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Aristotle on Emotions in Law and Politics

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. The Debate About Emotion in Law and Politics
Liesbeth Huppes-Cluysenaer

2. Judicial Emotion as Vice or Virtue: Perspectives Both Ancient and New
Terry A. Maroney

3. Dispassionate Judges Encountering Hotheaded Aristotelians
Christof Rapp

Part II. Cognition

4. Emotion and Rationality in Aristotle’s Model: From Anthropology to Politics
Giovanni Bombelli

Logoi enuloi. Aristotle’s Contribution to the Contemporary Debate on Emotions and Decision-Making
Stefano Fuselli

6. Aristotle’s Functionalism and the Rise of Nominalism in Law and Politics: Law, Emotion and Language
Saulo Matos

7. On Logos, Pathos and Ethos in Judicial Argumentation
Fabiana Pinho

8. Religion of Humanity: A Shift from a Dialogical to a Categorical Model of Rationality
Liesbeth Huppes-Cluysenaer

Part III. Moral Agency

9. Aristotle on Emotions in Ethics and in Criminal Justice
José de Sousa e Brito

10. Ethical Theory and Judicial Practice: Passions and Crimes of Passion in Plato, Aristotle and Lysias
Cristina Viano

11. What Does Nemesis Have to Do with the Legal System? Discussing Aristotle’s Neglected Emotion and Its Relevance for Law and Politics
Daniela Bonanno, Lucia Corso

12. Rethinking Legal Education from Aristotle’s Theory of Emotions and the Contemporary Challenges of the Practical Realization of Law
Ana Carolina de Faria Silvestre

13. Remorse and Virtue Ethics
Humber Straalen

14. Virtue as a Synthesis of Extremes Versus Virtue as a Mean Between Extremes: A Comparison of Chesterton’s Account of Virtue with Aristotle’s
Wojciech Zaluski

15. The Place of Slavery in the Aristotelian Framework of Law, Reason and Emotion
Peter Langford, Ian Bryan

Part IV. Legitimation

16. Empathic Political Animal: What a North Korean Prison Camp Can Reveal About the Aristotelian Political Association
Tommi Ralli

17. Emotions: Impediment or Basis of Political Life?
Nuno M. M. S. Coelho

18. Aristotle’s Rhetoric and the Persistence of the Emotions in the Courtroom
Emma Cohen de Lara

19. Rhetoric, Emotions and the Rule of Law in Aristotle
Daniel Simão Nascimento

20. Aristotle’s Political Friendship (politike philia) as Solidarity
Misung Jang

21. Between Nomos and Pathos: Emotions in Aristotelian Theory of Adjudication and the Dual Process Theory
Mariusz Jerzy Golecki, Mateusz Franciszek Bukaty

Keywords: Law, Theories of Law, Philosophy of Law, Legal History, Legal History, Law and Psychology, Political Theory, Philosophy of Law

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