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Table of contents

Part I. Applications of Geographical Information Systems and Disaster Management

1. Forecasting the Spatial Distribution of Buildings that Will Remain in the Future
Toshihiro Osaragi, Maki Kishimoto

2. Research on the Potential Environmental Zonation of Red Flesh Dragon Fruit in Vinh Phuc Province
Minh Nhat Thi Doan, Cong Thien Dao, Nam Ta Nguyen, Hang Thanh Thi Nguyen, Hang Le Thi Tran, Son Thanh Le, Manh Van Vu

3. Evacuation Exercises and Simulations Toward Improving Safety at Public Buildings
Angela Santos, Margarida Queirós, Gabriele Montecchiari

Part II. Environmental Modelling and Simulation

4. Estimating the Environmental Impact of Agriculture by Means of Geospatial and Big Data Analysis: The Case of Catalonia
Andreas Kamilaris, Anton Assumpcio, August Bonmati Blasi, Marta Torrellas, Francesc X. Prenafeta-Boldú

5. Land-Use Change and CO2 Emissions Associated with Oil Palm Expansion in Indonesia by 2020
Liselotte Schebek, Jan T. Mizgajski, Rüdiger Schaldach, Florian Wimmer

6. Application of the Forgotten Effects Theory for Assessing the Public Policy on Air Pollution of the Commune of Valdivia, Chile
Erna Megawati Manna, Julio Rojas-Mora, Cristian Mondaca-Marino

7. Initial Assessment of Air Pollution and Emergency Ambulance Calls in 35 Israeli Cities
Barak Fishbain, Eli Yafe

8. Saltwater Intrusion Forecast of the Pleistocene Aquifer Caused by Groundwater Exploiting in the Nam Dinh Coastal Zone
Trinh Hoai Thu, Nguyen Nghia, Tran Thi Thuy Huong, Do Thang, Nguyen Thi Hien

Part III. Energy Informatics and Environmental Informatics

9. Energy Data Management in an Eco Learning Factory with Traditional SME Characteristics
Heiko Thimm

10. Methodology for Optimally Sizing a Green Electric and Thermal Eco-Village
Sasan Rafii-Tabrizi, Jean-Régis Hadji-Minaglou, Frank Scholzen, Florin Capitanescu

11. Multi-Model-Approach Towards Decentralized Corporate Energy Systems
Christine Koppenhoefer, Jan Fauser, Dieter Hertweck

12. Solar Cadaster of Geneva: A Decision Support System for Sustainable Energy Management
G. Desthieux, C. Carneiro, A. Susini, N. Abdennadher, A. Boulmier, A. Dubois, R. Camponovo, D. Beni, M. Bach, P. Leverington, E. Morello

13. Goal-Based Automation of Peer-to-Peer Electricity Trading
Jordan Murkin, Ruzanna Chitchyan, David Ferguson

Part IV. Software Tools and Environmental Databases

14. A Literature Survey of Information Systems Facilitating the Identification of Industrial Symbiosis
Guido Capelleveen, Chintan Amrit, Devrim Murat Yazan

15. Using Twitter for Geolocation Purposes During the Hanse Sail 2016 in Rostock
Ferdinand Vettermann, Christian Seip, Ralf Bill

16. Smart Monitoring System of Air Quality and Wall Humidity Accompanying an Energy Efficient Renovation Process of Apartment Buildings
Grit Behrens, Johannes Weicht, Klaus Schlender, Florian Fehring, Rouven Dreimann, Michael Meese, Frank Hamelmann, Christoph Thiel, Thorsten Försterling, Marc Wübbenhorst

17. A Lightweight Web Components Framework for Accessing Generic Data Services in Environmental Information Systems
Eric Braun, Alessa Radkohl, Christian Schmitt, Thorsten Schlachter, Clemens Düpmeier

18. From Sensors to Users—Using Microservices for the Handling of Measurement Data
Thorsten Schlachter, Eric Braun, Clemens Düpmeier, Hannes Müller, Martin Scherrer

19. A Data Context and Architecture for Automotive Recycling
Clayton Burger, Alexandra Pehlken

20. Application of Methods of Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Production of Manufacturing Companies
Martina Willenbacher, Christian Kunisch, Volker Wohlgemuth

Part V. Energy Aware Software-Engineering and Development

21. On the Impact of Code Obfuscation to Software Energy Consumption
Christian Bunse

22. Energy Consumption and Hardware Utilization of Standard Software: Methods and Measurements for Software Sustainability
Achim Guldner, Marcel Garling, Marlies Morgen, Stefan Naumann, Eva Kern, Lorenz M. Hilty

23. Green Computing, Green Software, and Its Characteristics: Awareness, Rating, Challenges
Eva Kern

24. A Framework for Optimizing Energy Efficiency in Data Centers
Volkan Gizli, Jorge Marx Gómez

25. GranMicro: A Black-Box Based Approach for Optimizing Microservices Based Applications
Ola Mustafa, Jorge Marx Gómez, Mohamad Hamed, Hergen Pargmann

Part VI. Sustainable Mobility

26. Providing a Sustainable, Adaptive IT Infrastructure for Portable Micro-CHP Test Benches
Dominik Schöner, Richard Pump, Henrik Rüscher, Arne Koschel, Volker Ahlers

27. An Approach for a Comprehensive Knowledge Base for a DSS to Determine the Suitability of Open Data Business Models
Johann Schütz, Dennis Schünke, Benjamin Wagner vom Berg, Christian Linder, Frank Köster

28. New Era of Fleet Management Systems for Autonomous Vehicles
Alexander Sandau, Jorge Marx Gómez

Keywords: Business and Management, Business Information Systems, Information Systems and Communication Service, Environmental Management, Renewable and Green Energy, Environmental Science and Engineering

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