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Design and Modeling of Mechanical Systems—III

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Table of contents

1. Enhancing Efficiency of InGaN Nanowire Solar Cells by Applying Stress
Rabeb Belghouthi, Tarek Selmi, Hafedh Belmabrouk

2. Injection Fault Detection of a Diesel Engine by Vibration Analysis
Ezzeddine Ftoutou, Mnaouar Chouchane

3. A Nonlinear Analysis of a Flexible Unbalanced Cracked Rotor-Bearing System
N. Ferjaoui, M. Chouchane

4. Optimized Nonlinear MDOF Vibration Energy Harvester Based on Electromagnetic Coupling
I. Abed, N. Kacem, N. Bouhaddi, M. L. Bouazizi

5. Sub-hourly Validation of the Direct Normal Solar Irradiance Clear Sky Models
I. Loghmari, Y. Timoumi

6. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welded AA2024-T3 Joints
Khaled Boulahem, Sahbi Ben Salem, Jamel Bessrour

7. On the Elementary Wear Mechanisms of UD-GFRP Composites Using Single Indenter Scratch Test
S. Mzali, F. Elwasli, A. Mkaddem, S. Mezlini

8. Multiobjective Assembly Line Resource Assignment and Balancing Problem of Type 2
Hager Triki, Wafa Ben Yahia, Ahmed Mellouli, Faouzi Masmoudi

9. Dynamic Vibration of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Geared Transmission System
Imen Bel Mabrouk, Abdelkhalek El Hami, Lassaad Walha, Bacem Zgal, Mohamed Haddar

10. Free Vibration of a Multi-span Road Bridge Supported by Point Elastic Supports
Moussa Guebailia, Nouredine Ouelaa

11. Modelization and Multimodel Control of Ship Electric Propulsion System
Habib Dallagi, Chiheb Zaoui, Samir Nejim

12. Strategy of Image Capture and Its Impact on Correspondence Error in Reconstructed 3D-Images-Based Point
Jezia Yousfi, Samir Lahouar, Abdelmajid Ben Amara

13. Analytical and Numerical Approach for the Dynamic Behavior of a Beam Under a Moving Load
Mouldi Sbaiti, Khemais Hamrouni, Abdessattar Aloui, Mohammed Haddar

14. CFD Modeling of Wastewater Discharges in a Sewer System
Sonia Ben Hamza, Nejla Mahjoub Saïd, Hervé Bournot, Georges Le Palec

15. Surrogate-Based Multidisciplinary Design Optimization for Stiffened Panels Application
Hamda Chagraoui, Mohamed Soula

16. Friction Compensation in a 2DOF Robot Manipulator
Said Grami, Raouf Fareh

17. Anisotropic Elastic–Viscoplastic Modelling of a Quasi-unidirectional Flax Fibre-Reinforced Epoxy Subjected to Low-Velocity Impact
M. Abida, J. Mars, F. Gehring, A. Vivet, F. Dammak

18. Dynamic Simulation of a Partial Unloaded Walking Within the Cable Driven Legs Trainer Using MATLAB SimMechanics
Houssein Lamine, Sami Bennour, Lotfi Romdhane

19. Hysteresis Identification Models: A Review
Khaoula Hergli, Haykel Marouani, Mondher Zidi

20. Static Behavior of Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced Functionally Graded Nanocomposite Cylindrical Panels
S. Zghal, A. Frikha

21. A Four-Node Shell Element for Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis of Thin FGM Plates and Shells
A. Frikha, S. Trabelsi, S. Zghal

22. Post-buckling of FSDT of Functionally Graded Material Shell Structures
S. Trabelsi, S. Zghal, A. Frikha

23. A New Cumulative Fatigue Damage Model for Short Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polyamide 66
E. Chebbi, J. Mars, H. Hentati, M. Wali, F. Dammak

24. Independent Loops Selection in a Hydraulic Looped Network
Zahreddine Hafsi, Sami Elaoud, Manoranjan Mishra, Mohsen Akrout

25. Canonical Variable Analysis for Fault Detection, System Identification and Performance Estimation
Xiaochuan Li, Fang Duan, Tariq Sattar, Ian Bennett, David Mba

26. Effects of Using Flexible Die Instead of Flexible Punch in Rubber Pad Forming Process
L. Belhassen, L. Ben Said, S. Koubaa, M. Wali

27. On the Use of NC Milling and Turning Machines in SPIF Process of Asymmetric Parts: Numerical Investigation
L. Ben Said, L. Belhassen, J. Mars, M. Wali

28. Application of the Independent Component Analysis in the Estimation of the Road Disturbance Applied on a Nonlinear Suspension System
Dorra Ben Hassen, Mariem Miladi, Mohamed Slim Abbes, S. Caglar Baslamisli, Fakher Chaari, Mohamed haddar

29. Contribution to the Evaluation of Uncertainties of Measurement to the Data Processing Sequence of a CMM
Gheribi Hassina, Boukebbab Salim

30. Integrated AHP-TOPSIS Approach for Pareto Optimal Solution Selection in Multi-site Supply Chain Planning
Houssem Felfel, Faouzi Masmoudi

31. Reciprocating Compressor Prognostics
Panagiotis Loukopoulos, Suresh Sampath, Pericles Pilidis, George Zolkiewski, Ian Bennett, Fang Duan, Tariq Sattar, David Mba

32. Dynamic Analysis of Bevel Gear in Presence of Local Damage in NonStationary Operating Conditions

M. Karray, F. Chaari, M. T. Khabou, M. Haddar

33. Post-buckling Analysis of Functionally Graded Materials Structures with Enhanced Solid-Shell Elements
A. Hajlaoui, E. Chebbi, E. Triki, F. Dammak

34. Reliability Analysis of Random Aerodynamic Torque of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine
Manel Tounsi, Moez Beyaoui, Kamel Abboudi, Nabih Feki, Lassaad Walha, Mohamed Haddar

35. Topological Modeling of 2D Piezoelectric Truss Structure Using the MGS Language
Nourhene Abdeljabbar Kharrat, Régis Plateaux, Mariem Miladi Chaabane, Jean-Yves Choley, Chafik Karra, Mohamed Haddar

36. Developing Mathematical Models of Stress Concentration Factor Using Response Surface Method
Mohamed Makki Mhalla, Ahmed Bahloul, Chokri Bouraoui

37. Porous Shape Memory Alloy: 3D Reconstitution and Numerical Simulation of Superelastic Behavior
Shijie Zhu, Céline Bouby, Abel Cherouat, Tarak Ben Zineb

38. Flexural Fatigue of Bio-Based Composites
H. Daoud, A. El Mahi, J. -L. Rebiere, M. Taktak, M. Haddar

39. Mode I Fracture Energy of One-Component Polyurethane Adhesive Joints as Function of Bond Thickness for the Automotive Industry
Yasmina Boutar, Sami Naïmi, Taieb Daami, Salah Mezlini, Lucas F. M. Silva, Moez Ben Sik Ali

40. Scratch Resistance and Wear Energy Analysis of TiO2 Coatings on 316L Stainless Steel
Hafedh Dhiflaoui, Ahmed Ben Cheikh Larbi

41. Analysis of Double Reducer Stage Using Substructuring Method
Marwa Bouslema, Ahmed Frikha, Taher Fakhfakh, Rachid Nasri, Mohamed Haddar

42. Numerical Study of Water Waves Impact on Offshore Structure
Mohamed Ali Maâtoug, Mekki Ayadi

43. Comparative Investigation of Turbulence Modeling in Counterflowing Jet Predictions
Amani Amamou, Nejla Mahjoub Saïd, Philippe Bournot, Georges Le Palec

44. Structural Sources Localization in 2D Plate Using an Energetic Approach
Ahmed Samet, Mohamed Amine Ben Souf, Olivier Bareille, Tahar Fakhfakh, Mohamed Ichchou, Mohamed Haddar

45. A CAD Assembly Management Model: Mates Reconciliation and Change Propagation
Ameni Eltaief, Borhen Louhichi, Sébastien Remy, Benoit Eynard

46. Mechanical Performance of Doum Palm Fiber-Reinforced Plater Mortars
Naiiri Fatma Zahra, Zbidi Fayrouz, Allegue Lamis, Zidi Mondher

47. Experimental and Analytical Analysis of Particle Damping
Marwa Masmoudi, Stéphane Job, Mohamed Slim Abbes, Imed Tawfiq, Mohamed Haddar

48. Seeded Planetary Bearing Fault in a Helicopter Gearbox—A Case Study
Linghao Zhou, Fang Duan, Elasha Faris, David Mba

49. Study of the Anti-fingerprint Function: Effect of Some Texture Properties on the Finger Contact Area
Meriem Belhadjamor, Saoussen Belghith, Salah Mezlini

50. Online Identification of Road Profile Variation Using a Constant Piecewise Function
Maroua Haddar, S. Caglar Baslamisli, Fakher Chaari, Mohamed Haddar

51. Cathodic Protection System by Imposed Current for a Vedette
Issam Hemdana, Habib Dallagi, Bechir Sabri, Chiheb Zaoui

52. Vibration Analysis of a Nonlinear Drivetrain System in the Presence of Acyclism
Ahmed Ghorbel, Moez Abdennadher, Lassâad Walha, Becem Zghal, Mohamed Haddar

53. Calibration and Correction of the Beam Solar Radiation Models Using High Temporal Resolution Measurements
Ismail Loghmari, Youssef Timoumi

54. Collapse Analysis of Longitudinally Cracked HDPE Pipes
M. A. Bouaziz, M. A. Guidara, M. Dallali, C. Schmitt, E. Haj Taieb, Z. Azari

55. Cutting Modeling of Ti6Al4V Alloy When Using a TiAlN-Coated Insert
Kallel Cherif Mouna, Bouaziz Zoubeir

56. Turbulent-Heated Plane Compressible Jet Emerging in a Directed Co-Flowing Stream
Amel Elkaroui, Mohamed Hichem Gazzah, Nejla Mahjoub Saïd, Philippe Bournot, Georges Palec

57. Effects of Starting Time and Impeller Geometry on the Hydraulic Performance of a Centrifugal Pump
Kchaou Nouha, Elaoud Sami, Chalghoum Issa, Bettaieb Noura

58. Effect of the Volute Diffuser Shape on Pressure Pulsations and Radial Force in Centrifugal Pumps
Issa Chalghoum, Noura Bettaieb, Sami Elaoud

59. Multi-criteria Decision-Making Approaches for Facility Layout (FL) Evaluation and Selection: A Survey
Mariem Besbes, Roberta Costa Affonso, Marc Zolghadri, Faouzi Masmoudi, Mohamed Haddar

60. Effect of the Radial Flow and Average Molecular Weight on the Surface Defect in PDMS Extrusion
M. Ketata, A. Ayadi, Ch. Bradai, N. Elkissi

61. DSC Investigation on Entropy and Enthalpy Changes in Ni-Rich NiTi Shape Memory Alloy at Various Cooling/Heating Rates
Boutheina Ben Fraj, Slim Zghal, Zoubeir Tourki

62. On the NiTi SMA Thermal Behavior at Various Heat Treatment Conditions
Boutheina Ben Fraj, Slim Zghal, Zoubeir Tourki

63. Multiobjective Constrained Optimization of Sewing Machine Mechatronic Performances
Najlawi Bilel, Nejlaoui Mohamed, Affi Zouhaier, Romdhane Lotfi

64. Numerical Study of a Gas Jet Impinging on a Liquid Surface
Rim Ben Kalifa, Nejla Mahjoub Saïd, Hervé Bournot, Georges Le Palec

65. Modeling and Simulation of Transients in Natural Gas Pipelines
Sabrine Trabelsi, Ezzedine Hadj-Taieb, Sami Elaoud

66. Damage Analysis of Flax Fibre/Elium Composite Under Static and Fatigue Testing
M. Haggui, A. El Mahi, Z. Jendli, A. Akrout, M. Haddar

67. Measurement of Thermal Contact Resistance Across Cylinder Head Gasket
Saoussen Belghith, Salah Mezlini, Hedi Belhadj Salah

68. Ultra-Thin Films Effects on the Dynamic Behaviour of Three-Layer Laminated Plate
A. Ghorbel, A. Akrout, B. Bouzouane, M. Abdennadher, T. Boukharouba, M. Haddar

69. Assembly Sequence Generation Based on the CAD Model Simplification
Riadh Ben Hadj, Imen Bel Hadj, Moez Trigui, Nizar Aifaoui

70. In-Plane Strength Domain Numerical Determination of Hollow Concrete Block Masonry
Friaa Houda, Hellara Laroussi Myriam, Stefanou Ioannis, Karam Sab, Abdelwaheb Dogui

71. Definition and Classification of Collaborative Network: MCDM Approaches for Partner Selection Problem
Souhir Ben Salah, Wafa Ben Yahia, Omar Ayadi, Faouzi Masmoudi

72. Supply Chain Risk Management, Conceptual Framework
Faiza Hamdi, Faouzi Masmoudi, Lionel Dupont

73. Numerical Analysis of a Segmented Wind Turbine Blade Using the Substructure Method
Majdi Yangui, Slim Bouaziz, Mohamed Taktak, Mohamed Haddar

74. Proposition of Eco-Feature: A New CAD/PLM Data Model for an LCA Tool
Raoudha Gaha, Abdelmajid Benamara, Bernard Yannou

75. Effects of Pretextured Surface Topography on Friction and Wear of AA5083/AISI52100 Materials’ Pair
F. Elwasli, S. Mzali, F. Zemzemi, A. Mkaddem, S. Mezlini

76. Solidworks—Matlab Coupling for Disassembly Plan Generation in a CAE Environment
Imen Belhadj, Riadh Ben Hadj, Moez Trigui, Nizar Aifaoui, Abdelmajid BenAmara

77. Numerical Study of Wall Horizontal Turbulent Jet of Freshwater in a Homogeneous Co-flow Stream of Saltwater
Syrine Ben Haj Ayech, Nejla Mahjoub Saïd, Philippe Bournot, Georges Palec

78. Collaborative Inventory Management in Tunisian Healthcare Sector
Mouna Arbi, Ahmed Amine Karoui, Malek Masmoudi, Omar Ayadi

79. On the Role of Activation Volume Parameter in Heterogeneous Deformation of Zr-Based Metallic Glasses
M. Belkacem, T. Benameur

80. Inhomogeneous Wave Correlation for Propagation Parameters Identification in Presence of Uncertainties
Ramzi Lajili, O. Bareille, M.-L. Bouazizi, M.-N. Ichchou, N. Bouhaddi

81. Experimental and Numerical Study on Force Reduction in SPIF by Using Response Surface
Badreddine Saidi, Laurence Giraud-Moreau, Atef Boulila, Abel Cherouat, Rachid Nasri

82. Identification of Control Chart Deviations and Their Assignable Causes Using Artificial Neural Networks
Souha Ben Amara, Jamel Dhahri, Nabil Ben Fredj

83. Optimization of Machining Process During Turning of X210Cr12 Steel Under MQL Cooling as a Key Factor in Clean Production
M. Nouioua, M. A. Yallese, R. Khettabi, A. Chabbi, T. Mabrouki, F. Girardin

84. High Strain-Rate Tensile Behaviour of Aluminium A6063
M. Khlif, L. Aydi, H. Nouri, Ch. Bradai

85. Pump Failure: Effect of Wall Elasticity on Pressure Fluctuations
Noura Bettaieb, Issa Chalghoum, Elaoud Sami, Ezzeddine Hadj Taieb

86. Numerical Modeling of Hot Incremental Forming Process for Biomedical Application
Manel Sbayti, Riadh Bahloul, Hedi Belhadjsalah

87. A Polynomial Chaos Method for the Analysis of the Dynamic Response of a Gear Friction System
Ahmed Guerine, Abdelkhalak Hami

88. Sensitivity Analysis of Backlogging Cost in Multi-item Capacitated Lot-Sizing Problem
Hanen Ben Ammar, Omar Ayadi, Faouzi Masmoudi

89. Effect of the Radial Flow on the Volume Defect in Polydimethylsiloxane Extrusion Using PIV the Technique
M. Ketata, A. Ayadi, Ch. Bradai, S. Ben Nasrallah

90. Tribological Behavior of HDPE Against Stainless Steel on the Presence of Bio-Lubricants
A. Salem, M. Guezmil, W. Bensalah, S. Mezlini

91. Collective Dynamics of Disordered Two Coupled Nonlinear Pendulums
K. Chikhaoui, D. Bitar, N. Bouhaddi, N. Kacem, M. Guedri

92. Experimental Investigation on the Influence of Relative Density on the Compressive Behaviour of Metal Mesh Isolator
Fares Mezghani, Alfonso Fernandez Del Rincon, Mohamed Amine Ben Souf, Pablo Garcia Fernandez, Fakher Chaari, Fernando Viadero Rueda, Mohamed Haddar

93. Anisotropic Study of Behavior of Titanium Alloy Thin Sheets Using Identification Strategy
Amna Znaidi, Olfa Daghfas, Rym Harbaoui, Rachid Nasri

94. Biomechanical Approach for the Development and Simulation of a Musculoskeletal Model of the Ankle
E. Ederguel, S. Bennour, L. Romdhane

95. Cooling of Circuit Boards Using Natural Convection
Ahmed Guerine, Abdelkhalak El Hami, Tarek Merzouki

96. Effect of Gravity of Carrier on the Dynamic Behavior of Planetary Gears
Ayoub Mbarek, Ahmed Hammami, Alfonso Fernandez Rincon, Fakher Chaari, Fernando Viadero Rueda, Mohamed Haddar

97. Prediction of the Position Error of the Uncertain 3-UPU TPM Using Interval Analysis
S. El Hraiech, A. H. Chebbi, Z. Affi, L. Romdhane

98. Influence of Stress Concentration Factor on the Evolution of the Strain Energy Release Rate at High Temperature in Highly Ductile Carbon Fibers Reinforced Thermoplastic Structures
M. Chabchoub, B. Vieille, C. Gautrelet, M. Beyaoui, M. Taktak, M. Haddar, L. Taleb

99. Experimental and Numerical Study of Single Point Incremental Forming for a Spiral Toolpath Strategy
Safa Boudhaouia, Mohamed Amen Gahbiche, Eliane Giraud, Yessine Ayed, Wacef Ben Salem, Philippe Dal Santo

100. A Disassembly Sequence Planning Approach Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
Maroua Kheder, Moez Trigui, Nizar Aifaoui

101. HDPE Pipe Failure Analysis Under Overpressure in Presence of Defect
M. A. Guidara, M. A. Bouaziz, M. Dallali, C. Schmitt, E. Haj Taieb, Z. Azari

102. Plastic Behavior of 2024-T3 Under Uniaxial Shear Tests
Daghfas Olfa, Znaidi Amna, Gahbiche Amen, Nasri Rachid

103. Optimal Work-in-Process Control for a Closed Multistage Production System with Machine Preference
Bacem Samet, Florent Couffin, Marc Zolghadri, Maher Barkalla, Mohamed Haddar

104. Brittle Fracture: Experimental and Numerical Modeling Using Phase-Field Approach
Hamdi Hentati, Yosra Kriaa, Gregory Haugou, Fahmi Chaari

105. Mathematical Modeling of Surface Roughness in Electrical Discharge Machining Process Using Taguchi Method
A. Medfai, M. Boujelbene, S. Ben Salem, A. S. Alghamdi

106. Application of Set-based-approach for the Global Sizing of an Active Macpherson Suspension System
Hassen Trabelsi, Pierre-Alain Yvars, Jamel Louati, Mohamed Haddar

107. Vibration Suppression of a Cantilever Plate During Milling Using Passive Dynamic Absorber
Nouha Masmoudi, Riadh Chaari, Wajih Gafsi, Fakher Chaari, Mohamed Taoufik Khabou, Mohamed Haddar

108. Optimized Method for Computing Phase-Field Model Using Decoupling Scheme
Yosra Kriaa, Hamdi Hentati, Bassem Zouari

109. Numerical Study of PCM Solidification in a Rectangular Modular Heat Exchanger
Jmal Imen, Baccar Mounir

110. Hydrodynamic Behavior in Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger with Archimedes’ Screw
Sirine Ali, Mounir Baccar

111. Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer by Al2O3–Water Nanofluid in Square Cavity
Houda Jalali, Hassan Abbassi

112. Numerical Study of Geometric Parameters Effect on Rapid Heat Cycle Molding Process
Fatma Kria, Moez Hammami, Mounir Baccar

113. Investigation of Parameters Affecting the Acoustic Absorption Coefficient of Industrial Liners
Chokri Othmani, Taissir Hentati, Mohamed Taktak, Tamer Elnady, Tahar Fakhfakh, Mohamed Haddar

114. Investigation of Spatio-Temporal Behavior of Coolant During the RHCM Process
Fatma Kria, Moez Hammami, Mounir Baccar

115. Engineering Change Management (ECM) Methods: Classification According to Their Dependency Models
Mahmoud Masmoudi, Patrice Leclaire, Marc Zolghadri, Mohamed Haddar

116. Analytical Modeling and Analysis of a Bimorph Piezoelectric Energy Harvester
Marwa Mallouli, Mnaouar Chouchane

117. CFD Modeling of Air Pollution Dispersion in Complex Urban Area
Mohamed S. Idrissi, Fatma A. Lakhal, Nabil Ben Salah, Mouldi Chrigui

118. Finite Element Modeling and Analysis of a Bimorph Piezoelectric Energy Harvester
Rabie Aloui, Walid Larbi, Mnaouar Chouchane

119. Active Vibration Control of a Rotor Bearing System Using Piezoelectric Patch Actuators and an LQR Controller
Maryam Brahem, Amira Amamou, Mnaouar Chouchane

120. New Modeling of Planetary Gear Transmission
Oussama Graja, Bacem Zghal, Kajetan Dziedziech, Fakher Chaari, Adam Jablonski, Tomasz Barszcz, Mohamed Haddar

121. Experimental Investigation of the Damage Progression in the Filament-Wound Composite by the Acoustic Emission Technique
Moez Beyaoui, Hajer Boussetta, Abdelouahed Laksimi, Lassaad Walha, Mohamed Haddar

122. Formulation of Bentonite-Cement Grout for Sealing Walls
Mounir Ben Jdidia, Zouheir Bouarada, Lotfi Hammami

123. Analytical Method for the Calculation of Tool Machine Energy Consumption
Anoire Ben Jdidia, Alain Bellacicco, Maher Barkallah, Hichem Hassine, Mohamed Taoufik Khabou, Alain Riviere, Mohamed Haddar

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools, Numerical and Computational Physics, Simulation

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