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The Palgrave Handbook of Relational Sociology

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Table of contents

Part I. General Presentations of Relational Sociology

1. Relational Thinking in Sociology: Relevance, Concurrence and Dissonance
François Dépelteau

2. The Relation as Magical Operator: Overcoming the Divide Between Relational and Processual Sociology
Frédéric Vandenberghe

Part II. Part II

3. Sociology of Infinitesimal Difference. Gabriel Tarde’s Heritage
Sergio Tonkonoff

4. Pluralism and Relationalism in Social Theory: Lessons from the Tarde–Durkheim Debate
David Toews

5. G.H. Mead and Relational Sociology: The Case of Concepts
Jean-François Côté

6. Pragmatist Methodological Relationalism in Sociological Understanding of Evolving Human Culture
Osmo Kivinen, Tero Piiroinen

7. Deleuze and Relational Sociology
Peter Lenco

8. Triangular Relations
Olli Pyyhtinen

9. Bruno Latour and Relational Sociology
Christian Papilloud

Section B. Social Forms, System Theories and Network Analysis

10. Georg Simmel and Relational Sociology
Christian Papilloud

11. Georg Simmel’s Concept of Forms of Association as an Analytical Tool for Relational Sociology
Natàlia Cantó-Milà

12. Switchings Among Netdoms: The Relational Sociology of Harrison C. White
Jorge Fontdevila

13. Relationalism and Social Networks
Emily Erikson

14. Is Niklas Luhmann a Relational Sociologist?
Jean-Sébastien Guy

Section C. Power Relations, Inequalities and Conflicts

15. Charles Tilly and Relational Sociology
Chares Demetriou

16. Mann and Relational Sociology
Tõnis Saarts, Peeter Selg

17. Pierre Bourdieu and Relational Sociology
Christian Papilloud, Eva-Maria Schultze

18. Relational Sociology and Postcolonial Theory: Sketches of a “Postcolonial Relationalism”
Julian Go

19. Shorelines, Seashells, and Seeds: Feminist Epistemologies, Ecological Thinking, and Relational Ontologies
Andrea Doucet

Part III. Main Current Approaches in Relational Sociology

20. Beyond the Manifesto: Mustafa Emirbayer and Relational Sociology
Lily Liang, Sida Liu

21. Critical Realism as Relational Sociology
Douglas V. Porpora

22. An Original Relational Sociology Grounded in Critical Realism
Pierpaolo Donati

23. Deconstructing and Reconstructing Social Networks
Jan A. Fuhse

24. Networks, Interactions and Relations
Nick Crossley

25. From the Concept of ‘Trans-Action’ to a Process-Relational Sociology
François Dépelteau

Part IV. Specific Issues and Concepts in Relational Sociology

26. Relational Agency
Ian Burkitt

27. Power and Relational Sociology
Peeter Selg

28. Relational Radicalization
Chares Demetriou, Eitan Y. Alimi

29. The Relational Meaning-Making of Riots: Narrative Logic and Network Performance of the London “Riots”
Christian Morgner

30. Music Sociology in Relational Perspective
Nick Crossley

31. Relational Sociology: Contributions to Understanding Residential Relocation Decisions in Later Life
Sarah Hillcoat-Nallétamby

32. Relations, Organising, Leadership and Education
Scott Eacott

33. Marcel Mauss, the Gift and Relational Sociology
Christian Papilloud

Keywords: Social Sciences, Sociological Theory, Organizational Studies, Economic Sociology, Sociology of Culture

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