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Complexity and Synergetics

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. About Self-organization of Information and Synergetics
Werner Ebeling, Rainer Feistel

2. Some Aspects of Synergetics. From Laser Light to Cognition
Hermann Haken

Part II. Physics

3. Dynamical Systems with Time-Varying Delay: Dissipative and More Dissipative Systems
David Müller, Andreas Otto, Günter Radons

4. Markov Property of Velocity Increments in Burgers Turbulence
Jan Friedrich, Rainer Grauer

5. Beads in a Rotating Box
Frank Rietz, Ralf Stannarius

6. Power Grids as Synergetic Systems
Oliver Kamps, Katrin Schmietendorf

Part III. Chemistry

7. Nonlinear Phenomena in Heterogeneous Catalysis
Marina M. Slinko, Alexei G. Makeev, Nikolai V. Peskov

8. Catalytic Oxidation of CO—A Striking Example of Synergetics
Peter J. Plath, Carsten Ballandis

9. Understanding Earth: The Self-organization Concept and Its Geological Significance; on the Example of Liesegang-Structures and Electric Fields
Sabine Dietrich, Karl-Heinz Jacob

10. Pattern Formation in Microemulsions Affected by Electric Fields
Patricia Dähmlow, Stefan C. Müller

11. Unpinning of Spiral Waves
Jiraporn Luengviriya, Malee Sutthiopad, Metinee Phantu, Porramain Porjai, Stefan C. Müller, Chaiya Luengviriya

12. Battery—Determination and Forecast via Synergetics
Ernst-Christoph Haß, Katharina Knicker, Uwe Sydow, Matthias Schulz, Peter J. Plath

13. Dynamics and Control of Spiral and Scroll Waves
Sumana Dutta, Nirmali Prabha Das, Dhriti Mahanta

14. One-Way Diffusion and Active Motion of Ionic Liquids in a Dissolution Process in Water
Noriko Oikawa, Rei Kurita

Part IV. Biology

15. Pattern Formation in Marine Systems
Ulrike Feudel

16. Nonlinear Behavior of a Self-Propelled Droplet Coupled with a Chemical Oscillatory Reaction
Nobuhiko J. Suematsu, Yoshihito Mori, Takashi Amemiya, Satoshi Nakata

17. All About Cells
Lisa Kolb, Susanne Krömker

18. Propagation and Aggregation of Motile Cells of Escherichia coli Pattern
Tatsunari Sakurai, Tohru Tsujikawa, Daisuke Umeno

19. From Synchronised to Desynchronised Glycolytic Oscillations in Individual Yeast Cells
André Weber, Yury Prokazov, Werner Zuschratter, Marcus J. B. Hauser

Part V. Economy

20. Financial Market Models
Lisa Borland

21. Structural Change in (Economic) Time Series
Christian Kleiber

Part VI. Brain and Coordination Dynamics

22. Coarse-Graining to Investigate Cerebral Cortex Dynamics
Kentaroh Takagaki, Frank W. Ohl

23. Coordination Dynamics and Synergetics: From Finger Movements to Brain Patterns and Ballet Dancing
Armin Fuchs, J. A. Scott Kelso

24. The Human Dynamic Clamp: A Probe for Coordination Across Neural, Behavioral, and Social Scales
Guillaume Dumas, Aline Lefebvre, Mengsen Zhang, Emmanuelle Tognoli, J. A. Scott Kelso

25. Design Principle for a Population-Based Model of Epileptic Dynamics
Gerold Baier, Richard Rosch, Peter Neal Taylor, Yujiang Wang

26. Discrete Modeling for a Minimal Circuit in the Hippocampus
Anastasia I. Lavrova, Eugene B. Postnikov

Part VII. Additional Topics

27. I See What You Do Not See
Kinko Tsuji

28. Performative Science—Transgressions from Scientific to Artistic Practices and Reverse
Hans H. Diebner

29. Dynamics and Synchronisation in Wind Farms
Mehrnaz Anvari, M. Reza Rahimi Tabar, Joachim Peinke, Matthias Wächter

Part VIII. Special Lecture

30. A Primer for Deterministic Thermodynamics and Cryodynamics
Otto E. Rossler, Frank Kuske, Dieter Fröhlich, Hans H. Diebner, Thimo Böhl, Demetris T. Christopoulos, Christophe Letellier

Keywords: Engineering, Complexity, Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Theory

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