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Table of contents

Part I. Foundations

1. Introduction to Media Synchronization (MediaSync)
Mario Montagud, Pablo Cesar, Fernando Boronat, Jack Jansen

2. Evolution of Temporal Multimedia Synchronization Principles
Zixia Huang, Klara Nahrstedt, Ralf Steinmetz

3. Theoretical Foundations: Formalized Temporal Models for Hyperlinked Multimedia Documents
Britta Meixner

4. Time, Frequency and Phase Synchronisation for Multimedia—Basics, Issues, Developments and Opportunities
Hugh Melvin, Jonathan Shannon, Kevin Stanton

Part II. Applications, Use Cases, and Requirements

5. Simultaneous Output-Timing Control in Networked Games and Virtual Environments
Pingguo Huang, Yutaka Ishibashi

6. Automated Video Mashups: Research and Challenges
Mukesh Kumar Saini, Wei Tsang Ooi

7. MediaSynch Issues for Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
Ketan Mayer-Patel

Part III. User Experience and Evaluation Methodologies

8. Perceiving, Interacting and Playing withMultimedia Delays
Ragnhild Eg, Kjetil Raaen

9. Methods for Human-Centered Evaluation of MediaSync in Real-Time Communication
Gunilla Berndtsson, Marwin Schmitt, Peter Hughes, Janto Skowronek, Katrin Schoenenberg, Alexander Raake

10. Synchronization for Secondary Screens and Social TV: User Experience Aspects
Jeroen Vanattenhoven, David Geerts

11. Media Synchronization in Networked Multisensory Applications with Haptics
Pingguo Huang, Mya Sithu, Yutaka Ishibashi

12. Olfaction-Enhanced Multimedia Synchronization
Niall Murray, Gabriel-Miro Muntean, Yuansong Qiao, Brian Lee

Part IV. Document Formats and Standards

13. SMIL: Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
Dick C. A. Bulterman

14. Specifying Intermedia Synchronization with a Domain-Specific Language: The Nested Context Language (NCL)
Marcio Ferreira Moreno, Romualdo M. R. Costa, Marcelo F. Moreno

15. Time and Timing Within MPEG Standards
Lourdes Beloqui Yuste

16. Synchronization in MPEG-4 Systems
Jean Feuvre, Cyril Concolato

17. Media Synchronization on the Web
Ingar M. Arntzen, Njål T. Borch, François Daoust

18. Media Synchronisation for Television Services Through HbbTV
M. Oskar Deventer, Michael Probst, Christoph Ziegler

Part V. Algorithms, Protocols and Techniques

19. Video Delivery and Challenges: TV, Broadcast and Over The Top
Tim Stevens, Stephen Appleby

20. Camera Synchronization for Panoramic Videos
Vamsidhar R. Gaddam, Ragnar Langseth, Håkon K. Stensland, Carsten Griwodz, Michael Riegler, Tomas Kupka, Håvard Espeland, Dag Johansen, Håvard D. Johansen, Pål Halvorsen

21. Merge and Forward: A Self-Organized Inter-Destination Media Synchronization Scheme for Adaptive Media Streaming over HTTP
Benjamin Rainer, Stefan Petscharnig, Christian Timmerer

22. Watermarking and Fingerprinting
Rolf Bardeli

23. Network Delay and Bandwidth Estimation for Cross-Device Synchronized Media
Mu Mu, Hans Stokking, Frank Hartog

Keywords: Computer Science, Multimedia Information Systems, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet), User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Computer Communication Networks, Communications Engineering, Networks

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