Filippa, Manuela

Early Vocal Contact and Preterm Infant Brain Development

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Table of contents

Part I. The Maternal Voice: A Link Between Fetal and Neonatal Period

1. Maternal Voice and Communicative Musicality: Sharing the Meaning of Life from Before Birth
Colwyn Trevarthen

2. Prenatal Experience with the Maternal Voice
Christine Moon

3. The Maternal Voice as a Special Signal for Infants
Sandra E. Trehub

4. The Development of Infant Participation in Communication
Maya Gratier, Emmanuel Devouche

5. Brain Mechanisms in Emotional Voice Production and Perception and Early Life Interactions
Didier Grandjean

Part II. The NICU Acoustic Environment and the Preterm Infant’s Auditory System Development

6. The Sound Environments and Auditory Perceptions of the Fetus and Preterm Newborn
M. Kathleen Philbin

7. The Auditory Sensitivity of Preterm Infants Toward Their Atypical Auditory Environment in the NICU and Their Attraction to Human Voices
Pierre Kuhn, André Dufour, Claire Zores

Part III. The Early Vocal Contact in the NICU

8. Early Vocal Contact: Direct Talking and Singing to Preterm Infants in the NICU
Manuela Filippa

9. Maternal Voice and Its Influence on Stress and Sleep
Fabrizio Ferrari, Giovanna Talucci, Luca Ori, Natascia Bertoncelli, Manuela Filippa, Laura Lucaccioni

10. Support of Language and Communication Development as a Rationale for Early Maternal Vocal Contact with Preterm Infants
Manuela Filippa, Pierre Kuhn

11. Recorded Maternal Voice, Recorded Music, or Live Intervention: A Bioecological Perspective
Joy V. Browne

Part IV. Family-Centered Music Therapy Experiences in the NICU

12. Empowering Parents in Singing to Hospitalized Infants: The Role of the Music Therapist
Helen Shoemark

13. Sounding Together: Family-Centered Music Therapy as Facilitator for Parental Singing During Skin-to-Skin Contact
Friederike Haslbeck, Pernilla Hugoson

Part V. Early Family-Based Interventions in the NICU

14. Stress-Sensitive Parental Brain Systems Regulate Emotion Response and Motivate Sensitive Child Care
James E. Swain

15. Mother/Infant Emotional Communication Through the Lens of Visceral/Autonomic Learning
Martha G. Welch, Robert J. Ludwig

16. Implications of Epigenetics in Developmental Care of Preterm Infants in the NICU: Preterm Behavioral Epigenetics
Rosario Montirosso, Livio Provenzi

17. Family-Based Interventions and Developmental Care Programmes: Rationale, Difficulties and Effectiveness
Jean-Michel Roué, Stéphane Rioualen, Jacques Sizun

Keywords: Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Pediatrics, Neurosciences

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