Cammeraat, L.H.

The Luxembourg Gutland Landscape

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Table of contents

1. Geological and Geomorphological Evolution of Luxembourg and Its Cuesta Landscape
B. Kausch, R. Maquil

2. Historical Perspective of Dutch Geomorphological Research in the Gutland Region in Luxembourg
P. D. Jungerius

3. Palynological Reconstruction of the Effects of Holocene Climatic Oscillations and Agricultural History on Soils and Landforms in Luxembourg
J. M. Mourik, R. T. Slotboom

4. Contrasting Hydrologic Response in the Cuesta Landscapes of Luxembourg
L. Pfister, C. Hissler, J. F. Iffly, M. Coenders, R. Teuling, A. Arens, L. H. Cammeraat

5. Hybrid Geomorphological Mapping in the Cuesta Landscape of Luxembourg
A. C. Seijmonsbergen, L. W. S. Graaff

6. Soils of the Luxembourg Lias Cuesta Landscape
L. H. Cammeraat, J. Sevink, C. Hissler, J. Juilleret, B. Jansen, A. M. Kooijman, L. Pfister, J. M. Verstraten

7. Alternative Strategies for Nutrient Cycling in Acidic and Calcareous Forests in the Luxembourg Cuesta Landscape
A. M. Kooijman, K. Kalbitz, A. Smit

8. Relationships Between Forest Vegetation, Parent Material and Soil Development in the Luxembourg Cuesta Landscape
A. M. Kooijman, A. Smit

9. Steinmergelkeuper Forest Soils in Luxembourg: Properties and Pedogenesis of Soils with an Abrupt Textural Contrast
L. H. Cammeraat, T. M. W. Broek, J. M. Verstraten

10. Soil Animals and Litter Quality as Key Factors to Plant Species Richness, Topsoil Development and Hydrology in Forests on Decalcified Marl
A. M. Kooijman, L. H. Cammeraat, C. Cusell, H. Weiler, A. C. Imeson

11. Applications of Physiotope Mapping in the Cuesta Landscape of Luxembourg
A. C. Seijmonsbergen, L. H. Cammeraat, A. M. Kooijman

12. Twenty-Five Years of Life Lessons
Annemieke Smit, Luuk Dorren, Hans Noord, Josja Veraart, Casper Cusell, Henk Pieter Sterk

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geology, Geomorphology, Landscape Ecology

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