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Advanced Methods and Technologies in Metallurgy in Russia

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Table of contents

Part I. Material Characterization of Complicated Alloys

1. Effect of Microalloying on the Structure and Phase Composition of Near-β-Titanium Alloy
S. Illarionova, A. Popov, A. Illarionov

2. Microstructural Aspects of High-Strength Maraging Steel Fracture Toughness Enhancement
S. Gladkovskiy, V. Veselova, E. Ishina

3. The Precipitation of Silicide Particles in Heat-Resistant Titanium Alloys
Artemiy Popov, M. A. Zhilyakova, O. Elkina, K. I. Lugovaya

4. Structure Formation and Thermal Expansion Analysis of 0.6% Carbon-Containing Invar Alloy Crystallized at Different Cooling Rates
A. Zhilin, S. Grachev, M. Ryzhkov, N. Popov, V. Tokarev

5. Effect of the Structural State of High-Nitrogen Cr-Mn-Mo Steel on Mechanical and Magnetic Properties
V. Berezovskaya, Yu. Raskovalova, M. Uimin

6. The Structural and Magnetic Properties of the Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Alloys
V. Tsepelev, Yu. Starodubtsev, V. Konashkov, V. Belozerov

Part II. Heat and Surface Treatment

7. Gradient Complex Protective Coatings for Single-Crystal Nickel Alloys
V. P. Kuznetsov, V. P. Lesnikov, N. A. Popov, I. P. Konakova, M. A. Popova

8. Cooling Capacity of Jet Spraying Devices for Large Steel Parts Heat Treatment
M. Maisuradze, Yu. Yudin, M. Ryzhkov

9. Heat Treatment Technology Adjustment Using Experimental and Simulation Methods
M. Ryzhkov, M. Maisuradze, A. Kaletin

10. The Relationship of Pitting Potential to Chemical Composition of Steels Alloyed with Nitrogen
E. Merkushkin, V. Berezovskaya, M. Spiedel

11. The Formation of Eutectic Phases at the Crystallization of High-Manganese Steel
A. Berezovskiy, V. Berezovskaya

Part III. Ferrous Metal Metallurgy

12. Complex Metallurgical Estimation of Manganese Raw Materials
A. V. Zhdanov, V. I. Zhuchkov, V. Y. Dashevskiy, L. I. Leontyev

13. Production of Manganese Ferroalloys from Russian Manganese Ores
V. Y. Dashevskiy, V. I. Zhuchkov, A. V. Zhdanov, L. I. Leontyev

14. Waste Generation and Recycling in the Ferroalloy Industry
A. V. Zhdanov, V. I. Zhuchkov, V. Y. Dashevskiy, L. I. Leontyev

15. Influence of Impurities on Formation of Iron-Carbon Melt
A. Gudov, S. Burmasov, A. Murzin, D. Poptsov

16. Advantages and Risks of Blast Furnace Operation at Increased Pressure
S. Filatov, S. Zagaynov, L. Gileva, I. Kurunov, V. Titov

Part IV. Energy Savings in Pyrometallurgy

17. Mathematical Model and Software for the Control of Commissioning Complex Energy-Intensive Units in Metallurgy
K. Shchipanov, N. Spirin, O. Onorin, V. Lavrov, S. Kumar

18. Information Modeling System for Blast Furnace Smelting Control
N. Spirin, L. Gileva, V. Lavrov, A. Istomin, A. Sadri

19. Computer System for Production Control of a Blast Furnace
V. Lavrov, N. Spirin, I. Gurin, L. Lazic, V. Yarchuk

20. Improvement of the Energy Efficiency of Hot Blast Stove Performance
M. Aksyushin, M. Kalugin, G. Malikov, Y. Yaroshenko

21. Carbon Dioxide Emissions on an Example of Metallurgical Technologies
V. Lisienko, Ju. Chesnokov, A. Lapteva, S. Kudelin

22. Principles of Selection of New Technology and Risk Assessment: A Case Study for the Selection of Ironmaking Process Technology
Y. Gordon, Y. Yaroshenko, N. Spirin

23. Development of Techniques for the Characterization of Thermophysical Properties of Iron Materials with Internal Heat Sources
B. Yur’ev, V. Goltsev, V. Yarchuk, S. Kudelin

Keywords: Materials Science, Metallic Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Structural Materials, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools

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Innovation and Discovery in Russian Science and Engineering
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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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