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Brain-Computer Interface Research

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Christoph Guger, Brendan Z. Allison, Mikhail A. Lebedev

2. Advances in BCI: A Neural Bypass Technology to Reconnect the Brain to the Body
Gaurav Sharma, Nicholas Annetta, David A. Friedenberg, Marcia Bockbrader

3. Precise and Reliable Activation of Cortex with Micro-coils
Seung Woo Lee, Shelley I. Fried

4. Re(con)volution: Accurate Response Prediction for Broad-Band Evoked Potentials-Based Brain Computer Interfaces
J. Thielen, P. Marsman, J. Farquhar, P. Desain

5. Intracortical Microstimulation as a Feedback Source for Brain-Computer Interface Users
Sharlene Flesher, John Downey, Jennifer Collinger, Stephen Foldes, Jeffrey Weiss, Elizabeth Tyler-Kabara, Sliman Bensmaia, Andrew Schwartz, Michael Boninger, Robert Gaunt

6. A Minimally Invasive Endovascular Stent-Electrode Array for Chronic Recordings of Cortical Neural Activity
Thomas J. Oxley, Nicholas L. Opie, Sam E. John, Gil S. Rind, Stephen M. Ronayne, Anthony N. Burkitt, David B. Grayden, Clive N. May, Terence J. O’Brien

7. Visual Cue-Guided Rat Cyborg
Yueming Wang, Minlong Lu, Zhaohui Wu, Xiaoxiang Zheng, Gang Pan

8. Predicting Motor Intentions with Closed-Loop Brain-Computer Interfaces
Matthias Schultze-Kraft, Mario Neumann, Martin Lundfall, Patrick Wagner, Daniel Birman, John-Dylan Haynes, Benjamin Blankertz

9. Towards Online Functional Brain Mapping and Monitoring During Awake Craniotomy Surgery Using ECoG-Based Brain-Surgeon Interface (BSI)
L. Yao, T. Xie, Z. Wu, X. Sheng, D. Zhang, N. Jiang, C. Lin, F. Negro, L. Chen, N. Mrachacz-Kersting, X. Zhu, D. Farina

10. A Sixteen-Command and 40Hz Carrier Frequency Code-Modulated Visual Evoked Potential BCI
Daiki Aminaka, Tomasz M. Rutkowski

11. Trends in BCI Research I: Brain-Computer Interfaces for Assessment of Patients with Locked-in Syndrome or Disorders of Consciousness
Christoph Guger, Damien Coyle, Donatella Mattia, Marzia Lucia, Leigh Hochberg, Brian L. Edlow, Betts Peters, Brandon Eddy, Chang S. Nam, Quentin Noirhomme, Brendan Z. Allison, Jitka Annen

12. Recent Advances in Brain-Computer Interface Research—A Summary of the BCI Award 2016 and BCI Research Trends
Christoph Guger, Brendan Z. Allison, Mikhail A. Lebedev

Keywords: Computer Science, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Neurosciences, Medical and Radiation Physics, Computational Intelligence

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SpringerBriefs in Electrical and Computer Engineering
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