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Climate Modelling

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Elisabeth A. Lloyd, Eric Winsberg

Part I. Confirmation and Evidence

2. The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change: How Do We Know We’re Not Wrong?
Naomi Oreskes

3. Satellite Data and Climate Models
Elisabeth A. Lloyd

4. Fact Sheet for “Consistency of Modeled and Observed Temperature Trends in the Tropical Troposphere”
Ben Santer, Peter Thorne, Leo Haimberger, Karl Taylor, Tom Wigley, John Lanzante, Susan Solomon, Melissa Free, Peter Gleckler, Phil Jones, Tom Karl, Steve Klein, Carl Mears, Doug Nychka, Gavin Schmidt, Steve Sherwood, Frank Wentz

5. Consistency of Modeled and Observed Temperature Trends in the Tropical Troposphere
B. D. Santer, P. W. Thorne, L. Haimberger, K. E. Taylor, T. M. L. Wigley, J. R. Lanzante, S. Solomon, M. Free, P. J. Gleckler, P. D. Jones, T. R. Karl, S. A. Klein, C. Mears, D. Nychka, G. A. Schmidt, S. C. Sherwood, F. J. Wentz

6. The Role of “Complex” Empiricism in the Debates About Satellite Data and Climate Models
Elisabeth A. Lloyd

7. Reconciling Climate Model/Data Discrepancies: The Case of the ‘Trees That Didn’t Bark’
Michael E. Mann

8. Downscaling of Climate Information
L. O. Mearns, M. Bukovsky, S. C. Pryor, V. Magaña

Part II. Uncertainties and Robustness

9. The Significance of Robust Climate Projections
Wendy S. Parker

10. Building Trust, Removing Doubt? Robustness Analysis and Climate Modeling
Jay Odenbaugh

Part III. Climate Models as Guides to Policy

11. Climate Model Confirmation: From Philosophy to Predicting Climate in the Real World
Reto Knutti

12. Uncertainty in Climate Science and Climate Policy
Jonathan Rougier, Michel Crucifix

13. Communicating Uncertainty to Policymakers: The Ineliminable Role of Values
Eric Winsberg

14. Modeling Climate Policies: The Social Cost of Carbon and Uncertainties in Climate Predictions
Mathias Frisch

15. Modeling Mitigation and Adaptation Policies to Predict Their Effectiveness: The Limits of Randomized Controlled Trials
Alexandre Marcellesi, Nancy Cartwright

Keywords: Environment, Climate Change, Philosophy of Science, Environmental Geography, Climate, general, Environment Studies

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