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Today’s Youth and Mental Health

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Table of contents

Part I. Contexts of Youth’s Lives

1. Immigrant and Refugee Youth Mental Health in Canada: A Scoping Review of Empirical Literature
Attia Khan, Nazilla Khanlou, Jacqueline Stol, Vicky Tran

2. Precarious Status: Youth Mental Health at the Intersections of Identity and Migration
Amy Soberano, Philip Ackerman, Rosa Solorzano

3. Dancing Bodies, Flying Souls: The Mental Health Impacts of Pedophilia Inflicted on Afghan Boys in Afghanistan
Soheila Pashang, Sharifa Sharif, Massoud Wadir Sattari, K. S.

4. Youth Experiences of Cultural Identity and Migration: A Systems Perspective
Nazilla Khanlou, Amy Bender, Catriona Mill, Luz Maria Vazquez, Luis Rojas

5. Redefining Cyber Sexual Violence Against Emerging Young Women: Toward Conceptual Clarity
Soheila Pashang, Jennifer Clarke, Nazilla Khanlou, Katie Degendorfer

Part II. Mental Health

6. Why Am I Still Here? The Impact of Survivor Guilt on the Mental Health and Settlement Process of Refugee Youth
Jacinta Goveas, Sudharshana Coomarasamy

7. The Effects of Intersectional Stigma and Discrimination on the Mental Well-Being of Black, LBQ, Female Youth 18–25 Years Old
Donna Richards, Helen Gateri, Notisha Massaquoi

8. Exploring Youth Mental Health and Addictions at the Intersection of Food Insecurity and Gender
Farah Islam, Kulsoom Kazim

9. The Role of Worries in Mental Health and Well-Being in Adolescence in Portugal
Margarida Gaspar Matos, Marta Reis, Lúcia Ramiro, Inês Camacho, Gina Tomé, Cátia Branquinho

10. Eating Disorders Among Second-Generation Canadian South Asian Female Youth: An Intersectionality Approach Toward Exploring Cultural Conflict, Dual-Identity, and Mental Health
Nida Mustafa, Nazilla Khanlou, Amanpreet Kaur

Part III. Hope

11. Public Numbers, Private Pain: What Is Hidden Behind the Disproportionate Removal of Black Children and Youth from Families by Ontario Child Welfare?
Jennifer Clarke, Sonia Mills Minster, Leyland Gudge

12. SOS – Supporting Our Sisters: Narratives from the Margins
Karen Arthurton, Setareh (Tara) Farahani

13. The Effect of a Music Intervention Program on Self-Esteem and Aggression in Korean Male Middle School Students with Maladjustment Problems
Hyun-Sil Kim, Hun-Soo Kim, Cretien Campen

14. Resistance in Relationship: Mothers’ Armoring of Their Adolescent Daughters Living with Facial Difference
Victoria Pileggi, Carla Rice, Suzy Stead, Kate Atkinson

15. Contested Integration: Class, Race and Education of Second- and Third-Generation Minority Youth, Through the Prism of Critical Pedagogy
Fernando Nunes, Esra Ari, Quentin VerCetty, Benjamin Branco

Part IV. Power

16. Education Pathways: Policy Implications for Refugee Youth in Germany and Canada
Annette Korntheuer, Ashley Korn, Michaela Hynie, Baptista Shimwe, Lina Homa

17. When Youth Get Mad Through a Critical Course on Mental Health
Jennifer M. Poole, Zachary Sera Grant

18. Turning the Tide: An Ethnographic Study of Children’s Experiences Following the Death of Their Father in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)
Georges Danhoundo, Nazilla Khanlou, Marcellin Danhoundo

Part V. Resilience

19. Suffering as “Symptom”: Psychiatry and Refugee Youth
Priyadarshani Raju, Debra Stein, François Régis Dushimiyimana

20. Teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL) to Refugees: Trauma and Resilience
Soheila Pashang, Bahar Biazar, Donald E. Payne, Zana Kaya

21. Hip Hop and NGOs: Rwandan Youth Building Sites of Resilience and Resistance
Anna Ainsworth, Innocent Katabazi

22. Youth Resilience and Social Capital in a Disadvantaged Neighborhood: A Constructionist Interpretive Approach
Nancy E. Johnston, F. Beryl Pilkington, Nazilla Khanlou, Wanda MacNevin

23. Using PhotoVoice to Understand the Neighbourhood Impact on Immigrant Youth’s Mental Health and Well-Being
Nasim Haque, Nimira Lalani, Meiyin Gao, Estelle Sun, Shinta Martina, Sailaivasan Vettivelu

Keywords: Social Sciences, Sociology of Family, Youth and Aging, Health Psychology, Social Work, Psychotherapy and Counseling

Publication year
Advances in Mental Health and Addiction
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36 pages
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