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The Palgrave Handbook of Criminology and the Global South

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Table of contents

Part I. Theoretical Debates and Key Concepts Using Southern Criminology

1. Criminology, Southern Theory and Cognitive Justice
Kerry Carrington, Russell Hogg, John Scott, Máximo Sozzo

2. Indigenous Challenges for Southern Criminology
Chris Cunneen

3. Confronting the North’s South: On Race and Violence in the United States
Elliott Currie

4. The Asian Criminological Paradigm and How It Links Global North and South: Combining an Extended Conceptual Tool box from the North with Innovative Asian Contexts
Jianhong Liu

5. Southern Criminology in the Post-colony: More Than a ‘Derivative Discourse’?
Mark Brown

6. The Rural Dimensions of a Southern Criminology: Selected Topics and General Processes
Joseph F. Donnermeyer

7. Queer Criminology and the Global South: Setting Queer and Southern Criminologies into Dialogue
Matthew Ball, Angela Dwyer

8. Southern Death Investigation: Theorizing Coronial Work from the Global South
Rebecca Scott Bray, Belinda Carpenter, Michael Barnes

9. Research Excellence and Anglophone Dominance: The Case of Law, Criminology and Social Science
Patricia Faraldo-Cabana

10. Southern Criminology, Zonal Banning and the Language of Urban Crime Prevention
Ian Warren, Darren Palmer

Part II. Crime, Criminalisation and Policing in the Global Peripheries

11. Crime and Development in the Global South
Jarrett Blaustein, Nathan W. Pino, Graham Ellison

12. Crime and the Cyber Periphery: Criminological Theory Beyond Time and Space
Murray Lee

13. The Digital and Legal Divide: Silk Road, Transnational Online Policing and Southern Criminology
Monique Mann, Ian Warren

14. Marginalized Voices: The Absence of Nigerian Scholars in Global Examinations of Online Fraud
Cassandra Cross

15. The Global Context of Transnational Environmental Crime in Asia
Rob White

16. Climate Apartheid and Environmental Refugees
Avi Brisman, Nigel South, Reece Walters

17. Green Criminology as Decolonial Tool: A Stereoscope of Environmental Harm
David Rodríguez Goyes

18. Human Trafficking on the Global Periphery: A Terrible Spectacle
Larissa Sandy

19. Trading Corruption North/South
Mark Findlay

20. Capturing Crime in the Antipodes: Colonist Cultural Representation of Indigeneity
Bridget Harris, Jenny Wise

21. Visual Criminology and the Southern Crime Scene
Rebecca Scott Bray

22. Staying Safe in Colombia and Mexico: Skilled Navigation and Everyday Insecurity
Helen Berents, Charlotte ten Have

23. A Southern Perspective on Extrajudicial Police Killings in Bangladesh
Md. Kamal Uddin

24. Developing a Global South Perspective of Street Children’s Involvement in Organized Crime
Sally Atkinson-Sheppard

25. Public Spitting in ‘Developing’ Nations of the Global South: Harmless Embedded Practice or Disgusting, Harmful and Deviant?
Ross Coomber, Leah Moyle, Adele Pavlidis

26. Trends and Patterns of Police-Related Deaths in Brazil
Vania Ceccato, Silas N. Melo, Tulio Kahn

27. Violent Crimes Committed by Juveniles in Mexico
Elena Azaola

28. Expectations and Encounters: Comparing Perceptions of Police Services Among the Underprivileged in South Africa and Zimbabwe
Tariro Mutongwizo

29. Understanding Crime and Justice in Torres Strait Islander Communities
John Scott, James Morton

30. Crime, Criminality, and North-to-South Criminological Complexities: Theoretical Implications for Policing ‘Hotspot’ Communities in ‘Underdeveloped’ Countries
Danielle Watson, Dylan Kerrigan

31. Crimes of the Powerful in the Global South: ‘State Failure’ as Elite Success
Kristian Lasslett, Thomas MacManus

Part III. Southern Penalities

32. Beyond the ‘Neo-liberal Penality Thesis’? Punitive Turn and Political Change in South America
Máximo Sozzo

33. Transformations of the Crime Control Field in Colombia
Libardo José Ariza, Manuel Iturralde

34. Punishment at the Margins: Groundwork for a Revisited Sociology of Punishment
David S. Fonseca

35. One of the Smallest Prison Populations in the World Under Threat: The Case of Tuvalu
John Pratt, Timi Melei

36. Rethinking Penal Modernism from the Global South: The Case of Convict Transportation to Australia
Russell Hogg, David Brown

37. ‘Profiles’ of Deportability: Analyzing Spanish Migration Control Policies from a Neocolonial Perspective
Cristina Fernández Bessa, José A. Brandariz García

38. The Rise of Crimmigration in Australia: Importing Laws and Exporting Lives
Khanh Hoang

Part IV. Gender, Culture and Crime on the Global Periphery

39. Globalizing Feminist Criminology: Gendered Violence During Peace and War
Rosemary Barberet, Kerry Carrington

40. Criminology and the Violence(s) of Northern Theorizing: A Critical Examination of Policy Transfer in Relation to Violence Against Women from the Global North to the Global South
Sandra Walklate, Kate Fitz-Gibbon

41. Globalization and Theorizing Intimate Partner Violence from the Global South
Stephanie Spaid Miedema, Emma Fulu

42. Male Violence Against Women in the Global South: What We Know and What We Don’t Know
Walter S. DeKeseredy, Amanda Hall-Sanchez

43. A Critical Understanding of Resistance to Criminalization of Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya
Emmanuel K. Bunei, Joseph K. Rono

44. Feminicide: Impunity for the Perpetrators and Injustice for the Victims
Julia E. Monárrez Fragoso

45. Patriarchy, Gender Inequality and Criminal Victimization of Women in Turkey
Halil Ibrahim Bahar

46. Constructions of Honor-Based Violence: Gender, Context and Orientalism
David Tokiharu Mayeda, Raagini Vijaykumar, Meda Chesney-Lind

Part V. Transitional Justice and Justice Innovations: Lessons from the Global South

47. Criminology, Peacebuilding and Transitional Justice: Lessons from the Global South
John Braithwaite

48. Building Social Democracy Through Transitional Justice: Lessons from Argentina (1983–2015)
Diego Zysman Quirós

49. Trauma on Trial: Survival and Witnessing at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
Julia Viebach

50. Critical Reflections on the Operation of Aboriginal Night Patrols
John Scott, Elaine Barclay, Margaret Sims, Trudi Cooper, Terence Love

Keywords: Criminology and Criminal Justice, Critical Criminology, Criminological Theory, Crime and Society, Prison and Punishment, Human Rights and Crime

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