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Emergency Radiology

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Table of contents

1. Imaging of Acute Aortic Conditions
Jeanette Chun, Mohammad Mansouri, Ajay Singh

2. Emergencies of the Biliary Tract
Caterina Missiroli, Mohammad Mansouri, Ajay Singh

3. Acute Appendicitis
Ajay Singh, Mohammad Mansouri, Benjamin M. Yeh, Robert A. Novelline

4. Imaging of Small Bowel
Ajay Singh, Mohammad Mansouri, Terry S. Desser

5. Imaging of Bowel Obstruction
Ajay Singh, Mohammad Mansouri

6. Imaging of Acute Colonic Disorders
Ajay Singh, Mohammad Mansouri

7. Imaging of Genitourinary Emergencies
Robin B. Levenson, Mai-Lan Ho, Mohammad Mansouri

8. Imaging of Acute Conditions of Male Reproductive Organs
Caterina Missiroli, Mohammad Mansouri, Ajay Singh

9. Imaging of Blunt and Penetrating Abdominal Trauma
Paul F. Herrmann, David J. Nickels, Mohammad Mansouri, Ajay Singh

10. Acute Nontraumatic Imaging in the Liver and Spleen
Dale E. Hansen, Sridhar Shankar, Mohammad Mansouri, Ajay Singh

11. Imaging of Acute Pancreas
Caterina Missiroli, Mohammad Mansouri, Ajay Singh

12. Imaging of Acute Obstetric Disorders
Mohammad Mansouri, Ajay Singh

13. Imaging of Acute Gynecologic Disorders
Chris Malcolm, Amisha R. Khicha, Mohammad Mansouri, Ajay Singh

14. Emergency Radionuclide Imaging of the Thorax and Abdomen
Cynthia Lumby, Paul F. Herrmann, M. Elizabeth Oates

15. Imaging of Neck Emergencies
Mohammad Mansouri, Ajay Singh

16. Imaging of Acute Head Emergencies
Abdul-Majid Khan, Sneha R. Patel, Mohammad Mansouri, Ajay Singh

17. Imaging of Facial Fractures
Dennis Coughlin, Paul Jaffray, Mohammad Mansouri, Ajay Singh

18. Stroke and Its Imaging Evaluation
Sathish Kumar Dundamadappa, Melanie Ehinger, Andrew Chen, Mohammad Mansouri

19. Imaging of Acute Orbital Pathologies
Mohammad Mansouri, Ajay Singh

20. Imaging of Upper Extremity
Joshua Leeman, Jonathan E. Leeman, Mohammad Mansouri, Ajay Singh

21. Lower Extremity Trauma
Rathachai Kaewlai, Mohammad Mansouri, Ajay Singh

22. Imaging of Spinal Trauma
Parul Penkar, Rathachai Kaewlai, Mohammad Mansouri, Ajay Singh, Laura Avery, Robert A. Novelline

23. Imaging of Nontraumatic Mediastinal and Pulmonary Processes
Brett W. Carter, Victorine V. Muse, Mohammad Mansouri

24. Imaging of Acute Thoracic Trauma
Neil Patel, Mohammad Mansouri, Sridhar Shankar, Ajay Singh

25. Imaging of Lines and Tubes
Ajay Singh, Mohammad Mansouri, Chris Heinis

26. Imaging of Pediatric Emergencies
John J. Krol, Ashvin Singh, Paul F. Herrmann, Harigovinda R. Challa, Mohammad Mansouri, Johanne E. Dillon

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology

Publication year
2nd ed. 2018
Page amount
10 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode
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