal

8. Stretch Directions and Stretch Factors: A Sequence Intended to Support Guided Reinvention of Eigenvector and Eigenvalue
David Plaxco, Michelle Zandieh, Megan Wawro

9. Examining Students’ Procedural and Conceptual Understanding of Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues in the Context of Inquiry-Oriented Instruction
Khalid Bouhjar, Christine Andrews-Larson, Muhammad Haider, Michelle Zandieh

Part III. Dynamic Geometry Approaches

10. Mental Schemes of: Linear Algebra Visual Constructs
Hamide Dogan

11. How Does a Dynamic Geometry System Mediate Students’ Reasoning on 3D Linear Transformations?
Melih Turgut

12. Fostering Students’ Competencies in Linear Algebra with Digital Resources
Ana Donevska-Todorova

Part IV. Challenging Tasks with Pedagogy in Mind

13. Linear Algebra—A Companion of Advancement in Mathematical Comprehension
Damjan Kobal

14. A Computational Approach to Systems of Linear Equations
Franz Pauer

15. Nonnegative Factorization of a Data Matrix as a Motivational Example for Basic Linear Algebra
Barak A. Pearlmutter, Helena Šmigoc

16. Motivating Examples, Meaning and Context in Teaching Linear Algebra
David Strong

17. Holistic Teaching and Holistic Learning, Exemplified Through One Example from Linear Algebra
Frank Uhlig

18. Using Challenging Problems in Teaching Linear Algebra
Abraham Berman

Keywords: Education, Mathematics Education, Teaching and Teacher Education

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