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Diagnostic Competence of Mathematics Teachers

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Table of contents

Part I. The Nature of Diagnostic Competence: Conceptualizing and Measuring Facets of Diagnostic Competence

1. Diagnostic Competence of Mathematics Teachers: Unpacking a Complex Construct
Timo Leuders, Tobias Dörfler, Juliane Leuders, Kathleen Philipp

2. Diagnostic Skills of Mathematics Teachers in the COACTIV Study
Karin Binder, Stefan Krauss, Sven Hilbert, Martin Brunner, Yvonne Anders, Mareike Kunter

3. Competences of Mathematics Teachers in Diagnosing Teaching Situations and Offering Feedback to Students: Specificity, Consistency and Reification of Pedagogical and Mathematical Discourses
Irene Biza, Elena Nardi, Theodossios Zachariades

4. Diagnostic Competence for Dealing with Students’ Errors: Fostering Diagnostic Competence in Error Situations
Hannah Heinrichs, Gabriele Kaiser

5. Factors Influencing the Accuracy of Diagnostic Judgments
Andreas Ostermann

6. Diagnostic Competences of Mathematics Teachers with a View to Processes and Knowledge Resources
Kathleen Philipp

7. Revealing and Promoting Pre-service Teachers’ Diagnostic Strategies in Mathematical Interviews with First-Graders
Simone Reinhold

Part II. Developing Diagnostic Competence and Applying Diagnostic Competence in the Classroom: Models for Teacher Training

8. Developing Diagnostic Competence Through Professional Learning Communities
Karin Brodie, Jeanette Marchant, Nicholas Molefe, Tinoda Chimhande

9. Supporting Mathematics Teachers’ Diagnostic Competence Through the Use of One-to-One, Task-Based Assessment Interviews
Doug M. Clarke, Anne Roche, Barbara Clarke

10. Diagnosing Learning Goals: An Often-Overlooked Teaching Competency
James Hiebert, Anne K. Morris, Sandy M. Spitzer

11. Improving Teachers’ Assessment Literacy in Singapore Mathematics Classrooms: Authentic Assessment Task Design
Kim Koh, Olive Chapman

12. Developing Prospective Teachers’ Ability to Diagnose Evidence of Student Thinking: Replicating a Classroom Intervention
Christine M. Phelps-Gregory, Sandy M. Spitzer

13. Specific Mathematics Assessments that Reveal Thinking: An Online Tool to Build Teachers’ Diagnostic Competence and Support Teaching
Kaye Stacey, Vicki Steinle, Beth Price, Eugene Gvozdenko

Keywords: Education, Mathematics Education

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Mathematics Teacher Education
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