Lyczkowski, Robert W.

The History of Multiphase Science and Computational Fluid Dynamics

Lyczkowski, Robert W. - The History of Multiphase Science and Computational Fluid Dynamics, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Robert W. Lyczkowski

Part I. Predestination

2. Cleveland State University, Cleveland 1959–1964
Robert W. Lyczkowski

3. Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago 1964–1970
Robert W. Lyczkowski

Part II. In a State Far Away 1970–1977

4. The Seeds Are Sown by Larry Ybarrondo and Charlie Solbrig in a State Far Away, Idaho Falls, Idaho
Robert W Lyczkowski

5. Project Development Begins
Robert W. Lyczkowski

6. Characteristics Analysis of the One-Dimensional, Two-Fluid Partial Differential Equations (PDE’s) Developed by Charlie Solbrig and Dan Hughes
Robert W. Lyczkowski

7. The SLOOP Code Development
Robert W. Lyczkowski

8. The Characteristics Paper Caper
Robert W. Lyczkowski

Part III. The Rise of CFD Codes

9. RETRAN Is Initiated at Energy Incorporated for EPRI Hiring the Core SLOOP Code Participants
Robert W. Lyczkowski

10. RELAP5 is Initiated by Vic Ransom and Dick Wagner Funded by Larry Ybarrondo
Robert W. Lyczkowski

11. DOE Starts Code Development at Systems, Science and Software and JAYCOR to Address the Energy Crisis Caused by the Oil Embargos
Robert W. Lyczkowski

12. IIT Code Begins Using Los Alamos’ K-FIX Code
Robert W. Lyczkowski

13. METC Starts Erosion R&D Cooperative Venture and MFIX Code Development Using FLUFIX Code
Robert W Lyczkowski

14. The Rise of the First Commercial CFD Codes: PHOENICS, FLUENT, FIDAP, CFX, FLOW-3D, and STAR-CD
Robert W. Lyczkowski

Part IV. Attempts to Establish a National Program for Multiphase Flow Research

15. The Failure of Argonne National Laboratory to Establish the Multiphase Flow Research Institute
W Robert Lyczkowski

16. DOE OIT Virtual Center for Multiphase Dynamics Effort Begins—Becomes the Multiphase Fluid Dynamics Research Consortium
Robert W. Lyczkowski

17. NETL Initiates Workshops on Multiphase Flow Research Later Called Multiphase Flow Science
Robert W. Lyczkowski

Part V. Muliphase Conferences and Gidaspow’s Books

18. Conferences and Workshops Addressing Multiphase Needs and Problems Begin Due to Professor Dimitri Gidaspow’s Initiatives
Robert W. Lyczkowski

19. Gidaspow Publishes His Two Multiphase Books
W Robert Lyczkowski

20. Conclusion—What Does the Future Hold?
Robert W. Lyczkowski

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Phase Transitions and Multiphase Systems, History of Technology, Fluid- and Aerodynamics

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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