Bereska, Damian

Advanced Technologies in Practical Applications for National Security

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Table of contents

Part I. Practical Applications of Object Tracking Algorithms

1. Accurate Tracking of Fast Objects with a Weak Video Input Signal
Robert Bieda, Krzysztof Jaskot

2. Applying Colour Image-Based Indicator for Object Tracking
Zygmunt Kuś, Jarosław Cymerski, Joanna Radziszewska, Aleksander Nawrat

3. Image Processing in Thermal Cameras
Tomasz Sosnowski, Grzegorz Bieszczad, Henryk Madura

4. Nystagmus Detection System
Robert Bieda, Krzysztof Jaskot, Jan Łazarski

5. Weighted Pattern Vector for Object Tracking with the Use of Thermal Images
Zygmunt Kuś, Joanna Radziszewska, Aleksander Nawrat

6. Pixel Classification for Skin Detection in Color Images
Bartosz Binias, Mariusz Frąckiewicz, Krzysztof Jaskot, Henryk Palus

Part II. Design of Control Algorithms for Unmanned Mobile Robots

7. Combining Data from Vision and Odometry Systems for More Accurate Control of Mobile Robot
Robert Bieda, Krzysztof Jaskot, Tomasz Łakota, Karol Jȩdrasiak

8. Hierarchical Game Approach to Solve Conflicts in Multiagent Systems
Witold Brandys, Adam Gałuszka, Karol Jędrasiak, Joanna Radziszewska, Krzysztof Daniec

9. Suppressing Disturbances in the UAV’s Control System Based on the Modified BLT Method
Zygmunt Kuś, Aleksander Nawrat

10. The Airspeed Automatic Control Algorithm for Small Aircraft
Sławomir Samolej, Marek Orkisz, Tomasz Rogalski

11. UAV Swarm Management Using Prepar3D
Mariusz Domżał, Karol Jędrasiak, Paweł Iwaneczko, Krzysztof Jaskot, Aleksander Nawrat

Part III. Computer Models and Simulations

12. Advanced Ballistic Model and Its Experimental Evaluation for Professional Simulation Systems
Karol Jędrasiak, Jarosław Cymerski, Przemysław Recha, Damian Bereska, Aleksander Nawrat

13. Manual Calibration of System of the Image Projection Based on DLP Projectors
Dawid Sobel, Karol Jędrasiak, Jarosław Cymerski, Konrad Osiński, Damian Bereska, Aleksander Nawrat

14. The Mathematical Model of the Human Arm
Robert Bieda, Krzysztof Jaskot

15. Interactive Application Using Augmented Reality and Photogrammetric Scanning
Karol Jędrasiak, Natalia Hładczuk, Krzysztof Daniec, Aleksander Nawrat

Part IV. Experimental Investigation of Dynamic Characteristics

16. Proving Ground Tests of Selected Energy Absorbing Structure Variants Under a Shock Wave Load
Tadeusz Niezgoda, Grzegorz Sławiński, Paweł Bogusz, Marek Świerczewski

17. Temperature Correction of Measurements Results of 3-Axis Accelerometers in IMU Modules
Witold Ilewicz, Damian Bereska, Marcin Pacholczyk, Aleksander Nawrat

18. Experimental Investigation of IED Interrogation Arm During Normal Operation and Mine Flail Structure Subjected to Blast Loading
Wiesław Barnat, Andrzej Kiczko, Paweł Gotowicki, Paweł Dybcio, Marcin Szczepaniak, Wiesław Jasiński

19. Indoor Navigation with Micro Inertial Navigation Technology
Paweł Iwaneczko, Karol Jȩdrasiak, Aleksander Nawrat

20. The Concept of RFID-Based Positioning System for Operational Use
Mateusz Opuchlik, Karol Jędrasiak, Jarosław Cymerski, Damian Bereska, Aleksander Nawrat

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Robotics and Automation, Military and Defence Studies, Security Science and Technology

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Studies in Systems, Decision and Control
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13 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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