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New Results in Numerical and Experimental Fluid Mechanics XI

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Table of contents

Part I. Airplane Aerodynamics/Propulsion Integration

1. Numerical Investigation of Slot and Configuration Impact on the Efficiency of Tangential Blowing at a Vertical Tailplane with Infinite Span
Anna Gebhardt, Jochen Kirz

2. Steady and Unsteady Numerical Simulation of a Bent Intake Geometry
Thomas Kächele, Tim Schneider, Reinhard Niehuis

3. Numerical and Experimental Investigation of a Helicopter Engine Side Intake
Florian Knoth, Christian Breitsamter

4. Simulations of Streamwise Vortices on a High-Lift Wing with UHBR-Engine
Tim Landa, Rolf Radespiel, Sebastian Ritter

5. Aerodynamic Assessment of Pylon-Mounted Over-the-Wing Engine Installations on a STOL Commercial Aircraft Concept
Luciana Savoni, Ralf Rudnik

6. Unsteady Simulation of the Separated Wake of a Transport Aircraft by Detached Eddy Simulation
Andreas Waldmann, Thorsten Lutz, Ewald Krämer

Part II. Turbulence Research and Turbulence Modeling

7. Revisiting the Higher-Order Statistical Moments in Turbulent Pipe Flow Using Direct Numerical Simulations
Christian Bauer, Daniel Feldmann, Claus Wagner

8. A New Experiment of a Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow at Adverse Pressure Gradient for Validation and Improvement of RANS Turbulence Models
Tobias Knopp, Matteo Novara, Daniel Schanz, Erich Schülein, Andreas Schröder, Nico Reuther, Christian J. Kähler

9. Optical Skin Friction Measurements in a Turbulent Boundary Layer with Pressure Gradient
Erich Schülein, Nico Reuther, Tobias Knopp

10. Characterization of Turbulence Generated by an Active Grid with Individually Controllable Paddles
T. Skeledzic, J. Krauss, H. Lienhart, Ö. Ertunc, J. Jovanovic

Part III. Hypersonic Aerodynamics

11. Stagnation Point Probes in Hypersonic Flow
Syed Raza Christopher Ali, Rafael Zárate Cárdenas, Rolf Radespiel, Thomas Schilden, Wolfgang Schröder

12. PIV Measurements of Shock/Cooling-Film Interaction at Varying Shock Impingement Position
Pascal Marquardt, Michael Klaas, Wolfgang Schröder

13. Calibration of Fast-Response Temperature Sensitive Paints for Their Application in Hypersonic High Enthalpy Flows
Jan Martinez Schramm, Frank Edzards, Klaus Hannemann

Part IV. Laminar Flow Control and Transition

14. Redesigned Swept Flat-Plate Experiment for Crossflow-Induced Transition Studies
Hans Peter Barth, Stefan Hein, Henning Rosemann

15. Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Delta-Wing Post-stall Flow Control
Andrei Buzica, Christian Breitsamter

16. Extension of the PSE Code NOLOT for Transition Analysis in Rotating Reference Frames
Xavier Dechamps, Stefan Hein

17. Numerical Simulations of the High-Enthalpy Boundary Layer on a Generic Capsule Geometry with Roughness
Antonio Giovanni, Christian Stemmer

18. One-Equation Transition Model for Airfoil and Wing Aerodynamics
M. Fehrs

19. Experimental Investigation of a Dynamically Forced Impinging Jet Array
Frank Haucke, Arne Berthold

20. Linear and Nonlinear Growth of Secondary Instabilities of Stationary Crossflow Vortices Studied by Parabolized Stability Equations
Stefan Hein

21. Flow Manipulation by Standing Acoustic Waves and Visualization with Background Oriented Schlieren (BOS)
Christian Kiefer, Dara Feili, Karin Bauer, Helmut Seidel

22. Air Outlet Design for a Passively Driven Hybrid Laminar Flow Control System
Udo Krause, Peter Kreuzer, Hubert Stuke

23. Determination of the Critical Cross Flow N-factor for the Low-Speed Wind Tunnel Braunschweig (DNW-NWB)
Martin Kruse, Albert Küpper, Rouven Petzold, Federico Munoz

24. Experimental Studies on the Receptivity of Stationary Crossflow Modes to Pneumatic Actuation
J. Lohse, A. Berthold, W. Nitsche

25. Direct TS-Wave Simulation on a Laminar Wing-Profile with Forward-Facing Step
Heinrich Lüdeke, Kai Backhaus

26. Reattaching Flow Behind a Forward-Backward Facing Step Investigated with Temperature-Sensitive Paint
J. Lemarechal, E. Mäteling, C. Klein, D. K. Puckert, U. Rist

27. Transition Downstream of an Isolated Cylindrical Roughness Element on a Flat Plate Boundary Layer
Dominik K. Puckert, Ulrich Rist

28. Experimental Investigation of Mach Number and Pressure Gradient Effects on Boundary Layer Transition in Two-Dimensional Flow
Steffen Risius, Marco Costantini, Stefan Hein, Stefan Koch, Christian Klein

29. Separation Control with Lobe Mixers in the Wake of an Axisymmetric Space-Launcher Model
Anne-Marie Schreyer, Gonca Taskin

30. Shape Optimization of Active and Passive Drag-Reducing Devices on a D-shaped Bluff Body
Richard Semaan

31. Active Flow Control on a Non-steady Operated Compressor Stator Cascade by Means of Fluidic Devices
M. Staats, W. Nitsche

32. Study About Boundary-Layer Suction at a Juncture for Sustained Laminar Flow
Johannes Zahn, Ulrich Rist

Part V. High-Agility Configuration

33. Study of Total Pressure Losses at the Engine Face of a Submerged Inlet with an Ingested Vortex
Stefan Koch, Markus Rütten, Martin Rein

Part VI. Rotorcraft Aerodynamics

34. Towards Density Reconstruction of Helicopter Blade Tip Vortices from High-Speed Background-Oriented Schlieren Data
J. N. Braukmann, A. Bauknecht, C. C. Wolf, M. Raffel

35. Unsteady Boundary Layer Transition Detection by Automated Analysis of Hot Film Data
A. Goerttler, A. D. Gardner, K. Richter

36. Wind Turbine Wake Vortex Influence on Helicopter Rotor Trim
B.G. Wall, P.H. Lehmann

Part VII. Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics

37. Experimental Investigation of Flutter Mechanisms Depending on Sweep Under Subsonic Flow and Low Reynolds Numbers
Marc Braune, Stefan Wiggen

38. Numerical Investigations of an Elasto-Flexible Membrane Airfoil Compared to Experiments
Julie Piquee, Mehran Saeedi, Christian Breitsamter, Roland Wüchner, Kai-Uwe Bletzinger

39. Coupling of Recurrent and Static Neural Network Approaches for Improved Multi-step Ahead Time Series Prediction
Maximilian Winter, Christian Breitsamter

Part VIII. Numerical Simulation/Aerodynamics

40. Direct Numerical Simulation of Convective Channel Flow with Temperature and Concentration Gradients
Philipp Bahavar, Claus Wagner

41. Comparison of Optimizer-Based and Flow Solver-Based Trimming in the Context of High-Fidelity Aerodynamic Optimization
Časlav Ilić

42. A New High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Solver for DNS and LES of Turbulent Incompressible Flow
Martin Kronbichler, Benjamin Krank, Niklas Fehn, Stefan Legat, Wolfgang A. Wall

43. Bayesian Calibration of Volume Averaged RANS Model Parameters for Turbulent Flow Simulations Over Porous Materials
Pradeep Kumar, Noémi Friedman, Elmar Zander, Rolf Radespiel

44. Scale-Resolving Simulations on Unstructured Meshes with a Low-Dissipation Low-Dispersion Scheme
Axel Probst

45. Subgrid Scale Modelling of Relaminarization Effects in a Differentially Heated Channel
Tim Wetzel, Claus Wagner

Part IX. Experimental Aerodynamics/Experimental Simulation and Test Techniques

46. High Speed Visualization of Droplets Impacting with a Dry Surface at High Weber Numbers
David A. Burzynski, Stephan E. Bansmer

47. Full-Scale In-Flight Flow Investigation of a High-Lift Vortex System by Means of Particle Image Velocimetry
Christina Dunker, Reinhard Geisler

48. Challenges in the Experimental Quantification of the Momentum Coefficient of Circulation Controlled Wings
Yosef El Sayed M., N. Beck, P. Kumar, R. Semaan, R. Radespiel

49. PIV Measurements of Buffet with Artificial Noise
Antje Feldhusen-Hoffmann, Michael Klaas, Wolfgang Schröder

50. A New Type of Line-Array for Acoustic Source Localization at Drive-By Tests of Trains
Arne Henning, Andreas Lauterbach, Maik Bode, Roland Schuster, Klaus Ehrenfried

51. Skin Friction Measurements in Three-Dimensional Flows by White-Light Oil-Film Interferometry
Jens Lunte, Erich Schülein

52. Experimental Investigation of the In-Flight Shape and Deformation of a Full-Scale Airliner Wing in the High-Lift and Low Speed Regime
Ralf Meyer

53. Recent Advances in Volumetric Flow Measurements: High-Density Particle Tracking (‘Shake-The-Box’) with Navier-Stokes Regularized Interpolation (‘FlowFit’)
Daniel Schanz, Andreas Schröder, Sebastian Gesemann, Florian Huhn, Matteo Novara, Reinhard Geisler, Peter Manovski, Karthik Depuru-Mohan

Part X. Aeroacoustics

54. Overset-LES with Stochastic Forcing for Sound Source Simulation
P. Bernicke, R. A. D. Akkermans, R. Ewert, J. Dierke

55. Noise Reduction Technologies for Wind Turbines
Michaela Herr, Roland Ewert, Benjamin Faßmann, Christof Rautmann, Susanne Martens, Claas-Hinrik Rohardt, Alexandre Suryadi

56. Numerical Simulation of the Sound Generation and the Sound Propagation from Air Intakes in an Aircraft Cabin
Mikhail Konstantinov, Claus Wagner

57. CAA Prediction of Jet-Wing Interaction Noise Using an Eddy Relaxation Source Model
Andrej Neifeld, Christina Appel, Jürgen Dierke, Roland Ewert, Jan W. Delfs

58. Prediction of Airfoil Trailing Edge Noise Reduction by Application of Complex Porous Material
Lennart Rossian, Roland Ewert, Jan W. Delfs

59. Towards the Prediction of Flow and Acoustic Fields of a Jet-Wing-Flap Configuration
Daniel Schütz, Holger Foysi

60. Numerical Simulation of a Resonant Cavity: Acoustical Response Under Grazing Turbulent Flow
Lewin Stein, Julius Reiss, Jörn Sesterhenn

Part XI. Vehicle Aerodynamics

61. Wall Shear Stress Measurements on a Double-Decker Train
Johannes Haff, Erich Schülein, Arne Henning, Steve Cochard, Sigfried Loose

62. Aerodynamic Investigations of the Effects of Virtual Coupling on Two Next Generation Trains
Henning Wilhelmi, Thomas Thieme, Arne Henning, Claus Wagner

Part XII. Wind Energy

63. Hybrid RANS/LES Simulations of the Three-Dimensional Flow at Root Region of a 10 MW Wind Turbine Rotor
Galih Bangga, Pascal Weihing, Thorsten Lutz, Ewald Krämer

64. Numerical Investigation of a Model Wind Turbine
Annette Fischer, Amélie Flamm, Eva Jost, Thorsten Lutz, Ewald Krämer

65. RANS Simulation of the New MEXICO Rotor Experiment Including Laminar-Turbulent Transition
C. C. Heister

66. CFD Study of Trailing Edge Flaps for Load Control on Wind Turbines
Eva Jost, Mário Firnhaber Beckers, Thorsten Lutz, Ewald Krämer

67. Aerodynamic Response of Wind Turbines in Complex Terrain to Atmospheric Boundary Layer Flows
Christoph Schulz, Thorsten Lutz, Ewald Krämer

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Fluid- and Aerodynamics, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics

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