Montero, José A. Losada

Rerouting Galician Studies

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Table of contents

Part I. Frames

1. Rerouting Galician Studies: Intellectual Cartographies of the USA
José A. Losada Montero

2. Putting Queerness on the Map: Notes for a Queer Galician Studies
Danny M. Barreto

3. Blue Atlantic: Gilroy and Galicia
Álex Alonso Nogueira

4. Cultures of Nature in Mid-Twentieth-Century Galicia
Daniel Ares-López

Ríos, fontes, peiraos, and océanos: Hydropoetics and the Galician Cultural Imagination
Kirsty Hooper

Part II. Routes

6. The Production of Galician Space: Ethnographic Interventions
Sharon R. Roseman

7. From the Island of Trauma to Fantasy Island: The Renovation of San Simón
John Patrick Thompson

8. Xoán González-Millán and the Present Uses of the Past: Notes from a Study on Exile
Pablo García Martínez

9. Places/Non-places: Galicia on the Road of St. James

Eugenia Afinoguénova

10. Peripheral Systems, Doctrinal Enforcement, and the Future of Galician Studies
Thomas S. Harrington

Part III. Readings

11. The Master Signifier of Galician Culture: Manuel Fraga and Undemocratic, Affective Populism
Joseba Gabilondo

12. Castelao: Nationalism, Federalism, and the Postcolonial
Ana Carballal

13. Stage and History in O incerto señor don Hamlet

Juan Caamaño

14. The Perceived Presence/Absence of the Galician Accent on Galician TV Newscasts
Obdulia Castro

Part IV. Teachings

15. Teaching Galicia in Appalachia: Lessons from Anthropology, Ethnographic Poetry, Documentary Photography, and Political Theory
Heidi Kelley, Kenneth A. Betsalel

16. Galician Studies, Language, and Linguistics in US Academic Curricula
Viola G. Miglio

O monstro das palabras: Reframing Rosalía de Castro’s Role for Future Generations
Eugenia R. Romero

Part V. Visualities

18. Trace andDefamiliarization inContemporary Documentary (Víctor Erice andEloy Enciso Cachafeiro)
Cristina Moreiras-Menor

19. Galician Animation in the Global Age: Imagining the Nation from the Glocal Forest
José Colmeiro

20. Moving Beyond the Frame: Literature, Madness, and Vincent van Gogh in Manuel Rivas’s Os comedores de patacas

María Elena Soliño

21. Sargadelos and the Aesthetic Formation of Galician Identity
Ekaterina Volkova

Keywords: Cultural and Media Studies, European Culture, Cultural Heritage, Cultural Studies, European Cinema, Comparative Literature

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