Kritt, David W.

Constructivist Education in an Age of Accountability

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Teaching As if Children Matter
David W. Kritt

2. The Place for Dewey’s Constructivism of Intelligent Action in the American Meritocracy of Thorndike
Brian D. Cox

3. The Confucian Concept of Learning
Liqing Tao

Part II. Engaged Learning for Understanding

4. Pedagogic Doublethink: Scientific Enquiry and the Construction of Personal Knowledge Under the English National Curriculum for Science
Keith S. Taber

5. The Practice Turn in Learning Theory and Science Education
Ellice A. Forman

6. How Constructivism Can Boost Success in STEM Fields for Women and Students of Color
Oscar E. Fernandez

7. Reconceptualizing Accountability: The Ethical Importance of Expanding Understandings of Literacy and Assessment for Twenty-First-Century Learners
Kathryn Hibbert, Luigi Iannacci

8. Where DAP Is Due: Constructing Community Across Difference with the Dialogue Arts Project
Adam Falkner

9. A Constructivist Perspective on Games in Education
Linda G. Polin

10. Social Studies, Common Core, and the Threat to Constructivist Education
Alan Singer, Eustace Thompson, Catherine DiMartino

11. Toward a Resolution for Teacher-Student Conflict: Crafting Spaces of Rigorous Freedom with Classroom Debate
Dmitri Seals

12. Activity Settings as Contexts for Motivation: Reframing Classroom Motivation as Dilemmas Within and Between Activities
Michael Middleton, Alison Rheingold, Jayson Seaman

13. Expeditionary Learning, Constructivism, and the Emotional Risks of Open-Ended Inquiry
Amy L. Heath, Peter Smagorinsky

Part III. Implications for the Future of Public Education

14. Learning, Teaching, and Social Justice: Eleanor Duckworth’s Perspective
Yeh Hsueh

15. How Documentation of Practice Contributes to Construction and Reconstruction of an Understanding of Learning and Teaching
Linda R. Kroll

16. Reimagining Research and Practice in Education
Stanton Wortham

17. School Learning as Compliance or Creation
David W. Kritt

Keywords: Education, Administration, Organization and Leadership, Educational Policy and Politics, Curriculum Studies

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