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Table of contents

1. Cloud-Based Industrial Control Services
Reinhard Langmann, Michael Stiller

2. Wireless Development Boards to Connect the World
Pedro Plaza, Elio Sancristobal, German Carro, Manuel Castro, Elena Ruiz

3. CHS-GA: An Approach for Cluster Head Selection Using Genetic Algorithm for WBANs
Roopali Punj, Rakesh Kumar

4. Proposal IoT Architecture for Macro and Microscale Applied in Assistive Technology
Carlos Solon S. Guimarães, Renato Ventura B. Henriques, Carlos Eduardo Pereira, Wagner Silva Silveira

5. Using Industrial Internet of Things to Support Energy Efficiency and Management: Case of PID Controller
Tom Wanyama

Doru Ursuţiu, Andrei Neagu, Cornel Samoilă, Vlad Jinga

7. Development of M.Eng. Programs with a Focus on Industry 4.0 and Smart Systems
Michael D. Justason, Dan Centea, Lotfi Belkhir

8. Remote Acoustic Monitoring System for Noise Sensing
Unai Hernandez-Jayo, Rosa Ma Alsina-Pagès, Ignacio Angulo, Francesc Alías

9. Testing Security of Embedded Software Through Virtual Processor Instrumentation
Andreas Lauber, Eric Sax

10. LABCONM: A Remote Lab for Metal Forming Area
Lucas B. Michels, Luan C. Casagrande, Vilson Gruber, Lirio Schaeffer, Roderval Marcelino

11. A Virtual Proctor with Biometric Authentication for Facilitating Distance Education
Zhou Zhang, El-Sayed Aziz, Sven Esche, Constantin Chassapis

12. From a Hands-on Chemistry Lab to a Remote Chemistry Lab: Challenges and Constrains
San Cristobal Elio, J. P. Herranz, German Carro, Alfonso Contreras, Eugenio Muñoz Camacho, Felix Garcia-Loro, Manuel Castro Gil

13. Advanced Intrusion Prevention for Geographically Dispersed Higher Education Cloud Networks
C. DeCusatis, P. Liengtiraphan, A. Sager

14. Remote Laboratory for Learning Basics of Pneumatic Control
Brajan Bajči, Jovan Šulc, Vule Reljić, Dragan Šešlija, Slobodan Dudić, Ivana Milenković

15. The Augmented Functionality of the Physical Models of Objects of Study for Remote Laboratories
Mykhailo Poliakov, Karsten Henke, Heinz-Dietrich Wuttke

16. More Than “Did You Read the Script?”
Daniel Kruse, Robert Kuska, Sulamith Frerich, Dominik May, Tobias R. Ortelt, A. Erman Tekkaya

17. Collecting Experience Data from Remotely Hosted Learning Applications
Félix J. García Clemente, Luis Torre, Sebastián Dormido, Christophe Salzmann, Denis Gillet

18. “Remote Wave Laboratory” with Embedded Simulation – Real Environment for Waves Mastering
Franz Schauer, Michal Gerza, Michal Krbecek, Miroslava Ozvoldova

19. Remote Laboratories: For Real Time Access to Experiment Setups with Online Session Booking, Utilizing a Database and Online Interface with Live Streaming
B. Kalyan Ram, S. Arun Kumar, S. Prathap, B. Mahesh, B. Mallikarjuna Sarma

20. Web Experimentation on Virtual and Remote Laboratories
Daniel Galan, Ruben Heradio, Luis Torre, Sebastián Dormido, Francisco Esquembre

21. How to Leverage Reflection in Case of Inquiry Learning? The Study of Awareness Tools in the Context of Virtual and Remote Laboratory
Rémi Venant, Philippe Vidal, Julien Broisin

22. Role of Wi-Fi Data Loggers in Remote Labs Ecosystem
Venkata Vivek Gowripeddi, B. Kalyan Ram, J. Pavan, C. R. Yamuna Devi, B. Sivakumar

23. Flipping the Remote Lab with Low Cost Rapid Prototyping Technologies
J. Chacón, J. Saenz, L. Torre, J. Sánchez

24. Remote Experimentation with Massively Scalable Online Laboratories
Lars Thorben Neustock, George K. Herring, Lambertus Hesselink

25. Object Detection Resource Usage Within a Remote Real-Time Video Stream
Mark Smith, Ananda Maiti, Andrew D. Maxwell, Alexander A. Kist

26. Integrating a Wireless Power Transfer System into Online Laboratory: Example with NCSLab
Zhongcheng Lei, Wenshan Hu, Hong Zhou, Weilong Zhang

27. Spreading the VISIR Remote Lab Along Argentina. The Experience in Patagonia
Unai Hernandez-Jayo, Javier Garcia-zubia, Alejandro Francisco Colombo, Susana Marchisio, Sonia Beatriz Concari, Federico Lerro, María Isabel Pozzo, Elsa Dobboletta, Gustavo R. Alves

28. Educational Scenarios Using Remote Laboratory VISIR for Electrical/Electronic Experimentation
Felix Garcia-Loro, Ruben Fernandez, Mario Gomez, Hector Paz, Fernando Soria, María Isabel Pozzo, Elsa Dobboletta, André Fidalgo, Gustavo Alves, Elio Sancristobal, Gabriel Diaz, Manuel Castro

29. Robot Online Learning Through Digital Twin Experiments: A Weightlifting Project
Igor Verner, Dan Cuperman, Amy Fang, Michael Reitman, Tal Romm, Gali Balikin

30. Interactive Platform for Embedded Software Development Study
Galyna Tabunshchyk, Dirk Merode, Peter Arras, Karsten Henke, Vyacheslav Okhmak

31. Integrated Complex for IoT Technologies Study
Anzhelika Parkhomenko, Artem Tulenkov, Aleksandr Sokolyanskii, Yaroslav Zalyubovskiy, Andriy Parkhomenko

32. Incorporating a Commercial Biology Cloud Lab into Online Education
Ingmar H. Riedel-Kruse

33. Learning to Program in K12 Using a Remote Controlled Robot: RoboBlock
Javier García-Zubía, Ignacio Angulo, Gabriel Martínez-Pieper, Pablo Orduña, Luis Rodríguez-Gil, Unai Hernandez-Jayo

34. Spatial Learning of Novice Engineering Students Through Practice of Interaction with Robot-Manipulators
Igor Verner, Sergei Gamer

35. Concurrent Remote Group Experiments in the Cyber Laboratory
Nobuhiko Koike

36. The VISIR+Project – Preliminary Results of the Training Actions
M. C. Viegas, G. Alves, A. Marques, N. Lima, C. Felgueiras, R. Costa, A. Fidalgo, I. Pozzo, E. Dobboletta, J. Garcia-Zubia, U. Hernandez, M. Castro, F. Loro, Danilo Garbi Zutin, C. Kreiter

37. Laboratory Model of Coupled Electrical Drives for Supervision and Control via Internet
Milan Matijević, Željko V. Despotović, Miloš Milanović, Nikola Jović, Slobodan Vukosavić

38. Online Course on Cyberphysical Systems with Remote Access to Robotic Devices
Janusz Zalewski, Fernando Gonzalez

39. Models and Smart Adaptive Interfaces for the Improvement of the Remote Laboratories User Experience in Education
Luis Felipe Zapata Rivera, Maria M. Larrondo Petrie

40. Empowerment of University Education Through Internet Laboratories
Abdallah Al-Zoubi

41. Expert Competence in Remote Diagnostics - Industrial Interests, Educational Goals, Flipped Classroom & Laboratory Settings
Lena Claesson, Jenny Lundberg, Johan Zackrisson, Sven Johansson, Lars Håkansson

42. Parallel Use of Remote Labs and Pocket Labs in Engineering Education
Thomas Klinger, Danilo Garbi Zutin, Christian Madritsch

43. The Effectiveness of Online-Laboratories for Understanding Physics
David Boehringer, Jan Vanvinkenroye

44. On the Fully Automation of the Vibrating String Experiment
Javier Tajuelo, Jacobo Sáenz, Jaime Arturo de la Torre, Luis de la Torre, Ignacio Zúñiga, José Sánchez

45. Identifying Partial Subroutines for Instrument Control Based on Regular Expressions
Ananda Maiti, Alexander A. Kist, Andrew D. Maxwell

46. Internet of Things Applied to Precision Agriculture
Roderval Marcelino, Luan C. Casagrande, Renan Cunha, Yuri Crotti, Vilson Gruber

47. Computer Vision Application for Environmentally Conscious Smart Painting Truck
Ahmed ElSayed, Gazi Murat Duman, Ozden Tozanli, Elif Kongar

48. Remote Monitoring and Detection of Rail Track Obstructions
Mohammed Misbah Uddin, Abul K.M. Azad, Veysel Demir

49. Improving Communication Between Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Ground Control Station Using Antenna Tracking Systems
Sebastian Pop, Marius Cristian Luculescu, Luciana Cristea, Constantin Sorin Zamfira, Attila Laszlo Boer

50. Remote RF Testing Using Software Defined Radio
Stephen Miller, Brent Horine

51. Remote Control of Large Manufacturing Plants Using Core Elements of Industry 4.0
Hasan Smajic, Niels Wessel

52. Dinner Talk: A Language Learning Game Designed for the Interactive Table
Jacqueline Schuldt, Stefan Sachse, Lilianne Buckens

53. The Experimento Game: Enhancing a Players’ Learning Experience by Embedding Moral Dilemmas in Serious Gaming Modules
Jacqueline Schuldt, Stefan Sachse, Verena Hetsch, Kevin John Moss

54. The Finite State Trading Game: Developing a Serious Game to Teach the Application of Finite State Machines in a Stock Trading Scenario
Matthias Utesch, Andreas Hauer, Robert Heininger, Helmut Krcmar

55. A Serious Game for Learning Portuguese Sign Language - “iLearnPSL”
Marcus Torres, Vítor Carvalho, Filomena Soares

56. The Implementation of MDA Framework in a Game-Based Learning in Security Studies
Jurike V. Moniaga, Maria Seraphina Astriani, Sharon Hambali, Yangky Wijaya, Yohanes Chandra

57. Industrial Virtual Environments and Learning Process
Jean Grieu, Florence Lecroq, Hadhoum Boukachour, Thierry Galinho

58. How Game Design Can Enhance Engineering Higher Education: Focused IT Study
Olga Dziabenko, Valentyna Yakubiv, Lyubov Zinyuk

59. Physioland - A Serious Game for Rehabilitation of Patients with Neurological Diseases
Tiago Martins, Vítor Carvalho, Filomena Soares

60. The Development of ICT Tools for E-inclusion Qualities
Dena Hussain

61. Insights Gained from Tracking Users’ Movements Through a Cyberlearning System’s Mediation Interface
Daniel Stuart Brogan, Debarati Basu, Vinod K. Lohani

62. Practical Use of Virtual Assistants and Voice User Interfaces in Engineering Laboratories
Michael James Callaghan, Victor Bogdan Putinelu, Jeremy Ball, Jorge Caballero Salillas, Thibault Vannier, Augusto Gomez Eguíluz, Niall McShane

63. Approaching Emerging Technologies: Exploring Significant Human-Computer Interaction in the Budget-Limited Classroom
James Wolfer

64. Touching Is Believing - Adding Real Objects to Virtual Reality
Paulo Menezes, Nuno Gouveia, Bruno Patrão

65. The Importance of Eye-Tracking Analysis in Immersive Learning - A Low Cost Solution
Paulo Menezes, José Francisco, Bruno Patrão

66. Augmented Reality-Based Interactive Simulation Application in Double-Slit Experiment
Tao Wang, Han Zhang, Xiaoru Xue, Su Cai

67. Developing Metacognitive Skills for Training on Information Security
Jesus Cano, Roberto Hernandez, Rafael Pastor, Salvador Ros, Llanos Tobarra, Antonio Robles-Gomez

68. Optimization of the Power Flow in a Smart Home
Linfeng Zhang, Xingguo Xiong

69. A Virtualized Computer Network for Salahaddin University New Campus of HTTP Services Using OPNET Simulator
Tarik A. Rashid, Ammar O. Barznji

70. GIFT - An Integrated Development and Training System for Finite State Machine Based Approaches
Karsten Henke, Tobias Fäth, René Hutschenreuter, Heinz-Dietrich Wuttke

71. A Web-Based Tool for Biomedical Signal Management
S. D. Cano-Ortiz, R. Langmann, Y. Martinez-Cañete, L. Lombardia-Legra, F. Herrero-Betancourt, H. Jacques

72. Optimization of Practical Work for Programming Courses in the Context of Distance Education
Amadou Dahirou Gueye, Pape Mamadou Djidiack Faye, Claude Lishou

73. Enabling the Automatic Generation of User Interfaces for Remote Laboratories
Wissam Halimi, Christophe Salzmann, Hagop Jamkojian, Denis Gillet

74. A Practical Approach to Teaching Industry 4.0 Technologies
Tom Wanyama, Ishwar Singh, Dan Centea

75. Design of WEB Laboratory for Programming and Use of an FPGA Device
Nikola Jović, Milan Matijević

76. Remote Triggered Software Defined Radio Using GNU Radio
Jasveer Singh T. Jethra, Pavneet Singh, Kunal Bidkar

77. MOOC in a School Environment: ODL Project
Olga Dziabenko, Eleftheria Tsourlidaki

78. Survey and Analysis of the Application of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in the Engineering Education in China
Yu Long, Man Zhang, Weifeng Qiao

79. Conversion of a Software Engineering Technology Program to an Online Format: A Work in Progress and Lessons Learned
Jeff Fortuna, Michael D. Justason, Ishwar Singh

80. Increasing the Value of Remote Laboratory Federations Through an Open Sharing Platform: LabsLand
Pablo Orduña, Luis Rodriguez-Gil, Javier Garcia-Zubia, Ignacio Angulo, Unai Hernandez, Esteban Azcuenaga

81. Standardization Layers for Remote Laboratories as Services and Open Educational Resources
Wissam Halimi, Christophe Salzmann, Denis Gillet, Hamadou Saliah-Hassane

82. Innovative Didactic Laboratories and School Dropouts
Carole Salis, Marie Florence Wilson, Fabrizio Murgia, Stefano Leone Monni

83. Intellectual Flexible Platform for Smart Beacons
Galyna Tabunshchyk, Dirk Merode

84. An Approach for Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Automatic Network Management and Analysis
Avishek Datta, Aashi Rastogi, Oindrila Ray Barman, Reynold D’Mello, Omar Abuzaghleh

85. Investigation of Music and Colours Influences on the Levels of Emotion and Concentration
Doru Ursuţiu, Cornel Samoilă, Stela Drăgulin, Fulvia Anca Constantin

86. Framework for the Development of a Cyber-Physical Systems Learning Centre
Dan Centea, Ishwar Singh, Mo Elbestawi

87. The Use of eLearning in Medical Education and Healthcare Practice – A Review Study
Blanka Klimova

88. Efficiency and Prospects of Webinars as a Method of Interactive Communication in the Humanities
Natalya Nikolaevna Petrova, Lyudmila Pavlovna Sidorenko, Svetlana Germanovna Absalyamova, Rustem Lukmanovich Sakhapov

89. Port Logistics: Improvement of Import Process Using RFID
Ignacio Angulo, Unai Hernandez-Jayo, Javier García-Zubia

90. Integration of an LMS, an IR and a Remote Lab
Ana Maria Beltran Pavani, William Souza Barbosa, Felipe Calliari, Daniel B. C Pereira, Vanessa A. Palomo Lima, Giselen Pestana Cardoso

91. Artificial Intelligence and Collaborative Robot to Improve Airport Operations
Frédéric Donadio, Jérémy Frejaville, Stanislas Larnier, Stéphane Vetault

92. Methodological Proposal for Use of Virtual Reality VR and Augmented Reality AR in the Formation of Professional Skills in Industrial Maintenance and Industrial Safety
Jose Divitt Velosa, Luis Cobo, Fernando Castillo, Camilo Castillo

93. Sketching 3D Immersed Experiences Rapidly by Hand Through 2D Cross Sections
Frode Eika Sandnes

94. Analyzing Modular Robotic Systems
Reem Alattas

95. An Educational Physics Laboratory in Mobile Versus Room Scale Virtual Reality - A Comparative Study
Johanna Pirker, Isabel Lesjak, Mathias Parger, Christian Gütl

96. Human Interaction Lab: All-Encompassing Computing Applied to Emotions in Education
Hector Fernand Gomez Alvarado, Judith Nunez-R, Luis Alberto Soria, Roberto Jacome-G, Elena Malo-M, Claudia Cartuche

97. Distance Learning System Application for Maritime Specialists Preparing and Corresponding Challenges Analyzing
Vladlen Shapo

Keywords: Engineering, Complexity, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction

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