Day, John W.

Mississippi Delta Restoration

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Table of contents

1. Introduction – Changing Conditions in the Mississippi Delta from 1700 to 2100 and Beyond: Avoiding Folly
John W. Day, Jeffrey A. Carney

2. A Brief History of Delta Formation and Deterioration
Robert R. Lane, G. Paul Kemp, John W. Day

3. Levees and the Making of a Dysfunctional Floodplain
Craig E. Colten

4. The Nutria in Louisiana: A Current and Historical Perspective
Charles E. Sasser, Guerry O. Holm, Elaine Evers-Hebert, Gary P. Shaffer

5. Optimum Use of Fresh Water to Restore Baldcypress – Water Tupelo Swamps and Freshwater Marshes and Protect Against Salt Water Intrusion: A Case Study of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin
Gary P. Shaffer, John W. Day, Robert R. Lane

6. Energy and Climate – Global Trends and Their Implications for Delta Restoration
Jeffrey S. Rutherford, Adrian R. H. Wiegman, John W. Day, Robert R. Lane

7. The Costs and Sustainability of Ongoing Efforts to Restore and Protect Louisiana’s Coast
Adrian R. H. Wiegman, Jeffrey S. Rutherford, John W. Day

8. Large Infrequently Operated River Diversions for Mississippi Delta Restoration
John W. Day, Robert R. Lane, Christopher F. D’Elia, Adrian R. H. Wiegman, Jeffrey S. Rutherford, Gary P. Shaffer, Christopher G. Brantley, G. Paul Kemp

9. Raising Urban Land: Historical Perspectives on Adaptation
Craig E. Colten

10. Raising Buildings: The Resilience of Elevated Structures
Jori A. Erdman, Elizabeth A. Williams, Christopher W. James, Giovanni P. Coakley

11. Raising New Orleans: The Marais Design Strategy
Jori A. Erdman, Christopher W. James, Giovanni P. Coakley, Elizabeth A. Williams

12. Eroding Communities and Diverting Populations: Historical Population Dynamics in Coastal Louisiana
Scott A. Hemmerling

13. Developing Legal Strategies for a Sustainable Coast
James G. Wilkins

14. Summary and Conclusions
John W. Day

Keywords: Environment, Marine & Freshwater Sciences, Freshwater & Marine Ecology, Coastal Sciences, Environmental Management

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