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Handbook of Military Psychology

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Table of contents

1. State of Psychology in the US Armed Forces
Scott L. Johnston, Christopher Robinson, Jay E. Earles, John Via, Eileen M. Delaney

Part I. Advances in Practice, Treatment, and Prevention

2. Aeromedical Psychology
Arlene R. Saitzyk, Tracy E. Mayfield, Lacey M. Sharkey, Cara E. Cox Coleman

3. Barriers to Care for the Complex Presentation of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Other Post-combat Psychological Injuries
David S. Riggs, Sybil Mallonee

4. Military Deployment Psychology: Psychologists in the Forward Environment
Jeffrey Ian Bass, Chad E. Morrow, David J. Loomis, Wayne C. Boucher, Joseph H. Afanador

5. Training and Practice in Military Specialty Psychology
Jessica Parker, Joseph H. Afanador, Jeffrey L. Goodie, Steven J. Porter, Genelle I. Weits, Daniel G. Cassidy

6. Suicide Prevention in the United States Military
Marjan Ghahramanlou-Holloway, Margaret M. Baer, Laura L. Neely, Viktor Koltko, Matthew K. Nielsen

7. Psychological Adjustment After Military Operations: The Utility of Postdeployment Decompression for Supporting Health Readjustment
Erik Soir

8. Ethical Issues in Military Psychology
W. Brad Johnson, Kristin L. Landsinger

9. Substance Use Disorders in the United States Military: Current Approaches and Future Directions
Bettina Schmid, David S. Tubman, David J. Loomis, Jorge E. Grandela, Michael A. Vernale, Erick C. Messler, Joann Rigoglioso

10. Neuropsychology in the Military
Ryan R. Green, Daniel A. Jacobson, J. Wesley Waggoner, Patrick Armistead-Jehle

Part II. Resilience and Health Promotion

11. Stress and Resilience in Married Military Couples
Elizabeth Najera, Ryan R. Landoll, Liz Davenport Pollock, Marissa Berman, Kathryn Ellis, Katherine M. Knies, Dustin A. Seidler, Paul T. Bartone, Stephen V. Bowles

12. Resilience in US Special Operations Forces
Carroll H. Greene, Mark A. Staal

13. The Use of Mindfulness and Acupuncture in the American Military
Stephen V. Bowles, Jeffrey Millegan, Kevin G. Berry, Christopher W. Bunt, John Byron Gassaway, Ross H. Pastel, Deborah O. Norris, Corey Christopherson, Jeffrey C. Leggit, Cindy Crawford, Aidan Schmitt, Jeremy Howick

14. Well-Being in the Military
Stephen V. Bowles, Paul T. Bartone, David Ross, Marissa Berman, Yaron Rabinowitz, Sarah Hawley, Denise M. Zona, Margaret Talbot, Mark J. Bates

15. A Sleep Primer for Military Psychologists
Justin S. Campbell, Rachel Markwald, Evan D. Chinoy, Anne Germain, Emily Grieser, Ingrid Lim, Stephen V. Bowles

Part III. Selection and Assessment

16. Improving Selection: Advances in the Belgian Defence Forces
Françoise Bertrand, Annemie Defranc, Wouter Huybens, Vicky Nil, Kristof Landeghem, Veerle Tibax, Helga Peeters, Jacques Mylle

17. Assessment of Elite Operational Personnel
James J. Picano, Robert R. Roland, Thomas J. Williams, Paul T. Bartone

18. Selection of Police Special Operations Officers: The Role of the Psychologist
Bjørn Helge Johnsen

19. Adaptive Leadership in Military and Government Settings
Stephen V. Bowles, Matthew S. A. Feely, Eric J. Weis, Anthony DiBella, Paul T. Bartone, Karen Kimmel

Part IV. Special Topics in Military Psychology Practice

20. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Service Members: Clinical Practice Considerations
Michael A. Glotfelter, Randy J. Georgemiller, Kyle M. Bandermann

21. Understanding and Addressing Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault in the US Military
Cynthia J. Thomsen, Valerie A. Stander, Rachel E. Foster, Jessica A. Gallus

22. Military Psychology at US Military Service Academies
Michael D. Matthews, W. Brad Johnson

23. Military Psychology Students: Contributions, Pathways, and Opportunities
Jennifer A. Barry, David M. Barry

24. Becoming and Being: The Journey of the Woman Warrior
Arlene R. Saitzyk, Sally Harvey, Ann Landes, Carla Long, Rebecca Porter

Part V. Research Advances for Enhancing Performance and Treatment

25. Military Research Psychology: Advancing Performance and Practice
Gerald P. Krueger, Joseph B. Lyons

26. Using Technology to Enhance Behavioral Health
Rick L. Campise, Julie T. Kinn, David Cooper

27. Virtual Reality Applications for the Assessment and Treatment of PTSD
Albert Rizzo, Michael J. Roy, Arno Hartholt, Michelle Costanzo, Krista Beth Highland, Tanja Jovanovic, Seth D. Norrholm, Chris Reist, Barbara Rothbaum, JoAnn Difede

Part VI. International Military Psychology

28. Military Psychology in Germany
Oliver Krueckel

29. Development of Military Psychology in China
Danmin Miao, Hui Wang, Xufeng Liu, Xia Zhu, Wei Xiao, Shengjun Wu

30. The Three Pillars of Australian Army Psychology: To Serve with a Strong Foundation
Kylie A. Tuppin, Laura Sinclair, Nicole L. Sadler

31. Military Psychology in the Singapore Armed Forces
Star Soh, Bernard Lim

32. Operational and Organizational Practice of Psychology in Indian Armed Forces
Nidhi Maheshwari, Vineeth V. Kumar, N. P. Singh

33. Military Psychology in Sweden
Gerry Larsson, Anne Lindqvist

34. Military Psychology Practice in Italy: From Grass Roots to Recent Applications
Isabella Lo Castro, Stefano Livi

35. “What If?” the Swiss Armed Forces’ Approach to Military Psychology
Hubert Annen, Can Nakkas, Thomas M. Gehring

Part VII. Epilogue

36. Applying Military Psychology: Looking Back, Looking Ahead
Martin F. Wiskoff, Morgan T. Sammons

Keywords: Psychology, Health Psychology, Psychiatry, Social Work, Rehabilitation

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