Benoit, Jean-Luc

The Infectious Disease Diagnosis

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Table of contents

1. Traveler to Uganda
Nirav Shah, Eric Bhaimia

2. Visual Loss in a Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Recipient
Kathleen Linder, Kevin Gregg

3. Like Mother, Like Daughter
Emily Obringer

4. From the Lungs to the Brain: A Case of Pneumonia in an Immunocompromised Patient
Fredy Chaparro-Rojas

5. Student with Fever and Rash
Moira McNulty

6. Fever, a Rash, and a … “Bug Bite”?
Karl O. A. Yu, Jennifer L. Burns

7. Primed for Pathogens
Shirley Stephenson

8. The Gift That Keeps on Giving
Frances Lahrman, Stephen Schrantz

9. A Man with Heart Failure and Night Sweats
Amutha Rajagopal

10. Seizure and Confusion in an Elderly Woman with Bacteremia
Leona Ebara

11. Don’t Toss Your Turtle! Seizures and Fever in an Infant
Muayad Alali

12. Intermittent Fevers in a Renal Transplant Recipient
Kathleen Linder, Kevin Gregg

13. A Young Adult with Cough and Wheezing Since Infancy
M. Ellen Acree

14. Elevated Liver Enzymes in Pregnancy
Daniela Pellegrini

15. Eye Pain and Visual Disturbance in an HIV/AIDS Patient
Fredy Chaparro-Rojas

16. Undetected: When Medication Nonadherence Accompanies an Undetectable Viral Load
Matthew Richards, Connor Williams

17. Danger in Paradise
Margaret Newman

18. Man with AIDS Presents with a Headache
David Kopelman, Emily Landon

19. Vexing Vectors
Shirley Stephenson

20. A Toddler with Pica
M. Ellen Acree

21. Hidden Sphere
Jessica Ridgway

22. The Importance of a Complete Social History
Lindsay A. Petty, Kenneth Pursell

23. Myalgias and Joint Pain in a Traveler to India
Oana Denisa Majorant, Sara Hurtado Bares

24. A Marathon Runner with a Change in Mental Status
Michael Z. David

25. Unmasking One of the Great Masqueraders
Ralph Villaran

26. Pulmonary Infection in a Patient After Stem Cell Transplantation
Dima Dandachi, Vagish Hemmige

27. An HIV Patient with Nausea, Vomiting, and Hiccups
Moira McNulty

28. A Real Nail-Biter
Jessica Ridgway

29. Nodular Skin Lesions in a Patient with Leukemia
Daniela Pellegrini

30. Elderly Man with Fever and Cough: TB or Not TB?
Moira McNulty

31. Malaise, Fever, and Nausea in a Man with Marfan Syndrome
Dima Dandachi, Vagish Hemmige

32. Diarrhea Leads to Pneumonia and Hematuria in the Intensive Care Unit
Lindsay A. Petty

33. Pain and Rash in a Stem Cell Transplant Recipient
Eric Bhaimia, Nirav Shah

34. A 2-Year-Old Girl with a Limp
Daniel Glikman

35. An Elderly Woman with a Fever After Traveling
Oana Denisa Majorant, Sara Hurtado Bares

36. Internationally Adopted HIV-Infected Toddler with Skin Rash
Linda J. Walsh

37. A Pediatric Patient with a Progressive Chest Wall Mass
Colleen B. Nash

38. Diffuse Lymphadenopathy in a Patient After Stem Cell Transplantation
Leona Ebara

39. Papilledema in an HIV-Positive Patient
Eric Bhaimia, Nirav Shah

40. A Case of Fever and Rash After a Tick Bite
Jessica Ridgway

41. Facial Lesions and Respiratory Failure After Lung Transplantation
Fredy Chaparro-Rojas

42. A Pain in the Back: A 50-Year-Old Man with Pancreatitis and a Fever
Vinny DiMaggio, Emily Landon

43. A 9-Year-Old Boy with a Red Eye
M. Ellen Acree

44. The Revolving (Bathroom) Door
Kathleen Mullane

45. A Young Woman with Neurologic Symptoms
Jean-Luc Benoit

46. A Woman with a History of a 2-Year Stay in Gabon and Onset of a Cyclical Fever More Than 1 Year Later
Jean-Luc Benoit

47. An Infectious Malignancy
Kathleen Mullane

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Infectious Diseases, Emergency Medicine, General Practice / Family Medicine, Primary Care Medicine, Intensive / Critical Care Medicine

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