Underiner, Tamara

Theatre, Performance and Change

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Stephani Etheridge Woodson, Tamara Underiner

2. Taking the Mic: Hip Hop’s Call for Change
Daniel Banks

3. Rehearsing Citizenship: Performance as Public Practice in the Undergraduate Curriculum
Paul Bonin-Rodriguez, Charlotte M. Canning

4. Street Performers Working for Change
David Calder

5. The Third Space: Inter-Cultural Youth Performance as a Catalyst for Change
Young Ai Choi

6. Uncommon Partnerships
Jan Cohen-Cruz

7. Reflections on School Change Through the Arts
Kathryn Dawson

8. n = 1
Linda Essig

9. Denouement: Notes on the End(s) of Activism
John Fletcher

10. Making Change: Performance and the Workings of the Event
Marcela A. Fuentes

11. Adding to the Dialogue with Latina/o Plays for Young Audiences
Lorenzo Garcia

12. An Environment of Cascading Consequences
Nadine George-Graves

13. Creating a Populist Theatre
Jamie Haft

14. Laying the Groundwork for Dramatic Results: ASSITEJ’s Next Generation
Norifumi Hida

15. Fifty Years of Chicano Theatre: Mapping the Face(s) of the New American Theatre
Jorge A. Huerta

In the Heights at the University of Pittsburgh: Failures, Successes and Change
Lisa Jackson-Schebetta

17. Choreography, Connections and Change
Elizabeth Johnson

18. The Journey Matters: Agency Through Artistry
Daniel A. Kelin

19. “Of Change”
Michal Kobialka

20. Testing the Waters of Change in the Classroom: The Case for Incremental Transformation in Teacher Practice
Bridget Kiger Lee, Patricia Enciso

21. Racial Justice Activism and Equitable Partnerships: Theories of Change from Theatres of Color
Stephanie Lein Walseth

22. Social Imaginaries and Theatre
Robert H. Leonard

23. Radical Creativity as a Lever for Social Change: Why it Matters, What it Takes
Ruby Lerner

24. Why Do They Think This Is Okay? Critiquing Performance as a Means for Change
Scott Magelssen

25. What We Left Behind in Our Race to the Top: Education Reform Goes Metaformative
Mary McAvoy

26. The Aesthetics of Inclusion
Talleri A. McRae

27. Changes, Everything Changes (Cambia, todo cambia)
Carlos Morton

28. Big History
Tobin Nellhaus

29. 100 Questions 3 Ideas 1 Story and a Ghost
Michael Rohd

30. SHIFT2
Jon D. Rossini

31. “The Odéon is Open”: Performative Politics and the Paris 1968 Uprising
Alan Sikes

32. Despite Artists’ Intentions, Emancipated Spectatorship Reinforces Audience Members’ Existing Attitudes and Beliefs
Dani Snyder-Young

33. The Breath of Change or How to Stay Awake When the World Desires Sleep and Other Thoughts About Theatre, Performance and Bowie’s “Ch-Changes”
Caridad Svich

34. The Waning of Affect, the End of the Liberal Project, and the Rehearsal of Social Change: A Page from the Millennial Playbook
E. J. Westlake

35. (Inter)Disciplinary Change
W. B. Worthen

36. The Administrator as Activist
Patricia Ybarra

37. And …?
Stephani Etheridge Woodson, Tamara Underiner

Keywords: Cultural and Media Studies, Performing Arts, Contemporary Theatre, Performers and Practitioners

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55 pages
Art, Art History
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