DePalma, Renée

Galician Migrations: A Case Study of Emerging Super-diversity

DePalma, Renée - Galician Migrations: A Case Study of Emerging Super-diversity, ebook


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Table of contents

1. From a Land of Emigrants to a Land of Immigrants? The Complex Realities Behind a Common Perception
Carmen Lamela

Part I. Galicians Abroad

2. The Role of Galician Centers in the Promotion of Galician Culture Abroad
Ruy Farías

3. ‘Cando chegamos ô Unai Estei’ (When We Arrived in the USA): Literary Representations of Galician Migration to New York in the First Half of the 20th Century
David Miranda-Barreiro

4. The Ties and Emotions of Emigration: An Analysis of Personal Correspondence
María Liliana Da Orden

5. Galician Political Refugees in Portugal During the Civil War and Post-Civil War Era (1936–1945)
Ángel Rodríguez Gallardo

6. A Theme Park in Early twentieth Century Galicia: A Case Study on the Globalized Visions of “Indianos
Jose María Cardesín Díaz

7. The Grandchildren of Galicia: Lived and Imagined Citizenship
Montserrat Golías

8. The Galician Diaspora in the Twenty-First Century: Demographic Renovation as a Response to the Economic Crisis
Andreu Domingo, Amand Blanes

Part II. Strangers Among us

9. Migratory Trends and Their Relation to Specific Policy Regarding Migrations in Galicia
Belén Fernández-Suárez

10. The Changing Role of Women in Transnational Families Living in Senegal and Galicia
Iria Vázquez Silva

11. “It’s a Better Life Here”: Romanian Roma Perceptions of Successful Integration
Belén Arranz

12. The Muslim Minority in Galicia: Trajectory and Demands
Adrián Mandado Cendón

13. Gendered Mobility Strategies, Labour Market in a Context of Economic Crisis in Galicia
Laura Oso, Raquel Martínez-Buján

14. School, Family and Migrations: Toward an Understanding of Differential (de)Construction of Gender Identities
Belén García-Cabeza, Jaime A. García-Serna

15. Cape Verdeans in Burela: Women’s Empowerment Through Gendered Cultural Practices
Luzia Oca González

Part III. Forging the New, Multicultural Galicia

16. Participatory Citizenship Initiatives as a Crucial Factor for Social Cohesion
Verónica Verdía Varela

17. The Neo Project: An Educational Radio Program to Promote Social Cohesion
Bernardo Penabade

18. Immigrant Perspectives on Linguistic and Cultural Preservation
Laura Rodríguez Salgado

19. A View of Linguistic Landscapes for an Ethical and Critical Education
Luz Zas Varela, Gabriela Prego Vázquez

20. Immigrant Women in Situations of Gender Violence: Towards Improving Communication with Public Service Providers Through Interpreters
Maribel Pozo Triviño

21. Collaborative Initiatives Between Immigrant Associations and Schools
Ana Sánchez Bello

22. Communicating About Migrations, Dismantling Prejudices: An Experience of Social Journalism Linking Galicia and Morocco
Tamara Novoa, Antía Otero, Paula Vázquez, Carmen Novas

Keywords: Social Sciences, Migration, European Integration, Human Geography, Social Policy, International Relations

Publication year
Migration, Minorities and Modernity
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28 pages
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