Kościelny, Jan M.

Advanced Solutions in Diagnostics and Fault Tolerant Control

Kościelny, Jan M. - Advanced Solutions in Diagnostics and Fault Tolerant Control, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant Control of Critical Infrastructures
Vicenç Puig

2. Integrated Fault Diagnosis and Fault-Tolerant for Constrained Dynamic Systems
Marcin Witczak, Marcin Pazera

3. A Process Fault-Tolerant Control for Non-linear Dynamic Systems
Marcin Pazera, Kamil Klimkowicz, Beata Wrzesińska, Marcin Witczak

4. H

Dušan Krokavec, Anna Filasová

5. Cascade Reconfiguration Structures in Fault Tolerant Control
Dušan Krokavec, Anna Filasová

6. Reconfiguration of Control Allocation Module Based on Reliability Estimated by Stochastic Models
Ryszard Kopka

7. Robust Guaranteed Cost Control for Nonlinear System Using Product Reduction Algorithm
Mariusz Buciakowski, Marcin Pazera, Marcin Witczak

8. Constraint Programming for Constructive Abduction. A Case Study in Diagnostic Model-Based Reasoning
Antoni Ligęza

9. Sensors of Single Faults - Remarks on Measurements in Diagnosis of Industrial Processes
Jan Maciej Kościelny, Anna Sztyber


Meng Zhou, Mickael Rodrigues, Yi Shen, Didier Theilliol

11. Robotized Inspection and Diagnostics – Basic Issues
Wojciech Moczulski

12. A Fuzzy Inference Approach to Fault Diagnosis Refinement in Decentralized Diagnostics
Michał Syfert, Jan Maciej Kościelny, Michał Bartyś

13. Designing Particle Kalman Filter for Dynamic Positioning
Krzysztof Jaroś, Anna Witkowska, Roman Śmierzchalski

14. Detection of the Transient Vibrations Amplitude of Power Transformer’s Active Part
Eugeniusz Kornatowski

15. Identification of Continuous Systems – Practical Issues of Insensitivity to Perturbations
Janusz Kozłowski, Zdzisław Kowalczuk

16. Detection of Periodic Components from Seasonal Time Series with Moving Trend Method and Low Pass Filtering
Jan T. Duda, Tomasz Pełech-Pilichowski

17. Approximate Quality Criteria for Difficult Multi-Objective Optimization Problems
Zdzisław Kowalczuk, Tomasz Białaszewski

18. Fast and Robust Online Dynamic System Identification
Andrzej Latocha

19. Low-Cost Flight Simulator with Possibility of Modeling of Flight Controls Failures
Piotr Moczulski, Mariusz Domżalski

20. Reduction of Computational Complexity in Simulations of the Flow Process in Transmission Pipelines
Zdzisław Kowalczuk, Marek Tatara, Tomasz Stefański

21. River Flow Simulation Based on the HEC-RAS System
Zdzisław Kowalczuk, Mateusz Świergal, Mirosław Wróblewski

22. Supporting of Postural Deformities Diagnosis Using 3D Scanning
Robert Sitnik, Jakub Michoński, Wojciech Glinkowski

23. Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia Prediction Using Naive Bayes Classifier
Wiesław Wajs, Marcin Ochab, Piotr Wais, Kamil Trojnar, Hubert Wojtowicz

24. Identification of Emotions Based on Human Facial Expressions Using a Color-Space Approach
Zdzisław Kowalczuk, Piotr Chudziak

25. Supporting Breast Cancer Diagnosis with Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm for Outlier Detection
Agnieszka Duraj, Lukasz Chomatek

26. Nuclei Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network and Hough Transform
Michał Żejmo, Marek Kowal, Józef Korbicz, Roman Monczak

27. Detection of Apnea–Hypopnea Events Using Actigraphy and Sleep Sounds
Kornel Rostek

28. Flood Risk Assessment Expert System - Is It a Problem for Fault Diagnosis?
Anna Sztyber, Brian Brisco, Terry Pultz, Marek Zaremba

29. Voltage Dips Influence on Time to Surge in Compressor Application
Piotr Lipnicki, Daniel Lewandowski, Michał Kaczmarek, Andrea Cortinovis, Diego Pareschi

30. Detection and Prevention Systems of Mills Assembly Emergency States
Mariusz Lipiński

31. Selection of Steady State Time-Periods for Monitoring an Industrial Heat Exchanger
Yuqi Wang, Jean-Philippe Cassar, Vincent Cocquempot, Anne-Sophie Guilbert

32. A Study on Health Diagnosis and Prognosis of an Industrial Diesel Motor: Hidden Markov Models and Particle Filter Approach
Walid Mechri, Hai-Canh Vu, Phuc Do, Timothee Klingelschmidt, Flavien Peysson, Didier Theilliol

33. A System for Diagnostics and Automatic Control System Monitoring as a Tool to Supervise Operation and Forecast Power Units Preventive Actions
Mariusz Lipiński, Edward Ziaja

34. Cyberattack Classificator Verification
Igor Korobiichuk, Ruslan Hryshchuk, Victor Mamarev, Volodymyr Okhrimchuk, Maciej Kachniarz

35. Security of Mobile Banking Applications
Michał Szczepanik, Ireneusz Jóźwiak

36. Safety Integrity Verification Issues of the Control Systems for Industrial Process Plants
Kazimierz T. Kosmowski

37. Human Factors and Cognitive Engineering in Functional Safety Analysis
Kazimierz T. Kosmowski

38. The Idea of On-line Diagnostics as a Method of Cyberattack Recognition
Jan Maciej Kościelny, Michał Syfert, Paweł Wnuk

39. Efficiency Analysis of Relational and Nonrelational Databases in Application to Archiving Measurements
Pawel Wnuk, Michal Syfert

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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12 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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