Robinson, Erick

Lithic Technological Organization and Paleoenvironmental Change

Robinson, Erick - Lithic Technological Organization and Paleoenvironmental Change, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Lithic Technological Organization and Paleoenvironmental Change
Erick Robinson, Frédéric Sellet

2. Provisioning Responses to Environmental Change in South Africa’s Winter Rainfall Zone: MIS 5-2
Alex Mackay, Emily Hallinan, Teresa E. Steele

3. The South Asian Microlithic: Homo sapiens Dispersal or Adaptive Response?
Chris Clarkson, Michael Petraglia, Clair Harris, Ceri Shipton, Kasih Norman

4. The Hoabinhian of Southeast Asia and its Relationship to Regional Pleistocene Lithic Technologies
Ben Marwick

5. Horizons of Change: Entanglement of Paleoenvironment and Cultural Dynamics in Australian Lithic Technology
Peter Hiscock

6. Human Adaptive Responses to Environmental Change During the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition in the Japanese Archipelago
Kazuki Morisaki, Masami Izuho, Hiroyuki Sato

7. Isolation, Exploration or Seasonal Migration? Investigating Technological Organization in the Late Middle Palaeolithic of Britain During Marine Isotope Stage 3
Rebecca M. Wragg Sykes

8. Proto-Aurignacian Lithic Technology, Mobility, and Human Niche Construction: A Case Study from Riparo Bombrini, Italy
Julien Riel-Salvatore, Fabio Negrino

9. Environmental Change and Technological Convergence in Southern Germany
Michael Jochim

10. Technology and Human Response to Environmental Change at the Pleistocene-Holocene Boundary in Eastern Beringia: A View from Owl Ridge, Central Alaska
Angela K. Gore, Kelly E. Graf

11. Technological Change from the Terminal Pleistocene Through Early Holocene in the Eastern Great Basin, USA: The Record from Bonneville Estates Rockshelter
Ted Goebel, Aria Holmes, Joshua L. Keene, Marion M. Coe

12. My Flute Is Bigger Than Yours: Nature and Causes of Technological Changes on the American Great Plains at the End of the Pleistocene
Frédéric Sellet

13. The Peopling of Southeastern South America: Cultural Diversity, Paleoenvironmental Conditions, and Lithic Technological Organization During the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene
Rafael Suárez

14. Changes in the Technological Organization and Human Use of Space in Southern Patagonia (Argentina) During the Late Holocene
Nora Viviana Franco, Luis Alberto Borrero, George A. Brook, María Virginia Mancini

15. The Costs and Benefits of Technological Organization: Hunter-Gatherer Lithic Industries and Beyond
Michael J. Shott

Keywords: Social Sciences, Archaeology, Anthropology, Climate Change/Climate Change Impacts

Publication year
Studies in Human Ecology and Adaptation
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