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Sustainable Risk Management

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Table of contents

Part I. Fundamental Thoughts

1. Risk Management from the Perspective of Catholic Social Ethics
Markus Vogt

2. Distributed Responsibility in Risk Governance
Andreas Klinke, Ortwin Renn

3. Economic Growth: Opportunity or Risk
Michael von Hauff

4. Approaching Risk Management: General Perspectives on Handling Systemic Risk
Teresa Wildemann, Adrian Straub

Part II. The Environmental and Ecological Dimensions

5. Environmental and Ecological Aspects of Sustainable Risk Management
Martin Grambow, Jane Korck

6. Maxims of Risk Ethics for Sustainable Agriculture
Franz-Theo Gottwald

7. Risk and Water Management Under Climate Change: Towards the Nexus City
Daphne Gondhalekar, Jörg E. Drewes, Martin Grambow

8. Risking Weather Engineering: Fiction or Contribution to Conflict Prevention?
Peter A. Wilderer, Helmut Fluhrer, Elena Davydova

9. The Contribution of Neurobiology to Human Decision-Making Processes and Motivation
Stefan Braune

10. More Sustainability in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention—Holistic, Practice-Oriented Approaches Taking into Account Environmental Topics
Ulrich Hildebrandt

Part III. The Medical Radiation Dimension

11. Risk and Challenges in Radiation Medicine—An Introduction and Position Statement
Michael Belau, Daniel Méndez Fernández, Michael Molls, Thomas Herrmann

12. The Biological Foundations of Risks from Ionizing Radiation Exposures: How an Understanding of Associated Effects Will Help Their Quantification and Mitigation
George Iliakis

13. The Carcinogenic Risk in Radiation Medicine
Klaus-Rüdiger Trott

14. Benefit and Risks of Screening for Breast Cancer
Sylvia H. Heywang-Köbrunner

15. “Radiation Effects” in Patient Treatment
Michael Flentje, Michael Molls

16. Risk Management in Radiation Medicine: Administrative, Legal and Ethical Aspects of Research in Radiation Medicine in Germany
Ursula Nestle, Peter Lukas

17. On Dealing with Risks in Modern Medicine and Communicating Them Effectively
Claudia Peter

Part IV. The Technical Dimension

18. Sustainable Risk Management in Technics, Robotics and Cyber-Security: An Introduction
Maximilian Roßmann, Tobias Hafner

19. Complexity, Risk, and Technoscience
Klaus Mainzer

20. Risking the Future of AutomotiveIndustry
Gernot Spiegelberg

21. The Smart City Concept: A Review Concerning Sustainable Risk Management
Michael Kelnberger

22. Dark Clouds over the Digital World
Daniela Korhammer, Konstantin Grambow

23. Sustainable Risk Management in Business
Martin Steger

Part V. Memorandum

24. General Recommendations
Peter A. Wilderer

25. Specific Recommendations
Peter A. Wilderer

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering, Environmental Economics, Development and Sustainability, Sustainability Management, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk

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Strategies for Sustainability
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