Brown, Nahum

Contemporary Debates in Negative Theology and Philosophy

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Old Questions and New Frontiers in the Philosophy of Religion
J. Aaron Simmons

2. A Philosophy of the Unsayable
Kevin Hart

3. Speaking About Silence (Sort of): When Does a Philosophy of the Unsayable Just Stop Being Philosophy?
J. Aaron Simmons

4. William Franke and the Unfinished Philosophical Revolution of the West
William C. Hackett

5. To Be and Not to Know, That Is the Question: Reading William Franke’s A Philosophy of the Unsayable

Sai Bhatawadekar

6. Is There a Logic of the Ineffable? Or, How Is it Possible to Talk About the Unsayable?
Stephen Palmquist

7. Betwixt and Amidst: Mixed Genres of Sophia
William Franke

Part II. Thinking the Apophatic: Hegel and Postmodernity

8. Is Hegel an Apophatic Thinker?
Nahum Brown

9. Hegel and the Negation of the Apophatic
Andrew W. Hass

10. Infinite Reduplication: Kierkegaard’s Negative Concept of God
Peter Kline

11. Heidegger’s Apophaticism: Unsaying the Said and the Silence of the Last God
Elliot R. Wolfson

12. Irenic Ironic Unsayable: A Correlation of Franke and Wolfson
Lissa McCullough

13. The Apophatic Trace of Derrida and Zhuangzi
David Chai

14. Apophatic Universalism East and West: Rethinking Universality Today in the Interstices Between Cultures
William Franke

Part III. The Vanishing Point of the Apophatic in Poetry and Literature

15. Apophasis as a Means of Expressing Ecological Indeterminacy: Reading Modernist Poetry with William Franke’s A Philosophy of the Unsayable

Sabine Lenore Müller

16. The Astonished Silencing of Things: The Hypothesis of an Apophatic Tautology in the Poetry of Fernando Pessoa’s Heteronym Alberto Caeiro
Bruno Béu

17. Unspeakable Trash: Heidegger, Philip K. Dick, and the Philosophy of Horror
Anthony Curtis Adler

18. Concluding Essay: New Apophatic Paths in Current Critical Thinking
William Franke

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Comparative Religion

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Palgrave Frontiers in Philosophy of Religion
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