Pelletier, Jenny

The Language of Thought in Late Medieval Philosophy

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Table of contents

1. An Introduction to Mental Language in Late Medieval Philosophy
Magali Roques, Jenny Pelletier

2. An Interview with Claude Panaccio
Jenny Pelletier, Magali Roques

Part I. Ockham

3. A Crucial Distinction in William of Ockham’s Philosophy of Mind: Cognitio in se/cognitio in alio

Aurélien Robert

4. Causation and Mental Content: Against the Externalist Reading of Ockham
Susan Brower-Toland

5. Likeness Stories
Calvin G. Normore

6. Ockham’s Semantics of Real Definitions
Magali Roques

7. Is There a Metaphysical Approach to the Transcendentals in Ockham? The Case of the Good
Jenny Pelletier

8. Intellections and Volitions: Ockham’s Voluntarism Reconsidered
Sonja Schierbaum

9. The Metatheoretical Framework of William of Ockham’s Modal Logic
Ernesto Perini-Santos

10. Ockham on Mental Syncategoremata
Fabrizio Amerini

Part II. Ockham and His Contemporaries

11. The Role of the Speaker in Roger Bacon and William of Ockham’s Supposition Theories: A Contrast
Frédéric Goubier

12. Peter Auriol and William of Ockham on a Medieval Version of the Argument from Illusion
Martin Pickavé

13. Raisons de croire et vouloir croire: le débat entre Durand de Saint-Pourçain, Gauthier Chatton et Guillaume d’Ockham
David Piché

14. The Syllogism as Defined by Aristotle, Ockham, and Buridan
Catarina Dutilh Novaes

15. Burley, Ockham, and English Logicians on Impositio as a Type of Obligatio

E. Jennifer Ashworth

Part III. Ockham in His Broader Context

16. Understanding as Attending. Semantics, Psychology and Ontology in Peter Abelard
Irène Rosier-Catach

17. La triade farabienne du logos, son parallèle grec et son écho latin chez Arnoul de Provence
Claude Lafleur, Joanne Carrier

18. Psammetichus’s Experiment and the Scholastics: Is Language Innate?
Sten Ebbesen

19. James of Viterbo on Universals
Antoine Côté

20. The Science of Psychology in Ockham’s Oxford
Peter King

21. Durand of St.-Pourçain and Cognitive Habits (Sent. A/B III, d. 23, qq. 1–2)
Peter John Hartman

22. Thought-Transplants, Demons, and Modalities
Gyula Klima

23. Sensory Awareness and Self-Awareness in Buridan and Oresme
Jack Zupko

24. Évidence et raisons probables: Pierre d’Ailly et la scientificité de la théologie
Joël Biard

25. Présentation et représentation. Aux origines du “représentationnalisme”
Alain de Libera

Part IV. Conclusion

26. Grasping the Philosophical Relevance of Past Philosophies
Claude Panaccio

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Linguistics, Logic, Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics

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Historical-Analytical Studies on Nature, Mind and Action
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9 pages
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