Dell'Aglio, Débora Dalbosco

Vulnerable Children and Youth in Brazil

Dell'Aglio, Débora Dalbosco - Vulnerable Children and Youth in Brazil, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Studying Human Development in Situations of Vulnerability in Brazil
Débora Dalbosco Dell’Aglio, Silvia Helena Koller

Part I. Contexts of Violence

2. Intrafamily Violence: A Study on Vulnerability and Resilience
Alessandra Marques Cecconello, Silvia Helena Koller

3. Methodological Aspects of Research on Violence Against Adolescents in Brazilian Public Schools
Jaqueline Portella Giordani, Naiana Dapieve Patias, Doralúcia Gil Silva, Débora Dalbosco Dell’Aglio

4. Theoretical-Methodological Aspects of Research on Violence in Adolescent Dating Relationships
Jeane Lessinger Borges, Débora Dalbosco Dell’Aglio

5. Research on the Disclosure of Sexual Violence: Ethical and Methodological Paths
Samara Silva Santos, Andressa Sauzem Mayer, Suélem Lopes Silva

6. An Integrative Conceptual Model for Enhanced Understanding of the Dynamics of Sexual Violence Against Children
Jean Hohendorff, Debra Nelson-Gardell, Luísa Fernanda Habigzang, Silvia Helena Koller

7. Discussion on Prejudice and Empathy in Children and Adolescents in Situations of Social Vulnerability: Proposition of Interventions
André Verzoni, Carolina Saraiva Macedo Lisboa

Part II. Risk and Protective Factors

8. Protective Factors for the Development of Adolescents with DM1: An Interface Between Positive Psychology and Health Psychology
Luciana Cassarino-Perez, Juliana Prytula Greco-Soares, Débora Dalbosco Dell’Aglio

9. Youth Positive Development Through Sport: Strategies from Social Project Coaches in Brazil and Spain
Maurício Pinto Marques, Luciano Alencastro, Rodrigo Vargas Araújo

10. Emerging Adulthood in Brazil: Socioeconomic Influences and Methodological Issues in the Study of Young Adults
Luciana Dutra-Thomé, Anderson Siqueira Pereira

Part III. Vulnerability in Mother-Infant Relations

11. Longitudinal Adolescent Mother-Infant Interactions: How Do They Happen Within Vulnerable Backgrounds?
Eva Diniz, Silvia Helena Koller

12. Ensuring the Rights of Birthmothers to Place Their Children for Adoption
Aline Cardoso Siqueira, Daniele Dalla Porta, Marina Peripolli Antoniazzi, Suane Pastoriza Faraj

Part IV. Institutional Care

13. Children’s Perceptions of the Relational and Educational Practices at Shelter Institutions
Eliane Lima Piske, Angela Adriane Schmidt Bersch, Maria Angela Mattar Yunes

14. The Use of Visual Methods and Reflexive Interviews in the Research with Children Living in Foster Care
Alex Sandro Gomes Pessoa, Jaqueline Knupp Medeiros, Débora Belizário Fonseca, Linda Lienbeberg

15. Social Images of Children in Care, Their Families, and Residential Care Institutions
Bruna Wendt, Jana Gonçalves Zappe, Juliano Beck Scott, Aline Cardoso Siqueira, Débora Dalbosco Dell’Aglio

Part V. Conflicts with the Law

16. The Applicability of Hidden Resilience in the Lives of Adolescents Involved in Drug Trafficking
Alex Sandro Gomes Pessoa, Renata Maria Coimbra, Amity Noltemeyer, Dorothy Bottrell

17. Systematization of Recording in Field Diary: A Case of a Research in Brazilian Juvenile Detention Centers
Vinicius Coscioni

Keywords: Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Childhood, Adolescence and Society, Maternal and Child Health

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