Krey, Nina

Back to the Future: Using Marketing Basics to Provide Customer Value

Krey, Nina - Back to the Future: Using Marketing Basics to Provide Customer Value, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Managerial Decisions on International Price Adaptation: An Abstract
Christina Papadopoulou, Aristeidis Theotokis, Magnus Hultman

2. A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Middle-Class Meanings of Money in India and South Korea: An Abstract
Altaf Merchant, Gregory Rose, Sunmee Choi, Drew Martin, Mohit Gour

3. Ad Length and the Presence of the Timer in In-Stream Commercial: An Abstract
Yongwoog Jeon, Hyunsang Son, Arnold D. Chung

4. Strategies for Theory Assessment and Enhancement in Marketing: An Abstract
Matthew Wilson, Jeannette Paschen

5. Understanding Perceived Values and Behavioral Effects of Mobile Apps: An Abstract
Ines Hackeradt

6. When the Service Experience Drives Negative and Positive Emotions: The Moderating Role of Pride in the Effects of Guilt on Coping and Satisfaction: An Abstract
Camille Saintives, Renaud Lunardo

7. Seeking Relief from Negative Emotions: Customer Revenge as an Emotional Outlet: An Abstract
Marilena Gemtou, Haiming Hang

8. The Company or the Crowd? Comparing Consumers’ Reactions to Peer-Provided and Firm-Provided Customer Support: An Abstract
Lan Jiang, Matthew O’Hern, Sara Hanson

9. Global Country Social Responsibility: What Is It? An Abstract
Boryana V. Dimitrova, Saejoon Kim, Monique Bell, Nikita Frantz

10. Influencing Factors on Moral Licensing Effect: A Meta-Analytic Approach: An Abstract
Philipp Simbrunner, Bodo B. Schlegelmilch

11. The Role of Honor as a Key Global Marketing Dimension for Business and Academia
Michael Czinkota

12. The Influence of Posture on Taste: An Abstract
Courtney Szocs, Dipayan Biswas

13. The Power of Scent: Effects of Scent on Temperature Perception Due to Synesthesia: An Abstract
Amy Rebecca Jones

14. If I Touch I Like It! The Interplay Between Tactile Inputs and Gustatory Perceptions: An Abstract
Felipe Pantoja, Adilson Borges, Patricia Rossi, Amanda Pruski Yamim

15. The Unconscious Affection Factor: Exploring the Dual Facets of Customer-Perceived Value and Their Impact on Brand Attachment: An Abstract
Sascha Langner, Steffen Schmidt, Levke Albertsen, Evmorfia Karampournioti, Klaus-Peter Wiedmann

16. Five Seconds to the Ad: How ProgramInduced Mood Affects Ad Countdown Effects: An Abstract
Tiffany Venmahavong, Sukki Yoon, Kacy Kim

17. The Effect of Advertising Concentration on Retailers’ Market and Financial Performance: An Abstract
Chi Zhang, Douglas Vorhies

18. Advertising Expenditures, Negative Corporate Social Performance, and Firm Performance: Does Advertising Orientation Matter? An Abstract
Stacey Sharpe, Nicole Hanson

19. Marketing Strategy and Strategic Environment Performance Sustaining Configurations: A Set-Theoretic Approach: An Abstract
Simos Chari, George Balabanis

20. The FREE (Firm Resources and External Environment) Framework as an Alternative to SWOT: An Abstract
Sreedhar Madhavaram, Shelby D. Hunt, Pelin Bicen

21. Can Marketing and IT Be Friends? The Impact of Information Strategy, Structure, and Processes on Business Performance: An Abstract
Stefan Sleep, Dana Harrison

22. Perspective Taking and Persuasiveness of Charity Advertising Appeals: An Abstract
Guangzhi Zhao, Qiyu (Jason) Zhang, Lefa Teng

23. Political Ideology of Donors and Attribution Messages in Charity Advertising: An Abstract
Younghwa Lee, Sukki Yoon

24. Cause-Related Marketing from the Nonproft’s Perspective: An International Comparison: An Abstract
Debra Z. Basil, Carolina O. C. Werle, Mary Runte

25. Developing a Scale to Measure Brand-Evoked Nostalgia in Belgium and the United States: An Abstract
John B. Ford, Altaf Merchant, Anne-Laure Bartier, Mike Friedman

26. Style of Thinking as Moderator of Drivers of Consumer Brand Identification: An Abstract
Jose Saavedra Torres, Omid Dadgar, Monika Rawal

27. Does COO Still Matter? An Examination of Country of Origin Effects on Purchase Intentions Under Recall Circumstances: An Abstract
Jianping Huang, Jeffrey P. Radighieri

28. Managing Customer Reactions to Brand Deletion: An Abstract
Purvi Shah

29. The Influence of Chief Executive Officers’ Regulatory Foci on Firms’ Advertising, R&D, and Corporate Social Responsibility: An Abstract
Saim Kashmiri, Prachi Gala, Cameron Duncan Nicol

30. Co-Designing Active Workplace Social Marketing Campaign: Barriers and Motivators to Sit Less and Stand Up: An Abstract
Haruka Fujihira, Joy Parkinson, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele

31. The Mechanisms of Punishment on Consumer’s Forgiveness and Trust Repair: An Integrated Causal Attribution Model of Trust Repair
Shih Chuan-Feng, Huang Heng-Chiang, Lee Han

32. An Exploratory Analysis of Consumer Opinions, Ethics, and Sentiment of Neuromarketing: An Abstract
Cuauhtemoc Luna-Nevarez

33. Ethical vs. Unethical Advertisements: Evaluation and Recall: An Abstract
Kevin Lehnert, Mark Kubik

34. Entering the Performance-Based Contracting Business: An Exploration of Sales-Related Challenges: An Abstract
Stefan Ruffer, Tobias Schaefers

35. Performance Impact of Customer Orientation, Task Interdependence, and Information Sharing in Sales Teams: An Abstract
Christine Jaushyuam Lai, Ying Yang

36. Cross-Border M&A: Implications for Marketing Capability: An Abstract
Mahabubur Rahman, Mary Lambkin

37. Radical Multicultural Marketing: Examining the Communication Strategies Used by Multicultural Marketing Agencies: An Abstract
Nessa Adams

38. Task Master or Task Novice: An Abstract on a Strategic Decision-Making Experiment
Kirk Plangger, Douglas West

39. Self-Affirmation of Narcissists on Social Media: A Study Proposing a New Method of Categorization on Facebook Ads
Mario Cassar, Amir Dabirian, Hoda Diba, Jirka Konietzny

40. You’ve Got It! Pronouns Increase Self-Referencing and Engagement on Facebook: An Abstract
Ryan Cruz, James M. Leonhardt

41. The Effects of Holistic Thinking Style on Attitude Toward Innovative Design: Role of Value Presentation: An Abstract
Junghwa Jenny Hong, Kyung-Ah Kay Byun

42. Sensory Similarity: A Physical Product Perception in Online Context
Margot Racat, Sonia Capelli, Danilo Dantas

43. Who Regrets More After a Choice? The Role of Dialectical Thinking: An Abstract
Rongrong Qiu, Lan Xia, Xiucheng Fan

44. More than a Black Eye! The Effect of Violence Exposure in Anti-IPV Campaigns: An Abstract
Amanda Pruski Yamim, Adilson Borges

45. Integrating Social Media into Health-Care Marketing: An Abstract
Rui Sun, Bing Xu

46. Patient Safety and Employee Word-of-Mouth Communication: An Abstract
Soumya Upadhyay, Thomas L. Powers

47. Does Customer Co-Creation Really Produce Value? An Abstract
Weiling Zhuang, Barry J. Babin

48. Purchase Quantity Restrictions: Good or Bad? An Abstract
Siddharth Bhatt, Srinivasan Swaminathan, Rajneesh Suri

49. A Comparison of Brand Loyalty Between On-the-Go and Take-Home Consumption Purchases: An Abstract
Giang Trinh

50. The Role of Brand Strength and Customer Satisfaction in Explaining Store Loyalty: An Abstract
Paraskevi Sarantidou

51. The Effect of Gender Differences on Online Shopping Payment Methods: An Abstract
Mahmood Awan, Han Chiang Ho

52. Consumer Reactions to Low vs. High Levels of Customization: An Abstract
Silke Bambauer-Sachse

53. Big Data-Driven Marketing: An Abstract
Samppa Suoniemi, Lars Meyer-Waarden, Andreas Munzel

54. Comparing Lab, Virtual, and Field Environments in Sensory Product Acceptance Testing: An Abstract
Marcel Lichters, Robert Möslein, Marko Sarstedt, Andreas Scharf

55. The Influence of Place Attachment and a Certification of Event Sustainability on Residents’ Perceptions of Environmental Impacts and Event Support: An Abstract
Girish Prayag, Marcello Mariani, Andrea Guizzardi

56. Review Richness: How Online Consumer Review Information Content Shapes Persuasion Through Review Richness: An Abstract
Yiru Wang, César Zamudio

57. An Abstract on AEL as a Fundraiser’s Relationship-Building Tool
Tanya Drollinger

58. I Don’t Think It’s Real: Exploring the Genres of Reality Programming: An Abstract
Christine M. Kowalczyk, Alexa K. Fox

59. Automation in Credit Card Repayment: A Friend or a Foe? An Abstract
Sandra Awanis, Ahmad Daryanto

60. A Financial Leap of Faith: Government Funding for Community CSR and Sustainability Initiatives: An Abstract
Heather F. Ross

61. A Framework to Monitor Corporate Sustainable Development in Supply Chains: An Abstract
Göran Svensson, Nils Høgevold

62. Providing Value to SMEs and Their Stakeholders Through Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives: An Abstract
Solon Magrizos, Eleni Apospori, Marylyn Carrigan

63. Embedding CSR in the Firm’s DNA, The Case for Strategic CSR in Emerging Markets: An Abstract
Cezara Nicoara, Dayananda Palihawadana, Matthew Robson, Constantinos Leonidou

64. E-Mobility Marketing: Standardization or Specialization
Marc Kuhn, Sarah Selinka, Natalie Jong

65. Is Online Sharing and Word of Mouth More Prevalent Among Collectivist Consumers?
Todd Pezzuti, James M. Leonhardt

66. Examining Online Chinese Buyer-Seller Relationships, Understanding E-Guanxi: An Abstract
Wenkai Zhou, Michael R. Hyman, James M. Leonhardt

67. Uber and the Sharing Economy, Changing Strategies and Global Markets: An Abstract
Syed Tariq Anwar

68. A Study on the Relationship Between BOP Orientation and Firm Performance: An Abstract
Fengxia Zhu, Zelong Wei, Yongchuan Bao

69. Resource Advantage Theory, Service Dominant Logic, and Healthcare Consumer Experiences: An Abstract
Kevin W. James, Kerri M. Camp, Janna Parker

70. Improving Personal Hygiene and Water Conservation Among South African Children, a Pilot Test of Knowledge and Attitude Change: An Abstract
David Schmidtke, Alice Baker, Mohammad Kadir, Julia Baum, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele

71. Money Isn’t Everything?! Investigating Public Policies to Engage Energy Efficiency in Private Homes, An Empirical Analysis on Consumer Motives: An Abstract
Moritz vom Hofe, Paul Baginski, Hartmut Holzmüller

72. Short- and Long-Term Consumer Reactions to Promotions: An Abstract
Silke Bambauer-Sachse, Laura Massera

73. Does “Hot” Lead to “Not So Hot?” Sexy Images, Indulgent Consumption, and the Impacts of Gender and Self-Construal: An Abstract
Xing-Yu Chu, Chun-Tuan Chang, Shr-Chi Wang

74. Gender, Emotions, and Judgments: An Analysis of the Moderating Role of Gender in Influencing the Effectiveness of Advertising and Pricing Tactics: An Abstract
Vahid Rahmani, Elika Kordrostami

75. Influence of Social Context on Consumption in the USA: An Abstract
José-Domingo Mora

76. Revealing the Young People’s Cognitive Structure of Sharing Video Online: An Exploratory Research: An Abstract
Chin-Feng Lin, Chen-Su Fu

77. User-Generated Advertising, The Effects of Consumer-Created Brand Videos on Brand Attitudes: An Abstract
Paulo Mora-Avila, Ria Wiid

78. Exploring the Role of Audience Participation and Para-social Interaction on Endorsement Effectiveness in Vlogs: An Abstract
Juha Munnukka, Devdeep Maity

79. Technology-Based Self-Service (TBSS) Innovations in B2B Settings: An Abstract
Peter Ekman, Randle Raggio, Jimmie Röndell, Steven Thompson

80. Open Data Innovation, What are the Main Issues/Challenges for Open Data Projects in Sweden: An Abstract
Serdar Temiz, Terrence Brown

81. Consumers’ Perception of Price Premiums for Greenwashed Products: An Abstract
Jeonggyu Lee, Siddharth Bhatt, Rajneesh Suri, Prabakar Kothandaraman

82. Exploring Consumer Spending When Redeeming Online Daily Coupons: An Abstract
Chinintorn Nakhata, Anne Roggeveen, Ali Besharat, James Stock

83. Price Promotion for a Preordered Product, The Moderating Role of Time of Release: An Abstract
Subhash Jha, Phillip M. Hart, George Deitz

84. An Examination of Heavy Coupon Use, Opinion Leadership, and Self-Confidence: An Abstract
James J. Zboja, Kevin M. Gatzlaff

85. Investigating Social Media Activity as a Firm’s Signaling Strategy Through an Initial Public Offering
Atthaphon Mumi, Michael Obal, Yi Yang

86. Digital Retailing: An Abstract for Preliminary Results of a Systematic Literature Review
Virginia Vannucci, Valentina Mazzoli, Raffaele Donvito, Gaetano Aiello

87. Challenges in Data-Driven Innovation Toward European Digital Single Market: An Abstract
Serdar Temiz, Terrence Brown

88. The Effects of Color and Position of Add-to-Cart Button on Click Intention: An Abstract
Zhen Yang, Yanliu Huang

89. Why Do Certain Products Influence Grocery Store Choice? The Role of Anchor Products and Their Relationships with Other Store Choice Factors: An Abstract
Pilsik Choi

90. Effects of Product Categories on Consumers’ Spending in Multiple Retail Formats: An Abstract
Qin Zhang, Manish Gangwar, Brian Ratchford

91. Well That’s Embarrassing: An Examination of Product Package Differences and the Impact on Embarrassment: An Abstract
Christian Barney, Carol Esmark, Stacie Waites

92. Marketing’s Theoretical and Conceptual Value Proposition: An Abstract
Martin Key, Terry Clark, O. C. Ferrell, Leyland Pitt, David Stewart

93. The Mind of the Beholder: Luxury Product Placement and Product-Background Scene Congruency: An Abstract
Patricia Rossi, Felipe Pantoja, Kacy Kim, Sukki Yoon

94. The Lovemarks Effect: An Abstract
Cleopatra Veloutsou, Jantakarn Bell Aimpitaksa

95. Globalizing Consumers’ Attitudes Toward Marketing: An Exploratory Study in a Multicultural Marketplace: An Abstract
Tarek Mady, Ajay Manrai, Lalita Manrai

96. Material Possessions and Hedonic Experience: Paradoxes of Luxury Consumption in Emerging Markets: An Abstract
José Marcos Carvalho Mesquita, Gegory Kivenzor, Natalia Corradi Franco

97. Welcome to Brand-Topia: The Role of Transportation and Identification in Brand Storytelling: An Abstract
Klaus-Peter Wiedmann, Evmorfia Karampournioti, Nadine Hennigs, Steffen Schmidt, Levke Albertsen

98. The Ideology Underlying Consumer Boycott Studies: Are We Boycotting a Deeper Understanding of the Theme? An Abstract
Daniela Abrantes Ferreira, Paula Castro P. Souza Chimenti

99. Explaining Motivational Needs Through Positive Affect and Brand Tribalism: An Abstract
Jeremy J. Sierra, Harry A. Taute

100. The Quantified Self: The Role of Consumers’ Smart Wearables Perception Offered by Insurance Companies: An Abstract
Stefanie Paluch, Sven Tuzovic

101. Does a Hologram Give an Encore? Authenticity in Mixed Reality: An Abstract
Spencer M. Ross, Lauren I. Labrecque

102. Happiness by Design: A Self-Construction Framework of Proteus and Networking Effects in Online Games: An Abstract
Ting-Ting Chen, Shih-Ju Wang, Huang Heng-Chiang, Shih-Tsen Wang

103. The Influence on Need for Cognition, Web Expertise and Trust on Online and Offline Information Search Behaviour: An Abstract
Elfriede Penz, Agnieszka Zablocki, Philipp Simbrunner

104. The Effect of Placement Context on Brand Persuasiveness: An Abstract
Fanny Fong Yee Chan, Ben Lowe

105. Brand Advertising in an Access–Ownership World, How Marketing Channels Impact Message Persuasiveness: An Abstract
Lora Mitchell Harding, Mark T. Schenkel

106. Green Identity, Myth or Reality: An Abstract
Samreen Ashraf, Maria Musarskaya

107. Understanding the Effect of Perceived Reasonableness on Customer Satisfaction in Relation to Moral Identity: An Abstract
Nobuyuki Fukawa

108. Nostalgia and Astrometry as Precursors of Superstitious Beliefs: An Abstract
Jeremy J. Sierra, Michael R. Hyman, Anna M. Turri

109. Love Makes the Daredevil, Mating Mindset and Proactive Tendency: An Abstract
Yang He, Marcus Cunha

110. Thankfulness and Hope as the Driving Emotions in Mommy Blogs: An Abstract
Angeline Close Scheinbaum, Anjala Krishen, Axenya Kachen, Amanda Mabry-Flynn, Nancy Ridgway

111. Red Sox Versus Yankees, Sports Team Rivalry, Sports Symbols, and Distance Performance: An Abstract
Sukki Yoon, Austin Beltis, John Logan, Kacy Kim, Gayatri Subramanian

112. The Way to Regained Trust Through Service Recovery Is Paved with Consumer Forgiveness: The Effects of Service Failure Characteristics
Lee Han, Huang Heng-Chiang, Shih Chuan-Feng

113. Service Quality and Satisfaction of Traditional and Technology-Enhanced Services
Somkiat Eiamkanchanalai, Nuttapol Assarut

114. The Moderator Effect of Previous Dissatisfaction with Service Category on Co-creation with Consumers
Melby Karina Zuniga Huertas, Ingrid Pergentino

115. Cross-Cultural Study of Social Media-Based Brand Communities: An Abstract
Ali Heydari, Michel Laroche

116. Keep It Simple, Readability Increases Engagement on Twitter: An Abstract
James M. Leonhardt, Igor Makienko

117. The Stories Packages Tell, A Typology of Product Stories Told on Grocery Product Packages: An Abstract
Adam J. Mills

118. Cool Marketing for Icewine? Investigating Producer’s Product Positioning, Segmentation, and Marketing Mix for Canadian Icewine: An Abstract
Ulrich Paschen, Jeannette Paschen, Jan Kietzmann

119. Mapping Country Wine Brand Personalities, Examples from Five Nations: An Abstract
Emily Treen, Philip Grant, Gene Heerden, Joseph Vella, Elsamari Botha, Anthony Chan

120. The Taste of Ageing, a 26-Year Analysis of Publications in the International Journal of Wine Business Research: An Abstract
Aya Rizk, Jirka Konietzny, Mario Cassar, Richard Wong, Åsa Wallström, Joseph Vella

121. Special Doctoral Colloquium Session: The Difficulties, Issues, and Pitfalls Doctorate Students Must Conquer in Becoming a Researcher, Author, and Scholar: An Abstract
Lisa Monahan, Christian Bushardt, Kristina Stuhler, Iana Lukina, David J. Ortinau

122. Salesperson Performance and Commitment and Buyer Relational Behaviors as Antecedents of Buyer’s Desire for Business Relationship with Suppliers: An Abstract
James Boles, Rita de Cássia de Faria Pereira, Valter Afonso Vieira, Julie Johnson-Busbin, Hiram Barksdale

123. The Effects of S-D Logic on Interfirm Relationships: An Abstract
Zhenning (Jimmy) Xu, Edward Ramirez, Gary L. Frankwick

124. The Mediating Effect of Trust and Commitment on Economic and Noneconomic Satisfaction: An Abstract
Juan Carlos Sosa-Varela, Göran Svensson

125. Business Mating Online: How Online Referrals Influence Supplier Selection? An Abstract
Zsofia Toth, Marzena E. Nieroda, Bernadett Koles

126. Social Media Links on Magazine Advertisements: When Do We Need Them?
Selcuk Ertekin, Linda Barton

127. Snapchat as an Influential Tool for Marketing Communication: An Exploratory Analysis of Brands Usage: An Abstract
Lina Gomez, Kasim Bernabe, Yanitzary Alvarado, Lourdes Meléndez

128. Covert Persuasion Attempts: Do People Notice? An Abstract
Adam D. Slobodzian, Marjorie Delbaere

129. Improving Banner Ad Strategies Through Predictive Modeling
Michael Obal, Wen Lv

130. A Brand Foci Model to Explain Achievement Needs: A Contradictory Explanation: An Abstract
Jeremy J. Sierra, Harry A. Taute, Byung-Kwan Lee

131. How Do Different Service Employees Deliver the Brand to Consumers? An Abstract
Achilleas Boukis, Kostas Kaminakis, Avraam Papastathopoulos, Khanyapuss Punjaisri, John Balmer

132. The Values of Storytelling: From Tactics to Transformative Action: An Abstract
Edward L. Nowlin, Claas Christian Germelmann

133. Do Ads that Tell a Story Always Perform Better? An Anthropomorphism-Based Response: An Abstract
Laurence Dessart, Renaud Lunardo

134. The Mediating Effect of Storying on the Relationship Between Psychological Capital and Salesperson Performance: An Abstract
Edward L. Nowlin, David M. Houghton, Douglas M. Walker

135. Storytelling as a Tool to Increase the Influence of Marketing Within the Firm: An Abstract
David M. Houghton, Douglas M. Walker, Edward L. Nowlin

136. Marketing’s Point of View: Narrative Competition Within the Firm: An Abstract
Martin Key

137. Will Storytelling Be Able to Let the Old Dream of Marketing for a Better World Come True? Developing a Conceptual Framework of a Transformative Storytelling Approach” and Sketching an Agenda for Joint Research Efforts: An Abstract
Klaus-Peter Wiedmann, Efmorvia Karampournioti

138. Inferring the Personalities of B2B Salespeople from Text-Based Interviews: An Exploratory Study: An Abstract
Christine Pitt, Neil Lilford, Albert Caruana

139. The Impact of Subjective Well-Being on Salesperson Relational and Economic Performances: An Abstract
Linda Nasr, Annie Liu, Mark Leach

140. When (Not) to Use Humor in a B-to-B Relationship: The Role of the Exploration Relationship Phase in the Effects of Humor on Business Performance: An Abstract
Laurent Bompar, Renaud Lunardo, Camille Saintives

141. Information Search at the Point of Sale: How Information Source Influences Customers’ Purchase Channel Switching Intention: An Abstract
Andreas Kessenbrock, Sören Köcher

142. The Value of Shopping Channels and the Relationship with Social Exclusion and Perceived Well-Being: An Abstract
Eleftherios Alamanos, Savvas Papagiannidis, Charles Dennis, Michael Bourlakis

143. Toward the Identification of Consumer Retailer Nostalgia: An Abstract
Hyunju Shin, Janna M. Parker

144. Standing Out by Standing Up: Brand Differentiation and Minority Influence Theory: An Abstract
Kylie Mcmullan, Amanda Blair, Stacey Morrison, Caitlin Ferreira

145. Conversion Theory in Marketing
Maria Rosa Parra Villanueva, Raeesah Chohan

146. Building Brand Identification Through Cause-Brand Alliances: The Role of Perceived Cause Controversy: An Abstract
Yasamin Vahdati, Kevin Voss

147. Developing a Political Brand Image Framework
Varsha Jain, Philip J. Kitchen, B. E. Ganesh

148. Detecting Careless Respondents in Survey Data: Floodlight Detection of Careless Respondents
Volkan Dogan

149. Quantitative Insights from Qualitative Data: Using the Doubling Technique in Correspondence Analysis: An Abstract
Emily Treen, Arthur Money

150. Lacking Correspondence Between Subjective and Objective Performance Data Among Small Business Managers: An Abstract
Saku Hirvonen, Tommi Laukkanen

151. Green Innovation in Technological Networks: An Abstract
Anna Sadovnikova, Ashish Pujari

152. Sporty, Posh or… What Type of Wearable Fits You? A Conceptual Framework for Consumer’s Adoption of Wearable Devices: An Abstract
Marzena E. Nieroda, Mona Mrad, Michael R. Solomon

153. The Past and Future of Cocreation: An Abstract
Alexander J. Kull

154. Do Brands Improve Consumer Perception Due to Product Placement in Emerging Markets?
Rajesh Kumar Srivastava, Manoj Bhide

155. Global Positioning Strategies: A Comparison of Positioning Strategies Used in German and American Airline Magazine Advertisements: An Abstract
Charles Blankson, Selcuk Ertekin, Cedric Lohse

156. Using the Sales Process as an Instructional Tool to Improve Student Perceptions of Instructor Responsiveness, Pedagogical Affect, and Likelihood to Enroll: An Abstract
Cindy Rippé, Shannon Cummins, Suri Weisfeld-Spolter, Yuliya Yurova

157. Intentions to Pursue a Sales Career: Integrating Intentions to Study Sales and Learning Experience: An Abstract
Subhadip Roy, Soumya Sarkar, Prashant Mishra

158. Driven By Big Data: Are Our Students Prepared? Requiring Technology Coursework in University Sales Programs: An Abstract
Christine M. Kowalczyk, John Cicala

159. Metaphors and Sales Management: A Review and Research Agenda: An Abstract
Sreedhar Madhavaram, Dorcia Bolton, Vishag Badrinarayanan

160. Conceptualization and Scale Development for Salesperson Swagger: An Abstract
David A. Locander, Obinna O. Obilo

161. Impact of Grit on Organizational Turnover: Empirical Results of International vs. US Gen Z/Millennial Cusp: An Abstract
Michael Rodriguez, Stefanie Boyer, David Fleming, Scott Cohen

162. The Effects of Suspicion on Interorganizational Relationships: An Abstract
Gina Brynildsen

163. Corporate Socially Irresponsible Behavior and Its Spillover Effect: The Role of Upstream Versus Downstream Positions in the Supply Chain: An Abstract
Zhuofan Zhang

164. Contagion Effect on Traditional Versus Innovative Products: Role of Consistency in “Essence” Transfer Process: An Abstract
Zhuofan Zhang

165. A New Perspective on Value Creation and Marketing’s Dominant Logic: An Abstract
Cinthia B. Satornino, John Peloza, Alexis Allen, Rebeca Perren

166. Customer Value Through Resource Integration: The Role of the Institutional Solution Space: An Abstract
Peter Ekman, Julia Jonas, Paul Maglio, David Reynolds, Jimmie Röndell

167. Customer Cohort Climate: A Conceptual Model for Group Service Encounters: An Abstract
Linda W. Lee, Ian P. McCarthy, Debbie Ellis

168. The Process of Brand Experience: An Interdisciplinary Perspective: An Abstract
Yanina Chevtchouk, Cleopatra Veloutsou, Robert Paton

169. Brand Personality Self-Congruity and the Product Life Cycle: Assessment of Behavioral Intentions Toward Tourism Destinations: An Abstract
Oliver Cruz-Milan

170. Authenticity: The Driving Force Behind the Corporate Brand Saga: An Abstract
Terry Beckman

171. How Mental Stimulation Exercises Can Nudge Healthier Food Choices for Children: An Abstract
Dipayan Biswas, Annika Lueth

172. The Disclosure of Personal Data: Understanding Customers’ Expectations: An Abstract
Antje Niemann, Manfred Schwaiger

173. Do I Care? Pathological Apathy in the Context of Sustainable Consumption
Spencer M. Ross, Paula Dootson

174. The Bright and Dark Sides of Product Certification: Exploring Side Effects on Consumers’ Perceptions of Non-Certified Products: An Abstract
Linda Wulf, Sören Köcher

175. The Role of Team-Sponsor Logo Color Congruity in Sponsorship Effectiveness: An Abstract
Conor Henderson, Marc Mazodier, Aparna Sundar

176. In-Group Favoritism, Out-Group Animosity, and Joint Conflict: The Role of Ambivalence in Response to Joint Sponsorships: An Abstract
Colleen Bee, Vassilis Dalakas

177. Who Is Your True G.O.A.T? Analyzing the Cause-Effect Relations of Sport Rivalry on the Emotional Appeal Toward a Sport Athlete: An Abstract
Steffen Schmidt, Sascha Langner, Matthias Limbach

178. Abstract on Evaluating Sustainability as a Core Competency: Consumer Response to Sustainable Products
Clyde Eiríkur Hull, Jennifer D. Russell, Monika Kukar-Kinney

179. Understanding Consumers’ Perception of Sustainable Consumption: A ZMET Approach
Setayesh Sattari, Kaveh Peighambari, Arash Kordestani

180. “I Would Like a European Eco-Product!”: A Study on the Preference of Algerian and Tunisian Consumers for Local Ecological Products
Mohamed Akli Achabou, Sihem Dekhili, Mohamed Hamdoun

181. Budgeting Biases Across Consumption Categories: An Abstract
Yang He

182. “My” Losing Proposition: The Role of Ownership in Sunk Cost Effects: An Abstract
Stephan Dickert, Bernadette Kamleitner, Sophie Süssenbach, Erdem Geveze

183. The Influence of Audience and Self-Construal on the Content of Online Reviews: An Abstract
Agnieszka Zablocki, Bodo Schlegelmilch, Michael Houston

184. The Prosthetic Generation Is all Around Us: Feelings and Emotions About Knee Replacement Surgery and Their Impact on Overall Sentiment: An Abstract
Christine Pitt, Amir Dabirian, Elsamari Botha, Jan Kietzmann, Hoda Diba

185. “I Can’t Wait to See This”: An Exploratory Research on Consumer Online Word-of-Mouth on Movies: An Abstract
Julia Kampani, Chris Archer-Brown, Haiming Hang

186. The Role of Consumer Innovativeness in Mobile Commerce Usage: A Comparison of Two Emerging Countries: An Abstract
Abdul R. Ashraf, Narongsak (Tek) Thongpapanl, Ali Anwar

187. Customers’ Attitudinal, Emotional and Behavioural Responses to Firm-Initiated Service Termination: An Abstract
Amin Nazifi, Dahlia El-Manstrly

188. The Customer Is Always Right: Determinants and Outcomes of Consumer Value Co-Destruction: An Abstract
Joanne T. Cao, Bruce L. Alford

189. Management Responses to Negative Online Customer Reviews: The Effect of Compensation and Explanation on the Observer’s Purchase Intention: An Abstract
Rico Piehler, Michael Schade, Ines Nee, Christoph Burmann

190. Examining Process and Moderating Effects of Customer-Created Guilt in a Service Context: An Abstract
Kathrynn Pounders, Julie Moulard, Barry J. Babin

191. I Am Feeling Back to Those Days: The Three-Way Interaction Effect of Nostalgia, Age, and Gender on Youthfulness in Nostalgia Advertising: An Abstract
Young K. Kim, Mark Y. Yim

192. Idle Speculation or Proficient Prognosis? How to Employ Celebrity Endorsement Models Smartly: An Abstract
Klaus-Peter Wiedmann, Walter Mettenheim

193. The Effects of Celebrity Attractiveness and Identification on Advertising Interest
Priscilla Patel, Michael Basil

194. Physical Attractiveness in Advertising: Can an Endorser Be Too Attractive? An Abstract
Rachelle Jantzon, Michael Basil

195. Scale Development Incorporating Cluster Heat Maps: An Abstract
Zhenning (Jimmy) Xu, Gary L. Frankwick, Edward Ramirez, Kallol Bagchi, Pan Liu

196. Meet with Editorial Reviewers: An Interactive Discussion of the Difficulties and Issues Facing Authors in the Journal Review Process: An Abstract
Les Carlson, Michael J. Dorsch, Diana Haytko, David J. Ortinau

197. How Does Nostalgia Affect Donor Giving Behavior?
Kristina Stuhler

198. Exploring the Role of Religion in Consumer Acculturation and Ethnic Identification of the Second-Generation British Pakistanis: An Abstract
Zeeshan Rafiq

199. Social and Spatial Distance in Decision-Making: Can Culture Play a Role? An Abstract
Shuang Wu

200. The Impact of New Product Introduction on Inter-tier Price Competition: An Abstract
K. Sivakumar

201. Switching from Free to Fee: More than Just a Price Increase? An Abstract
Gerrit P. Cziehso, Tobias Schaefer, Monika Kukar-Kinney

202. Cause-Related Marketing and Price Endings: Right-Digit Effect: An Abstract
Mazen Jaber, Kylie Jaber

203. Can Academics Provide Value to Practitioners? The Practitioner Response to Academic Research Output: An Abstract
Christian Hinsch, Joseph Horak, Josip Kotlar

204. Virtually Enhancing the Real World with Augmented Reality Holograms: Use and Gratification Perspective: An Abstract
Philipp A. Rauschnabel, Nina Krey

205. Adoption of Augmented Reality Technologies in Tourism: Visitors’ Acceptance of Smart Glasses: An Abstract
Aarash Baktash, Nina Krey, Vikneswaran Nair, Philipp A. Rauschnabel

206. Cause-Related Marketing and Millennials: Impact of Product Type and Donation Style: An Abstract
K. Bryant Smalley, Jacob C. Warren, Jacqueline K. Eastman

207. The Cause-Related Marketing Paradox: Purchasing Products with a Cause Licenses Self-Interest, Self-Indulgence, or Less Helping Behavior: An Abstract
Xing-Yu Chu, Chun-Tuan Chang

208. Ties That Bind: Exploring Existing Brand and Cause Relationships in Cause-Related Marketing Campaigns: An Abstract
Alisha Horky, Carri Tolmie

209. Seeing Is Believing … Or Is it? The Effect of Product Review Modality and Valence: An Abstract
Chatdanai Pongpatipat, Michaela Hoogerhyde

210. E-Service Quality and eWOM: The Moderating Role of Customers’ Risk Orientation and Moral Identity: An Abstract
Alessandro Biraglia, Shahin Assadinia, Vita Kadile

211. Investigating Online Reviews: The Interaction Between Online Review Volume and Valence: An Abstract
Elika Kordrostami, Yuping Liu-Thompkins, Vahid Rahmani

212. The Moderating Effects of Fatalism and Traditionalism on Innovation Resistance
Nasir Salari, Eric Shiu, Tao Zhang

213. Perceived Security Risk and Shopping Behavior: An Exposition in Emerging Markets: An Abstract
Enrique Becerra, Vishag Badrinarayanan, Maria Cecilia Henriquez-Daza

214. The Revenge of the Nerds: Uncovering Practices of E-Sports and Fantasy Sports: An Abstract
Arne Baruca, Ebru Ulusoy

215. Reciprocal Intentions: Effects of Promotional Giveaways on Consumers’ In-Venue Spending Intentions: An Abstract
Mujde Yukse, Robert Smith, Catherine McCabe

216. The Truth About Transparency and Authenticity on Social Media: How Brands Communicate and How Customers Respond: An Abstract
Kesha Coker, Katharine Howie, Holly Syrdal, Rebecca Vanmeter, Parker Woodroof

217. A Holistic Approach to Educational Servicescape: An Abstract
Nina Krey, Joanne T. Cao, Jennifer A. Espinosa

218. Wizardry in Qualitative Marketing Analysis: A Toolbox for Teaching
Varsha Jain, Philip J. Kitchen, B. E. Ganesh

219. Bringing Practitioner into the Classroom: Student Reflections and Learning Types: An Abstract
Peter Ekman, Eva Maaninen-Olsson, Angelina Sundström

220. Is Two Really Better than One? The Effects of Dual Language Labelling on Consumer Perceptions and Purchase Intention: An Abstract
Sabrina Heix, Linda Wulf, Sören Köcher, Hartmut Holzmüller

221. Cool or Uncool? Using Associative Groups to Promote Healthy Eating to Young Consumers: An Abstract
Vassilis Dalakas, Kristin Stewart

222. The Cross-Modal Effects of Colour in Food Advertising: An Abstract
Gavin Northey, Mathew Chylinski, Liem Ngo, Patrick Esch

223. An Expectancy Model of Green Product Consumption and Green Brand Equity
Ramazan H. Arikan, Chuandi Jiang

224. Clarifying the Creative Consumer: An Abstract
Karen Robson, Matthew Wilson

225. Formation of Satisfactory and Dissatisfactory Experiences with Augmented Reality: An Abstract
Atieh Poushneh, Arturo Vasquez-Parraga

226. Seeing Things that Don’t Exist: Conceptualizing an Augmented Reality Atmosphere: An Abstract
Mahdokht Kalantari, Philipp A. Rauschnabel, Nina Krey

227. Why Do Consumers Share Content on the Internet? The Uses and Gratifications Approach: An Abstract
Cheng-Chieh Hsiao

228. Content Curatorship and Collaborative Filtering: A Symbolic Interactionist Approach
Kerry Chipp, Carola Strandberg, Atanu Nath, Meyser Abduljabber

229. Incentivizing Consumer Sharing in Social Media: The Role of Audience Size: An Abstract
Yueming Zou, Yuping Liu-Thompkins

230. The Potential Benefits of Offering Suitable Mobile Commerce Experience to Your Customers: An Abstract
Narongsak (Tek) Thongpapanl, Abdul R. Ashraf, Luciano Lapa

231. Hedonic Pricing Method, the Third Law of Demand, and Marketing Strategy: An Abstract
Chih-Ning Chu, Ting-Yuan Huang, Sandra S. Liu

232. Identifying Brand Sentiment Through Analytics: An Abstract
Hamid Shirdastian, Michel Laroche, Marie-Odile Richard

233. Do Brands Appearing in Textbooks Influence Students? Insights from an Exploratory Study: An Abstract
Laurie Babin, Mathieu Kacha, Jean-Luc Herrmann, Barry J. Babin

234. Don’t Dare to Blur Our Boundaries: Balancing Between Current and Past Identities
Justina Gineikiene, Vida Skudiene

235. Country of Origin and Brand Positioning for High-Involvement Health-Care Services: An Abstract
Katherine A. Meese, Thomas L. Powers, S. Robert Hernandez, Andrew N. Garman, Tricia J. Johnson

236. Investigating the Malinchism-Nationalism Paradox in Hispanic TV Advertising: An Abstract
Adesegun Oyedele, Monica D. Hernandez

237. Customer-Based Brand Equity in the Digital Age: Development of a Theoretical Framework: An Abstract
Agnieszka Zablocki, Bodo Schlegelmilch, Elena Schant

238. Customer-Based Online Reputation: One Key Antecedent and Some Consequences
Chebli Youness, Pierre Valette-Flotence

239. Ten Million Followers and Counting: How Digital Brand Alliances Between Online Influencers and Brands Impact Consumer Value: An Abstract Perceptions
Jaywant Singh, La Toya Quamina, Tao Xue

240. Drivers of Brand Page Attachment: An Abstract
Rico Piehler, Michael Schade, Barbara Kleine-Kalmer, Christoph Burmann

241. Service Provider Absenteeism: What Happens When You’re Not There? An Abstract
Joshua Denton, Melissa Moore, Robert Moore

242. The Spillover Effects of Negative Supply Chain Information on Consumers’ Perceptions of Product Attributes
Jon Kirchoff, Bridget Nichols, Hannah Stolze, Connor Brown

243. Stakeholder Considerations in Corporate Efforts of Business Sustainability: An Abstract
Göran Svensson, Carlos Ferro, Nils Høgevold, Carmen Padin, Juan Carlos Sosa-Varela

244. Value Creation for Emergency Supply Chain Members: An Abstract
Iana Shaheen(Lukina), Robert Hooker

245. Marketing Mix-Based Facebook Posts and Potential Consumers: An Abstract
Benjamin K. Wright

246. Content Strategies for Facebook Marketing: A Case Study of a Leading Fast-Food Brand Page
Len Tiu Wright, Hazem Gaber, Robin Robin, Huifen Cai

247. New Media Celebrity and Social Media Promotions: An Abstract
Alyssa J. Reynolds

248. Exploring the Impact of Brand Selfie on Brand Attitude in the Twittersphere: An Abstract
Xia Liu

249. Creating Value in an Introduction to Marketing Course Using a Simulation: An Abstract
Debbie Laverie, Miles Condon, William Humphrey, Corky Mitchell

250. Perceived Value of an Online Interactive Learning Tool and Its Critical Antecedents: An Abstract
Qin Sun, Yann Abdourazakou, Thomas J. Norman

251. Experiential Learning and Value Co-Creation in the Classroom: A New Examination Using Social Media Monitoring
Leigh Anne Donovan, Chiharu Ishida, Peter Kaufman

252. The Use of Brand Concept Maps and Network Analysis Tools to Examine Brand Associations Networks: An Abstract
Abdullah Demirel

253. Data Fraud in Research: Types, Detection, and Consequences to Data Quality as well as to Research Results, Findings, Implications, and the Body of Marketing Knowledge: An Abstract
David J. Ortinau, Barry J. Babin, Joseph F. Hair, John B. Ford, James S. Boles

254. Predictive Validity in Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis: A Comparison of Hypothetical and Incentive-Aligned ACBC with Incentive-Aligned CBC: An Abstract
Verena Wackershauser, Marcel Lichters, Bodo Vogt

Keywords: Business and Management, Customer Relationship Management, Online Marketing/Social Media, Big Data/Analytics

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Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science
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