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Probabilistic Cellular Automata

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Table of contents

1. Overview: PCA Models and Issues
Roberto Fernández, Pierre-Yves Louis, Francesca R. Nardi

2. Probabilistic Cellular Automata in the Visual Arts
Roeland M. H. Merks

Part I. Probability and Statistical Mechanics

3. Basic Ideas to Approach Metastability in Probabilistic Cellular Automata
Emilio N. M. Cirillo, Francesca R. Nardi, Cristian Spitoni

4. Strategic Interaction in Interacting Particle Systems
Paolo Dai Pra, Elena Sartori, Marco Tolotti

5. Scaling and Inverse Scaling in Anisotropic Bootstrap Percolation
Aernout C. D. Enter

6. The Sandpile Cellular Automaton
Antal A. Járai

7. Ising Model on the Torus and PCA Dynamics: Reversibility, Irreversibility, and Fast Tunneling
Carlo Lancia, Benedetto Scoppola

8. Synchronization in Interacting Reinforced Stochastic Processes
Pierre-Yves Louis, Ida G. Minelli

9. Nonequilibrium Physics Aspects of Probabilistic Cellular Automata
Christian Maes

Part II. Computer Science and Discrete Dynamical Systems

10. An Example of Computation of the Density of Ones in Probabilistic Cellular Automata by Direct Recursion
Henryk Fukś

11. Statistical Equilibrium in Deterministic Cellular Automata
Siamak Taati

12. Epidemic Automaton and the Eden Model: Various Aspects of Robustness
Lucas Gerin

13. Convergence Time of Probabilistic Cellular Automata on the Torus
Lorenzo Taggi

14. Percolation Operators and Related Models
Piotr Słowiński

15. Phase Transitions of Cellular Automata
Franco Bagnoli, Raúl Rechtman

Part III. Applications to Natural Sciences and Computational (Cell) Biology

16. A Trade-Off Between Simplicity and Robustness? Illustration on a Lattice-Gas Model of Swarming
Nazim Fatès, Vincent Chevrier, Olivier Bouré

17. PCA Modelling of Multi-species Cell Clusters: Ganglion Development in the Gastrointestinal Nervous System
Kerry A. Landman, Donald F. Newgreen

18. Cellular Potts Model: Applications to Vasculogenesis and Angiogenesis
Sonja E. M. Boas, Yi Jiang, Roeland M. H. Merks, Sotiris A. Prokopiou, Elisabeth G. Rens

19. Cellular Potts Models for Interacting Cell Populations: Mathematical Foundation, Challenges, and Future Prospects
Anja Voss-Böhme

20. Cellular Automata for Clouds and Convection
Daan Crommelin

Keywords: Mathematics, Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes, Complexity, Mathematical and Computational Biology, Statistics for Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry and Earth Sciences, Computer Appl. in Life Sciences, Probability and Statistics in Computer Science

Publication year
Emergence, Complexity and Computation
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18 pages
Natural Sciences
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