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Handbook of Rural School Mental Health

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Table of contents

Part I. Development of Rural School Mental Health Initiatives: Rationale, Policies, Ethics, and Competencies

1. The Benefits of School Mental Health
Sharon A. Hoover, Ashley M. Mayworm

2. Building Policy Support for School Mental Health in Rural Areas
E. Rebekah Siceloff, Christian Barnes-Young, Cameron Massey, Mitch Yell, Mark D. Weist

3. Legal and Ethical Issues Related to Rural School Mental Health
Michael L. Sulkowski

4. General and Specific Competencies for School Mental Health in Rural Settings
Dawn Anderson-Butcher, Jill Hoffman, David M. Rochman, Michael Fuller

5. Preservice Teacher Education for School Mental Health in a Rural Community
Susan Rodger, Kathy Hibbert, Michelle Gilpin

6. Why Would Teachers Care? The Value of Rural School Mental Health from an Educator’s Standpoint
Timothy A. Carey

Part II. Clinical and Cultural Conditions in Rural School Settings

7. Rural America and Evidence-Based Assessment: The Potential for a Happy Marriage
Alex Kirk, Rafaella Sale, Eric A. Youngstrom

8. Effective Assessment and Intervention for Children with ADHD in Rural Elementary School Settings
Alex S. Holdaway, Verenea J. Serrano, Julie Sarno Owens

9. Preventing Suicide Among Students in Rural Schools
Marisa Schorr, Whitney Sant, John Paul Jameson

10. The Assessment and Treatment of Anxiety in Rural Settings
Sophie C. Schneider, Suzanne Davies, Heidi J. Lyneham

11. Depression and Rural School Mental Health: Best Practices
Carissa M. Orlando, Abby Albright Bode, Kurt D. Michael

12. Conduct Disorders and Substance Use Problems in Rural School Settings
Kristyn Zajac, Arthur R. Andrews, Ashli J. Sheidow

13. What Lies Beneath: Pediatric Bipolar Disorder in the Context of the Rural School
Rafaella Sale, Alex Kirk, Eric A. Youngstrom

14. Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Rural Schools
Cynthia M. Anderson, Ryan J. Martin, Rocky D. Haynes

15. Bullying and Cyberbullying Among Rural Youth
Robin Kowalski, Gary W. Giumetti, Susan P. Limber

Part III. Addressing Challenges in Delivering Rural School Mental Health Services

16. Ruralism and Regionalism: Myths and Misgivings Regarding the Homogeneity of Rural Populations
David S. Hargrove, Lisa Curtin, Brittany Kirschner

17. Conjoint Behavioral Consultation in Rural Schools
Shannon R. Holmes, Amanda L. Witte, Susan M. Sheridan

18. Intergenerational and Familial Influences on Mental Illness in Rural Settings and Their Relevance for School Mental Health
Lisa Curtin, Cameron Massey, Susan E. Keefe

19. Contributions of Applied Behavior Analysis to School-Based Mental Health Services in Rural Communities
Jeannie A. Golden, Dorothy Dator, Kathryn Gitto, Christelle Garza

Part IV. Implementing, Evaluating and Sustaining Rural School Mental Health Programs

20. Adapting Crisis Intervention Protocols: Rural and Tribal Voices from Montana
Jacqueline Belhumeur, Erin Butts, Kurt D. Michael, Steve Zieglowsky, Dale DeCoteau, Dale Four Bear, Courage Crawford, Roxanne Gourneau, Ernie Bighorn, Kenneth Ryan, Linda Farber

21. Evaluating School Mental Health Programs
Brandon K. Schultz, Clifton Mixon, Anne Dawson, Craig Spiel, Steven W. Evans

22. Active Implementation Frameworks: Their Importance to Implementing and Sustaining Effective Mental Health Programs in Rural Schools
Barbara Sims, Brenda Melcher

23. Planning, Implementing, and Improving Rural School Mental Health Programs
Melissa A. Maras, Paul D. Flaspohler, Marissa Smith-Millman, Lindsay Oram

Keywords: Psychology, Child and School Psychology, Educational Psychology, Social Work, Educational Policy and Politics, Pediatrics, Teaching and Teacher Education

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